Islamic State Flag Meaning: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

islamic state flag, isis flag, isil flag, black flag


As the Islamic State continues to spread throughout Iraq and Syria, news stations have been airing the black flag that the terrorist militia has adopted. What does the flag mean?

Yazidis: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Who are the Yazidis? The US is considering sending assistance to a religious minority trapped in the mountains by the Islamic State, a.k.a. ISIS.

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1. It’s Known as the ‘Black Standard’



The Islamic State flag is historically known as the “Black Banner” or “Black Standard.”
There have been multiple versions throughout history.
Its earliest incarnation can be traced to the advent of Islam in 7th century C.E., where Muhammad allegedly spread his teachings under the Black Standard. He adopted this banner custom from the ancient Romans, who conquered the world under the Aquila, or eagle, banner.
Mohammed may have even adopted the eagle name, as early accounts of his conquest cite that he referred to his banner as “the banner of the eagle” also.
As various sects of Islam developed throughout the coming centuries, the Black Standard began to stand for various eschatological ideologies.
Today it is mostly identified with extremist Sunnism and jihadism.

2. The Arabic Text is Called the ‘Shahada’



The above Arabic text seen on the Islamic State flag is that of an Islamic creed called the Shahada, which translates to “testimony.” The testimony confirms that Islam is a monotheistic religion and that Muhammad was its one true prophet.
According to Wikipedia, the Shahada directly translates to:

There is no god but God, Muhammad is the messenger of God.

The Shahada is the most commonly used statement of faith for Muslims, and in Sunnism it is the first Pillar of the Five Pillars of Islam. The other four are:

2. Salat: ritual prayer five times a day
3. Zakat: giving 2.5% of one’s savings to the poor and needy
4. Sawm: fasting and self-control during the holy month of Ramadan
5. Hajj: pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in a lifetime if one is able

3. The Symbol is the ‘Seal of Muhammad’

isis, shahada, seal of muhammad, flag


Below the Shahada is the Seal of Muhammad, or the Khatam an-Nabiyyin.
It is alleged to be a relic of the founder of Islam, although its authenticity has been debated. (Similar to the Shroud of Turin.)
Regardless of its authenticity, the Seal of Muhammad was adopted by jihadists for use on flags in 2006.
Their design of the seal is based on sealed letters of Muhammad’s to the Heads-of-State, which were allegedly found in Ottoman era transcripts of Muhammad’s letters. (See below.)


Like the Seal of Muhammad, the Letters-to-the-Heads-of-State’s authenticity is highly debatable.

4. The Flag Plays Into ‘End of Days’ Eschatology



In Islamic apocrypha, the Black Standard plays into Armageddon stories as the heralding flag of the Mahdi, or the prophesied redeemer of Islam.
There is no mention of the Mahdi in Quran, but stories say that the Mahdi‘s coming is supposed to coincide with the second-coming of Jesus.

5. The Main Goal of the Mahdi is to Establish an Islamic State



The Mahdi is storied to be the leader of the war against the anti-Christ, and with a company of chosen men will lead a war against him and his army in one, apocryphal battle. After beating the anti-Christ, Jesus will return.

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  1. #4 & 5 say completely different things. #4 Mahdi and J man together fight the Anti-Christ. #5 says the Mahdi defeats A.C. THEN J man returns…

      • Care…..because to do otherwise is foolish. This “religion”….this “flag” represent a cancer that is “growing inside and outside, it’s own borders” If it is “ignored” it will destroy everything around it, and the only thing left….will be this “cancer” They are, I believe, the enemy the BIBLE speaks of. They will be defeated (by Jesus Christ) the one true Savior, but it will be at great cost to the rest of the world……a world you are part of. They are the representatives of the “Anti-Christ” They rule with the sword…..but they will also die by it~ The true Savior Jesus Christ will destroy them~

