Water Diet: How to Use Water to Boost Your Weight Loss

There are a few different types of water diets out there, but one of the most simple water diets seems to be the one with the most scientific research.

According to studies done at Virginia Tech University by Professor Brenda Davey, dieters who drank two cups of water before eating meals lost 44% more weight than dieters that did not. This study took place over the course of 12 weeks, and researchers think that drinking the water helps people reduce the number of calories they eat per meal.

Watch the video above for more information and tips for how to use this low-cost, healthy weight loss solution.

How to Boost Your Weight Loss with Water:

1. Drink 2 cups of water (16 oz) before each meal.
2. Eat a healthy diet – the participants of the study were eating a low calorie diet.
3. Drink slowly and eat slowly.

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