Kendall Jones: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Kendall Jones Texas Hunter, Facebook photos dead African animals

(Facebook/Kendall Jones)

A 19-year-old Texas Tech University cheerleader has sparked international outrage after Facebook photos of her posing with carcasses of endangered African animals went viral. Kendall Jones has been hunting since she was a teenager. She’s hunted and killed some of Africa’s rarest species, including the white rhino, lion and leopard.

Conservationists have responded to Jones’ photos with harsh comments on her Facebook page and an online petition to have her banned from entering any African state.

Here’s what you need to know about her:

1. She Grew Up Watching Her Dad Hunt

Kendall Jones Texas Hunter, Kendall Jones Facebook Photos

(Facebook/Kendall Jones)

According to her biography, Jones grew up watching her dad hunt on their family ranch in Texas and took her first trip to Africa when she was 9. She was passionate about hunting even then, saying, “As badly as I wanted to shoot something I was just too small to hold the guns my dad had brought.”

Her family traveled to Zimbabwe so her father could hunt the Big 5, the term that encompasses the elephant, rhinoceros, Cape buffalo, lion and leopard in Southern Africa.

2. Her First Kill Was a White Rhino at Age 13

Kendall Jones Texas Hunter, Kendall Jones Facebook Photos petition

(Facebook/Kendall Jones)

Jones said she shot her first animal, a white rhino, during a 2008 trip to South Africa when she was 13. While white rhinos are classified as Near Endangered by the World Wildlife Fund, they’re the only species of rhino that isn’t endangered. White rhinos are particularly vulnerable to poaching because they aren’t aggressive and live in herds. They’re typically sought after for their horns.

3. She Finished Killing Her Big 5 at Age 14

(Facebook/Kendall Jones)

(Facebook/Kendall Jones)

Jones returned to Africa in 2009 to finish hunting her Big 5 when she was 14. Over the course of two safaris, which totaled 42 days, she took down a lion, leopard, Cape buffalo and elephant. She had the safari’s professionally recorded and converted to DVDs. During this trip, she also managed to take down six of Africa’s Dangerous 7, which include the crocodile and hippopotamus.

4. There’s a Petition to Ban Her From Africa

Kendall Jones Hunting Facebook Photos, Kendall Jones Texas Hunter

(Facebook/Kendall Jones)

A petition was started to ban Jones from entering any African state and stop her from hunting in Africa. The petition was started by Kieron Brown, a singer-songwriter in Cape Town, South Africa. The petition has received more than 6,800 signatures and reads:

Kendall Jones is an American born hunter who has entered the continent and has been hunting African wildlife under the facade of conservation. She has publicly stated that she hopes to have a television hunting show and she is using endangered and helpless African animals as a stepping to further her popularity on social media platforms.

She has already recieved much protest, peaceful or otherwise from a wide variety of people from all over the world on her social profiles, and has, on those platforms, visibly scoffed and shaken off those protests, claiming that protestors are misinformed, or simply the “sheep” to her “lion” morals.

With enough support globally we can take a step in the right direction with regards to animal conservation, and help put an end to practices such as these, in hopes of conserving what precious little is left of our natural world.

5. She’s a College Cheerleader Seeking a Reality Show

Jones is a sophomore at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, roughly five hours west of her hometown of Cleburne, Texas. She’s studying marketing and sports therapy and is a Texas Tech cheerleader.

She’s looking to host her own reality show in 2015, according to her Facebook page.

Kendall Jones Photos: The Pictures You Need to See

Kendall Jones is a college student and wild game hunter who has come under fire from animal conservationists after photos of her hunts went viral. Jones posted various photos of her posing with animals she's hunted to her Facebook page. Here are some of the photos you need to see.

Click here to read more

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  1. she is a shameful human who does not represent the vast majority of people who are opposed to what she does. Her actions are little more than colonialist in that she taked pride in the domination of other cultures and non-human animals. Her actions are dispicable

  2. Hilarious that she’s actually studying Marketing! Hahahahah! Obviously, she is applying her “marketing” techniques here! The marketing via psychotic manipulation! Manipulate hundreds of thousands of people into hatred, thus increase your publicity, thereby land your t.v. show. Brilliant! Brilliant little sociopath!

