$1 Million Worth of Pot Left on Beach, Found Near Boat Crash

Did you lose any pot lately?

An estimated $1 million worth of marijuana was found washed up on the beach on Thursday near a boat that crashed by Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, reports the LAist.

“Earlier this afternoon, our defenders discovered what appeared to be a large stash of illegal narcotics on our beach here at Vandenberg Air Force Base,” Col. Nina Armagno, 30th Space Wing commander, said.

$1m worth of pot left on beach

Homeland Security removed piles of the drug from the sand. The pot was covered in trash bags and brush and found near a damaged 20-foot aluminum boat. The drugs seemed to be purposely hidden under camouflage as if the suspect intended to return to the site.

“We immediately secured the scene and started searching the beaches and the local area,” Armagno said. “I ordered all facilities to be searched and secured.”

But authorities have no idea where the boat came from or exactly when it crashed into the beach and searches of the area failed to turn up any suspects.

Vandenberg is the third largest Air Force base int he world.

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