Spike Albrecht: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
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Spike Albrecht: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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In the 2013 NCAA championship game, Michigan back up point guard Spike Albrecht is playing out of his mind. Subbing in for star point guard Trey Burke, who most assume will be the National Player of the Year, Albrecht has been playing the best game of his NCAA career. Here’s what you need to know about Spike Albrecht.

1. He is Outplaying Michigan’s Star Player, Trey Burke
So far, Albrecht has scored 17 points in the game, and has played most of the game. Meanwhile, Burke, who will most likely be the first pick in the NBA draft this summer, scored the teams first 7 points, but has been benched since.

2. He’s Already Scored 17 points in a Half
We mentioned that Albrecht scored 17, but we didn’t mention that he did it in the first half. We felt like that deserved its own point. Its not that it’s not possible, its that he did it in the most important game in his college career so far. And the fact that most of us have never really heard of him before.

3. He Is 4-4 from the Three Point Arc
Albrecht has been shooting the lights out. In the game, he’s 6 for 7, but he’s shooting 100 percent from the three point line, drilling 4 so far. So, he’s shooting 100 percent from the three point land in the entire NCAA tournament.

4. Albrecht Only Received One Other Scholarship to Play Basketball

Business Insider notes that Albrecht only received one other scholarship offer from a D-1 college basketball team: Appalachian State. According to the Detroit Free Press, “After deciding to offer Albrecht, [Michigan coach John] Beilein told Carroll: “I love this kid. I’m either in a lot of trouble or I’m going to be a genius.”

5. This is Definitely the Best Game of his Career
Prior to this game, Albrecht has been relatively unheard of. The 5’10” guard has had 19 games where he didn’t score at all. His career high is only 7 points, before tonight’s game.

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