  3. I’ve always thought the cheerleader type to be generally shallow, paradoxically not leaders at all, but followers and not usually what I’d think of as the ‘brainiacs’ of society, though I’m sure there are exceptions to my own shallow prejudices. So far, Jones fits the profile well. But I also generally think of them as uplifting, happy, generally decent people, not cruel and sadistic. Jones darkens my heart, she saddens my days and smears us all with the foulest of inhumanity; she doesn’t bring any cheer to me. That’s where she fails the cheerleading test in my mind. I hope cheerleading guilds around the US shown some real leadership and renounce any association with such dreadfully selfish, morally defunct behaviour.

  4. Hunting with a weapon from the distance is an act of cowardry ! If she`s so eager on killing her Big 5, she should give it a try with her bare hands and then posting a pic of her running away to her daddy, who`s probably running too!!!

    • You, Billy J. Wilson, will die a very slow and painful death, along with this evil little beast Kendall Jones, after her parents are executed by a firing squad. This little narcissistic bitch can run, but she can’t hide, everyone knows where this she beast lives and attends college.

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  5. only the lowest of the hunters hunt lions. the lions are “hunted” while they are resting in the shadow, normally after having their meal… they don’t run or move, they just stay there in peace resting.

    this isn’t hunting, this is target shooting… the difference is that the target is a living creature, it’s exactly the same thing as shooting a dog while he sleeps… such bravery…

    don’t call this kind of people hunters, they are idiots with guns and should be treated the same way that they treat this animals!

  6. another tex-asshole…… very glad we killed many of these redneck scum here in Gettysburg Pa 150 years ago

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      • wow…..that is so true……in the only battle of the war when Lee went on the offensive, he got his butt kicked….guess he didn’t learn from the previous battles: don’t bother trying to take the high ground against a well entrenched enemy…….Why is this southern buffoon made out to be a genius? Also Mead was only in charge of the Union army for 3 DAYS before outwitting this supposed mastermind

  7. Kinda funny to read, ‘they were hunting down’, a lion during the day is sleeping in the shadow of a tree. So yes they are cowards all these hunters from america who are going to Africa to kill for fun!

  8. all that money spent to kill awesome animals….so a paint face skinny stuckup cunt bag can soak in attention…please lock this fucking asshole bitch in a dark cage and never let the monster out…..I FUCKING HATE THIS CUNTBAG MONSTER MORE THAN HITLER

        • I’m pretty sure the point was: The guy doesn’t think rich people killing exotic animals for fun shows much integrity……as for the rape in prison thing…please keep your creepy fantasy’s to yourself

      • If you can read and comprehend the guy’s post you would get the point…..guess summer school didn’t help?

    • Hitler loved animals and would’ve been appalled with this hoe. it was probably 1 of the reasons he never really like Herman Goering.I’m from Florida and for once I’m glad you guys kill those f****** Hicks

  9. It’s not about “rare” animals, it’s about animals that are endangered with extinction. There’s no excuse for killing them… Not even with some paid for ‘permit’ from local authorities, who enrich themselves by this bribe from foreigners who want to satisfy their stupid lust to kill.

    • I despise you as much as I despise this little redneck murderous cunt, you brown-eyed shit-faced racist demonic nigger.

      • I’m white……and work more than you… big deal though……I love to work and get things done

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            • That’s funny and ironic. Monkeys climb trees too, so maybe this murderous cunt Kendall will someday kill you. We’ll call that Community Cleanup.:>)

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  10. Sad to say but I wouldn’t shed at tear if someone hunted her down and did exactly what she is doing to these animals. Her parents are obviously as sick and selfish as her for teaching her to to live her life in such a despicable manner. Really, what a disgusting excuse for a human being. This is just another sad example of America and it’s glorification of gun culture, as if the western world hasn’t robbed Africa of enough of it’s natural resources already, why they would even let this bimbo in the country is beyond me.