        • Brenda says: This “religion”….this “flag” represent a cancer that is “growing inside and outside, it’s own borders” If it is “ignored” it will destroy everything around it, and the only thing left…will be this “cancer” . . . . ** So Brenda… your talking about the CANCER of Christianity ?… Uh Right? Because looking back at history…. This so called ISIS hasn’t even come close to the SICK SHIT Christians have done …” in the name of God ” I mean… Christians got so DEPRAVED for a while there… the damn History Books called it ” THE DARK AGES “. . And why stop there? If ya think ISIS has the Patent on ” Either you Switch to MY RELIGION… or we will Cut your throat…” Christians had the same Guy running Their Membership Drive . Christians just threw a little Politics in on top of that… and called it ” The Spanish Inquisition Although.. I think I would prefer to having my Throat quickly Cut… that being ‘Burned at the Stake ‘…. or all those “Other’ S & M Toys those Sicko Christian Priests came up with to make one “Switch”…. and even if you did join “Their Team”… that was No Guarantee they wouldnt “DO YA” anyway… Just to get their Rocks off that day! Of course I have to admit… they did tone it down as the year progressed….. and just ‘stuck’ to raping little Boys that were left in ” Father Doyles Loving Care”…
          . . . Makes me kinda SNICKER that even TODAY … Christians have the BALLS to call Muhammad a Pedophile… At least that WAS part of their heritage for thousands of years… to take Young Wives. At LEAST Muhammad stayed with the uh ….The … uh…. (. . . How do the Christians say it…?…)… Oh yea… “FAMILY VALUES” and stuck with FEMALES! Go get a MIRROR Brenda… and hold that BITCH over your shoulder FIRST. I LOVE the way Christians just seem to forget about THEIR HISTORY!!! . . LOLOLOL . . . What a bunch of DROOLERS!
          ALL YOU RELIGIOUS NUTJOBS need to GTF Off what use to be a fairly peaceful planet,,,, MY PLANET !!! Till this CARTOON RELIGION showed up!! Yea… My Invisible GUY ina SKY… can kick your Invisible GUY ina Skys ASS! HA!. . . . GTFOH

          • Have you not read in the scriptures that MANY false religions have gone out into the world, preaching that Jesus is the Christ and deceiving the many. It’s up to the true Christians of the world to examine what is said by the many, and searching the scriptures DAILY to see if the things they are saying is true. Brenda is SO correct in her post and everyone better listen to her!!!

          • wow! and your point is? that what ISIS doing is fine? because its been done before by Christians? your really one shit sick bastard. please see a specialist immediately

          • sick bastard, the christian history speaks about human depravity 500 years ago,does not speaks about the message of Jesus and the bible, Mohammed was a depraved himself, and had lead the world of his followers to nothing else than wars, bloodshed and misery, and instead of getting better , its getting worse everyday, so THERE IS a big difference , please think twice.

        • Everybody is wrong, only Mormons who convert to scientology go to heaven. Jesus was a terrible carpenter, so he got into politics with some of dad’s help. Mohammed loved bacon soo much, he banned all other Muslims from eating it. The week willed and the closed mind will look up to nothing for a falso sense of hope. If all religions are right, then they must all be wrong. Another thing is if I defy god (Satan’s nemesis )why would satan punish me? The jews had it right, if you want in come see us. Just be a good human.

        • Your prayer is answered. Hold on. The earth will shake tonight. And words will come from the heavens above. Breathe just breathe. Your mind is about too die and self will also. Your not going crazy. Your coming home too the new world order. I see u now. God bless you for all your trust and beautiful words. I’m here on earth and I’m tired of their behavior. God is ready and his army is striking tonight. Right too Israel. Get out if you are near. Eyes are on those who defy thee. Light is on and will always be.

    • Right. But their”Jesus” is not the Jesus of the Bible…their pseudo-jesus is predicted to worship the Mahdi, and convince Jews and Christians that they have been wrong all along,assert that Islam is the only true religion…and the preside over the annihilation of any and all”infidels that refuse to convert.

