French Man Gets Trapped in Car Going 125 Miles Per Hour, No Brakes

High Speed Car Chase, Frank Lecerf, Renault Laguna, 125 mph no brakes

French driver Frank Lecerf never thought he would be a part of a high speed car chase, but that’s exactly what he found himself in the middle of on Tuesday when his Renault Laguna’s brakes failed, jamming at 125 miles per hour.

125 mph no brakes, Renault Laguna, Frank Lecerf

Frank Lecerf’s route.

It was a typical day for Lecerf, heading to a grocery store in Northern France, when the brakes on his car failed, reports The Guardian. His speed jammed at 60 miles per hour at first, but each time he pressed on the brakes, the car accelerated. The car went up to 125 miles per hour before finally settling, but the 36-year-old driver found himself weaving in and out of traffic trying to avoid plowing into other motorists.

Lecerf managed to call authorities while struggling to control the wheel and three toll stations were warned to raise their barriers to let him through. He sped up the coast of France and even crossed the Belgium border before the car finally ran out of gas an hour later.

“My life flashed before me,” Lecerf told France’s Courrier Picard. “I just wanted it to stop.”

Frank Lecerf

Renault Laguna

The driver is now filing a complaint against the manufacturers of the car, which is adapted for disabled drivers. Lecerf said it wasn’t the first time he had problems with the speed jamming, but Renault mechanics assured him that the issue was fixed. He is waiting the results of the ongoing investigation before he files a lawsuit.

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