iPhone Factory Brawl: China Plant Shut after 2,000 Workers Rumble with 5,000 Cops

iPhone brawl china foxconn

Apple supplier Foxconn has shut down a factory in China after 2,000 employees clashed in a massive, bloody melee that injured 40 workers. Five thousand cops in riot gear arrived to quell the chaos.

Foxconn denied local reports that 10 people died in the brawl, reports The Sun.

It’s a bad time for production problems as Apple just announced that more than 5 million new iPhone 5’s have been sold.

The Foxconn factory in Taiyuan, northern China, makes iPhones and iPads plus products for Microsoft and HP, reports Fox.

The massive fight kicked off around 11 p.m. Sunday night in a dormitory of the factory, which employs 79,000 workers. Foxconn recently raised its minimum pay and cut hours after an Apple auditor reported that many employees worked 60-hour-plus weeks.

iPhone brawl china foxconn shutdown

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