  2. They are free to believe what they will. They are not at liberty {for the moment] to brutally spread the {BLOODWORD} of Mohammed in the heinous manner they are presently committing. My limited understanding of the Koran seems to be akin to humanitarian treatment of all of GODS creatures. Chauvanism is a psychological disorder and not a God given right to be a cowardly murderous hater of anyrhing a LUNATIC imam says.about fighting for Islam. True Islamics do I know abhor these Funda[MENTAL]ist ideologies.

  3. I wish the authors if this article had consulted some scholars. it is not entirely wrong, but neither is it entirely accurate. The anti-Christ, for example will be killed by Christ himself. There are also many other quasi-facts in this article.

  4. Nice job fuck wad. I didn’t want History Lesson. I just wanted to know what it means in English. I care how it got there on a black flag. Translate, Save your history lessons for your Mosques.


  5. I wish we could all find common ground and embrace the ‘greater good’. I believe all we have to do is follow the trail of heads to find the antichrist. That is what the book of Revelation says. I really want to understand this. Peace to all.

    • Well then…. Do you realize that The Goat Fuckers are grabbing a Whole Lotta ground…. AND Inductees fro the Path of Destruction the Americans left while over there…. and with every Bomb America drops… they may kill 10 … 20 ISIS soldiers… but 50 to 100 more take their place. These people are FUCKING PISSED OFF! Forget about the Goddamn religion… America Murdered 250,000 INNOCENT Iraqis & Afghans during that 11 year campaign. THOSE ARE THE FACTS! And the last Bombs we dropped in Baghdad were Loaded up with DEPLETED URANIUM…. ANOTHER FACT!. . . GOOGLE IT Kids. This is called “SLOW GENOCIDE”! Yea…. Like ANY God would be on Either side in This INSANITY! If their WAS a GOD… you people INSULT him Daily to think HE would have a hand in YOUR Annihilation of the Planet. —▶ It Amazes me how people Fight for Their GODS…. By Destroying Everything Their GODS Created !! ◀—
      That just doesnt seem right. Seems to me your just Pissing YOUR GODS OFF !! And its NOT what YOUR GODS Said. WWJD. . . . WWAD, , , ????

      • Transient,if we are mocking God for destroying the planet,then what are you guys doing?praising him by annihiliating and slaughtering humankind right?i can see you have been decieved so way up and seriously sick in the brain

      • Wow! Um… do you understand that you’re speaking of things like uranium like it’s a maybe thing? If there had ever been any proof on that we would see it in the people that would have definitely been affected. They would have also moved from where they lived regardless if they knew it was uranium or not, because they wouldn’t be able to bare the pain it would cause to their bodies as it started manipulating their cells and deforming them. You are very understudied and have no clue on the differences of the Roman Catholic church and actual Christianity. You obviously believe random conspiracy theory and overly thought up ideas based on on man’s falsehoods made up to scare people or cause a fight. Don’t say fact if it’s never been proven. It makes you look dimwitted. Don’t just go by what other people say. Look it up, and regularly. It takes time to find the truth in all the cover ups in this twisted world’s actions and what comes of it all. You are without understanding. You have nothing to offer the world if you can only react with hatred. You only attack and aren’t agreeable with anyone. This means you’re just stating your opinion just to disagree with people and trash talk. If you had anything to actually offer on this subject you would look only for understanding and would not have turned this page into a slander on anyone with faith. You didn’t have to reply to anyone but out of your hatred decided to turn this thing into yet another war on faith. You will surely be disappointed when you realize that CERN is creating a black hole as a doorway to other dimensions as they call it anyway in a site named after appolyon the destroyer, while they do the cosmic dance of death and destruction. If you actually decide to look this up then I implore you to read revelations chapter 9 at least to verse 11. I guaranty you’ll start reading up on something. By the it’s worth it to look into it seeing that there really isn’t much time left before these cats are handed the tools they need. If you’re not willing, well good luck with whatever it is you plan to do with the rest of your very short existence.