    • and the bitch is ugly too I’d rather get a dick suck from Beetlejuice from Howard Stern Show then stick my dick in this bitch

  11. Am I missing something here? How and why can this be allowed to happen? Her agenda is WHAT? To bring to our attention that these beautiful and exotic animals are being slaughtered -by hunting them down in a game reserve and killing them? REALLY! I don’t understand get the reasoning in this! This ignorant mindless twat should be set loose out there with no weapons to level the playing field. A nice picture of the lion shitting out her digested scull would be more pleasing. If she wants to be on a reality show .. Maybe pit her against nature only armed with a chop stick and film her trying to survive. I would watch that all day long. Maybe place her father out there as well. A vest made out of pork chops as their only clothing would be a nice touch.

  12. She has no empathy, no remorse! A serial killer!! She enjoys killing, she kills often.. She ought to be locked up!

  13. dear God ……please stop this insane madness….please protect our beautiful top ecosystem cats from being slaughtered for fun…..these beautiful and strong animals are here on earth for reasons you choose…..thank you God for blessing us with amazing animals like these awesome and powerful cats…please stop those whose minds have been deranged by money… them to turn their lives around and have compassion and understanding that this is not their world…….but YOURS

    • dear God…..please stop spoiled, wealthy, immature and heartless cheerleaders, of the U.S., from killing the cool and fascinating large cats of Africa. Please direct them back to what they do best……staring at themselves in the mirror, doing flips for shovel-head, ego freaks like johnny football. Going to booze and drug fueled college parties, blowing all the basketball players….and getting dressed up for church the next morning.

    • Hunting is one thing. If you’re going to take a life, though, it should be for a reason. My father in law was a hunter, but he ate what he killed. He also hunted animals that were “in season”. Meaning there were controls on number and gender taken to ensure a healthy population survived. I highly doubt this young woman is eating her kills. If anything she might be taking the skins. Killing for sustenance is hunting. Killing for entertainment is murder.

  14. As usual most of the comments come from the ignorant masses whose little brains were laundered in the public school systems of AmeriKa. Before you pacifist grab your torches and pitch forks and lynch this young girl gather the facts

    • Thank you sooo much for putting the majority of people in their place johnny boy…..We really need a high school drop out with a mouth full of tobaccie and a 30 pack of bud to fill the rest of us in on how America really works

  15. Pretty on the outside but oh so ugly on the inside!!!! A cold blooded killer who feels no remorse at ending the life of a beautiful animal, who stands no chance against a gun. Clearly she gets some sort of warped enjoyment from this.

  16. You are an inspiration to special-needs and mentally challenged people everywhere but please stop this big game hunter charade. I don’t want to see other “Downies” playing with guns, human lives are at stake!

  17. I can tell you right now Ms. Jones is full of shit. When she claims “I darted a white rhino and the Vet drew blood samples”.

    TOTAL BS you would dart an animal such as that with either carfentanyl or etorphine. These are two incredibly potent narcotics. If this little girl so much as scratched her little finger removing the needle cap, she would be dead before she hit the dirt.

    In such a situation these would only be handled by a DVM.
    A DVM with diplomate status in either exotic, wildlife or zoo vet medicine.

    To imagine letting a teenager be allowed in proximity to such meds is total fantasy, kid. You watch too much TV.
    I call shenanigans.

    • total bust…….this lying little girl is exposed!!!! oh wait…..I just read that Kendall flew the jumbo jet back to usa after the crew passed out…….I believe it!!!! She can do anything in her facebook land life!!!!!!

  18. The people who lash out against her are a study in ignorance. They only target her because they are not brave enough to go after other, far more successful and respectable hunters like Jim Shockey. They insist she’s a bad person despite repeated explanations that the industry she’s supporting is doing amazing things in bringing animals back from the brink of extinction.

  19. Kendall Jones was obviously brainwashed by her father. Africa doesn’t need people from USA to go over there and shoot their animals for ‘conservation purposes.’ Kendall Jones, you are an adult and you are a monster!

  20. Her dad Cody Jones is a horrible man, he’s not even viewed as a “human” in my views.
    He’s a bad father.

    He even said he will kill animals in the honor of animal lovers.

    He deleted from the real Kendall Jones exposed page. (but we took the screenie in time)
    When people exposed him he was butthurt.

    He hates animals.
    It’s child abuse to raise kids to hunt at extreme young age.

    Any brained people would know African countries has some of the most corrupted government on Earth and sportsmen seeks corrupted government to allow to kill vulnerable species such as the Elephant, lion, Hippo and even the critically endangered black rhino.