Top 10 Super Bowl 2014 Predictions — From Pundits to Psychics to Sea Mammals



If you’re a truly die-hard fan, how can you possible be expected to wait through those tense nail-biting plays? You want to know who will win now. Well, whether you’re a fanatical fan or just placing a large bet, here are the best predictions for the 2014 Super Bowl.

1. Mote Marine Manatee

This one may seem funny, but it might be the most reliable pick on the list. The manatee, named Buffet, seen in the video above, has chosen the Super Bowl winner correctly four out of the last six years.

Buffet’s pick to win the big game? The Denver Broncos.

2. The New York Times



Today The New York Times weighed in on the predictions game. Using statistical analysis and comparing this matchup to recent Super Bowls, The Times is giving the Seattle Seahawks a slight edge of 52 to 48 percent.

3. Sports Illustrated



Sports Illustrated asked six of their writers to make picks for the Super Bowl. The findings? Don Banks, Chris Burke, and Jim Trotter chose the Denver Broncos as the winner. Meanwhile, Doug Farrar, Tom Mantzouranis, and Austin Murphy chose the Seattle Seahawks.

The Sports Illustrated prediction: Tie. Too close to call.

4. EA Sports

EA Sports, maker of the popular Madden football video game franchise, is 8-2 when it comes to correctly predicting the Super Bowl, according to NPR. The company sets up the two teams to autoplay each other to see the outcome. You can watch a video of the game above.

So what is the outcome? EA Sports believes the Denver Broncos will win in overtime, 31 to 28.

5. ABC 15



In an analysis of weather, the breakout skills of Marshawn Lynch, and secondaries, the good folks of ABC 15 in Arizona have decided, down to the number of points, who will win. Their pick? Denver 24, Seattle 20. Denver wins.




Using statistical analysis to figure out if offense or defense is historically more desirable in the Super Bowl, pits the Broncos’ top-rate offense versus the Seahawks’ impenetrable defense.

Their findings? History favors the defense. Which would suggest a Seahawks win.

7. SB Nation



Popular sports blog network SB Nation put together their panel of six experts to make their predictions. The groups gave a 4-2 edge to the Seattle Seahawks.




ESPN put together a 14 man panel to try to pick the winner of the 2014 Super Bowl. With one abstention, the panel decided 10 to 3 that the winner would be the Denver Broncos.

9. CBS Sports

CBS sports


The people at CBS Sports got their football experts together and could not pick a winner. In the panel of eight people, half went for the Broncos, while the other half went for the Seahawks. Overall, a tie.

10. Maxim Magazine Asked a Psychic



Way back in October, Maxim Magazine asked a clairvoyant, a card reader, and an astrologist who would win the Super Bowl. Only one of the three teams predicted by the psychics even made it to the game. Thomas the clairvoyant said, “I have a strong feeling that it’s going to be a team from the West. It’ll be the Broncos.”

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