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  7. These Islamic militants are the goats for the ascension of the Beast. The disciple John mentioned an anti-Christ in his Books relevant to his general time but in exile on Patmos he made no mention of an anti-Christ when addressing end-times. The spirit of anti-christ was embodied in and around Caesar Nero and focus on it today is deception. The pushing of an anti-Christ is most prevalent in western media inorder to distract from the true identity of the Beast with two horns like a lamb that speaks like a dragon. The culture of Babylon also rides on the back of the Beast. These Mahdi as they are called or Islamic state are being used by the Beast to establish it’s global control with the excuse of never-ending war. Beheading is high profile now and will be used by the Beast to execute all who will not bow to it’s decree. Jesus Christ is the liberator and emancipator of all who follow Him.

  8. I think it translates into….. ” All people who dont believe in “Da Boogie Man” .. and “Da Cartoon Guy Ina Sky”… RUN! HIDE!… You might live thru this Fuckin INSANITY.”
    But I doubt it. The Human race is going to be ANNIHILATED by a COMIC BOOK VILLAIN ! …. ( … or Hero…. whatever! Does it even Matter?)…. If its Soooo Goddamn GREAT up there on “Big Rock Candy Mountain”… . . . . why the HELL are all these Religious people hanging onto the Damn Curb by their finger nails.. . . . and spending EVERY DIME THEY HAVE… to STAY HERE! ??. . (¬_¬) .? . …You do know… Like Robin Williams said in “Good Morning Vietnam” movie…. ** THATS NOT GOING TO LOOK GOOD ON A RESUME’ **. . . “ಠ̮̮̃̾ಠ“ …. To ANY GOD ! . . ¯\(ツ)/¯
    ….. (… Not a real good look for your Membership Drives either…. In just sayin…. ¯\(◢ ︿ ◣)/¯ . . . What a bunch of DROOLERS!!….. —▶ HERE’S YOUR BIB ◀— (◐๑◑) . . SHEESH!

  9. All people following a religion of any variety are deaply misguided porley educated morons, who will, as we all will, end up as food for the worms. These cretins will just make the short time we are all granted more miserable because of their sad misguided views, along with their need to justify and reinforce these beliefs, in an attempt to mitigate their own fear of death, unfortunately no matter how illogical these views are…. As a devout atheist my only sadness is that when they are all bumps in the sand there will be no further suffering dished out to these idiots in the ‘after life’ they so desperately hope for.

    • “All people following a religion of any variety are deaply misguided porley educated morons, who will, as we all will, end up as food for the worms. These cretins will just make the short time we are all granted more miserable……” Lets break this down. We’re dumb for believing in a higher power, yet you spell poorly “porley” What you don’t even have a spell check? If you’re going to talk shit about people’s intelegence, you should first make sure you spell correctly so you don’t come across as “poorly educated….” Ops! Too late. Secondly, “….the short time we are granted…..”. Who granted us anything if there is no God? Something that doesn’t exist can’t grant, give, or take anything from you. Your words not mine. ADVICE: “Better not to speak and be thought a fool, than to speak and be known a fool. Cheers.

      • If you’re going to offer critique on spelling you ought to make sure you are as perfect as you demand others to be. Otherwise you come across as obnoxious and lacking ‘intelegence’.

  10. Repent and be baptized for the Kingdom of Heaven is near and let it be known to all that is Jesus Christ that sits on the throne, There is no one beside him.

  11. if you guys care so much I dare you to go over there an fight , go find for yourself what all the fuss is over.

  12. There is no god but God, Jesus (the Anointed One) Christ is the begotten Son of God. There is no other. Jesus is Lord. Period. Stop the murder.

