Xbox One: Titanfall Console Rumored to Launch, Video Game Release Dates Leaked

Halo 2 Anniversary

The NeoGAF source also released some news on some upcoming Xbox One games. Take these rumors with a grain of salt, though:

- Halo 2 Anniversary is rumored to be in development for the Xbox One. It’s supposedly releasing on November 11, 2013 with two special editions. The 1st edition will be a standard Collector’s Edition that includes beta access to Halo 5 the Halo TV series. The 2nd edition is the War Collection, which will reportedly come with the Collector’s Edition items and Xbox One ports of Halo 3 and Halo 4
- Crackdown 3 is scheduled for a 2016 release date
- A new version of Forza Horizon is supposedly coming out sometime in the Autumn of 2013
- Sunset Overdrive was also said to be releasing in the Autumn of 2013
- Quantum Break is supposed to be coming out sometime in Christmas 2013
- Fable Legends will allegedly launching in Summer 2015
- Halo 5 was said to be coming out in 2015 after the November 2014 beta
- Titanfall DLC is rumored to be coming to the Xbox One 45 days after release, then some more new DLC 120 days after release

Xbox One: Get A Closer Look at the Exclusive All-White Employee Console

Those lucky Microsoft employees who worked on the Xbox One got an incredible gift.

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