  13. I find it incredibly interesting to see, quite plainly, the way Christianity and Muslim play off and truly need each other.

    I can’t imagine a better example than this flag and what it represents.

    Christians and Muslims: why would you hate each other when you believe the same thing? One God.

    Both faiths even go so far as to acknowledge the others prophets. Both are based in Judaic faiths and predate the Jews going back to Abraham. Both believe Jesus existed. Both believe Muhammed existed. They tend to disagree on who is more important in the past but both quite clearly agree that the Messiah, Jesus, will change the world when he returns.

    I find all this hatred and anger sad and disgusting.

    • The god of islam and the God of Christianity are not the same. The god of islam is moon god (one of satan’s many demons to deceive the masses). There is only one name that will save you, Jesus Christ who died for us that we may have eternal life. God will send Him, at the last trump, that is not too far from now to gather His true believers to a life where there are no more hardships etc. The rest left behind will go through calamities etc. Give your life to Jesus Christ of Nazareth before it is too late. God of heaven will deal with the evil in this world, He has been patient with mankind but time is running out.
      From soneone who cares for your soul. DB

      • Thank you for caring about my soul, but I assure you it is in no danger.

        The God of the Muslim is the same God as that of the Jewish: the God of Abraham, the God of Mosaic law.

        Christians follow the path laid out by the God of the new covenant as predicted by Moses, Jeremiah, and others, and delivered by Jesus, but it is the very same God.

        Is it so hard to believe that God, who is everyone and everything, the beginning and the end, who both loves with care and punishes with impunity, can be different things to different people?

        Doubt me? Consider Moses; while leading his people through the desert he would burn incense to please God and God was pleased when Moses did it, but he smote the tents of others who tried to please him in the same way. Different treatment, different response, for different people offering the same thing to the same God.

        I could provide a hundred such examples but I get the feeling you are already familiar with them but have simply chosen to ignore the truth staring you in the face: that God loves ALL his children, that in his house there are many rooms, that hatred and intolerance of those who are not like us is the greatest sin. Didn’t Jesus say, when asked which was the greatest commandment, to love our neighbors as ourselves?

        Because of this I refuse to hate Muslims or pagans or anyone else. All humans are my neighbors and I choose to love them. That is what true Christianity calls you to do, and which you seem to have forgotten, but I will not pray for your soul because it is yours, do with it what you will, just know that you are loved.

  14. Every time this flan, banner or group of 2 or more rag heads is sighted… drop a bob on them… send a relatives body parts to anyone in that group.. put the fear of god in all of them.

  15. Author is clearly unfamiliar with Arabic. Accordingly, this piece has a number of glaring inaccuracies. If anything, it illustrates why wannabe CT analysts (& especially a “singer-actor” who moonlights as a social media hack writer) should avoid dabbling into topics of which they have a superficial understanding. I have neither time nor desire to point out all the inaccuracies, but suffice it to say that Khatam an-Nabiyyin is not a “thing” but an “honorific title” for the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). No, I’m not a Muslim, just showing some cultural sensitivity. Nabiyyin is the plural of Nabi, and is thus more correctly translated as “prophets” not the singular “Prophet” (which would be “nabi”). Khatam an-Nabiyyin means “Seal of the Prophets” (a reference to the fact that Muslim believe him to be the last of all of God’s Prophets…which include most of the biblical prophets). The central image on the flag is indeed reportedly based on the seal of the Prophet (khatam nabi or ayat-u nabi in Arabic) but it is transliterated incorrectly in the article. Of greater interest in the Arabic world is the strange order, which reads (top to bottom) Allah-Rasul-Muhammad. Salafis claim this is intentional in order to give higher precedence to God, however, most Muslim consider it somewhat sacrilegious because the appropriate or traditional phrasing of the shahada or kalima (“profession of faith”) ends with “…and Mohammad is the the rasul (“prophet” or “messenger”) of Allah. In other words, the traditional phrasing is reversed and reads “Allah is the prophet of Muhammad” which is extremely unconventional. Some mainstream Muslims claim this is proof that ISIS/ISIL is “shaitani” (“of the devil” or “demonic”) since it is roughly analogous to portraying the Christian cross upside down. Hopefully the next time that Sam Prince publishes, he’ll actually try consulting with a qualified expert…or at the very least, a native Arabic speaker.

  16. it should be perfectly clear by now that Obama is a Muslim or at the the very least a Muslim Sympathizer….. Obama is “The Mahdi”….The Mahdi is the one that is “supposed “to bring about the ”Caliphate “, Which Obama Caused when he destabilized the governments of certain Arab (Muslim) countries during the “Arab Spring” of 2013..2014..The Caliphate is supposed to bring about a Muslim state, which it did ….”ISIS” …ISIS has declared that it’s flag will fly over the White House ….that shouldn’t be too hard since their man “Obama the Mahdi” sits on “their throne” in “your” WHITE HOUSE…….Obama has stated that America is no longer a “Christian ” nation……in an interview for TV Obama made a “Freudian” slip of the tongue when he said that he is a Muslim………. .Obama refuses to say that the terrorists are Muslims …..Obama said that “America will never be at war with Islam” .
    HOOVER DAM…..There will be a man made “Catastrophe”……. that will cause the waters of Hoover Dam to Stop Flowing…Explosions in the tunnels “straws” that carry water from Lake Mead (the waters piled up behind Hoover Dam) to the Southwest states of California , Arizona , Nevada , Cities of Los Angles , Las Vegas and Phoenix ,irrigation for millions of acres of farmland also 23 million people with drinking water….Las.Vegas with its fountains , swimming pools , canals of the Venetian, pirate ships, golf courses and huge hotels with lavish amounts of water for it’s 40 million annual visitors. Las Vegas and Reno will become ghost towns .Riots in Los Angles Millions of people on the move . Martial Law
    BEWARE OF THE MUSLIM IMMIGRANTS……Obama tells you that he wants to bring into this country only 10 thousand Syrian (muslim) immigrants but once the”gates” are open Obama plans to “flood” this country with hundreds of thousands of these Muslim immigrants , 65% of them are young men of military age .

    MARTIAL LAW….Suspension of the constitution, and the upcoming elections of 2016 and Federalization of all police forces in this country.
    Obama will have flooded the military with “volunteers ” from this “Hoard of Muslim Immigrants .
    The Military of this nation will be forced to swear allegiance to Obama, not to the Constitution.
    As Christians we were required by God to “Keep Holy the Lords Day” Catholics that was one hour, once a week on Sunday,four times a month . Those days are gone forever .
    The Official National Religion will be Muslim and you will be required to convert to Islam , learn the Koran in Arabic . You will be required to pray five(5) times per day to a God
    that enslaves you .If you don’t ,you will not be able to get food for you and your family or employment . If you don’t you will be BE-HEADED
    BOMBS…BULLETS…BAYONETS ….. cannot stop a religion…only another religion can
    You Should Have gone to church and Practiced your Christian Faith but now it’s too late.

  17. Muslims, christians or athiests , behold ! War and peace.. People r at war with a diversified ideology. Yet they have.. And i apologise u have none. U all r not able to speak aloud with a logical approach.. Be patient. Be a refrigerator enjoy. U.s. And afghan taliban r fighting.. U r talking. U r doing nothig. I appriciate both parties and condemn u. Who r u all, resting at peace.. A drama, a deception : : to me u r a straw. U should acquire kowledge first. U lost your definition identity.. Who r u all. Tell me accurately with solid sound and vital examples.

  18. You’re #1 reason are wrong. It was not adopted from the Romans nor was any eagle. You’re #5 is incorrect in stating that Jesus will come after Mahdi defeats anti-Christ. It’s Jesus who is suppose to beat and kill the anti-Christ.