Robin Williams Suicide Scene: 5 Facts You Need to Know

Officials have released some harrowing details about the scene where Robin Williams was found dead. You can watch the police press conference in the video above, or read on to learn what we know so far about the comic’s last hours.

1. Robin Williams Was Discovered by His PA

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Robin Williams’s body was discovered by his personal assistant. When Williams was not to be found around the house by 11:45 AM on August 11, the assistant went looking for him. The police were called to the scene around noon that day. Williams’ wife, Susan Schneider, was at home when the incident occurred. However, it appears that she went to sleep before her husband, and left the house in the morning prior to the discovery of his body.

Robin Williams Autopsy: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

The autopsy of Robin Williams is scheduled for August 12. Learn the official cause of death of America's favorite funny man here.

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2. Robin Williams May Have Used a Knife on Himself

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While officials wouldn’t reveal the location or extent of the cuts found on Williams’ body, a knife was found at the scene and Williams had at least one cut on his body. It has been theorized that Williams attempted suicide by cutting himself first, and then decided to hang himself instead.

NBC News notes that officials are keeping mum on whether a suicide note was discovered at the scene.

3. Robin Williams Appears to Have Hanged Himself With a Belt

The video above features Robin Williams on Inside the Actors Studio. He answers James Lipton’s question, “If Heaven exists what would you like to hear God say at the Pearly Gates?”

Robin Williams was found in a state of rigor mortis. He used a belt to hang himself, and appeared to have placed one end of belt in a closet door. The preliminary autopsy findings are that Williams died from “asphyxia due to hanging,” according to Lt. Keith Boyd of the Marin County’s Sheriff’s Office.

The belt was placed around his neck, and Williams was found clothed. The belt had been tucked between the closet door and door frame to keep it from moving.

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4. Williams Was Found in a Seated Position

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According to officials, Williams was found in a seated position. He was only “slightly suspended,” with his right shoulder against the closet door. His body was stiff from rigor mortis, giving him the appearance of being sat in a chair that wasn’t there.

Personal Assistant Found Robin Williams Hanging by Belt

The Robin Williams death press conference earlier today revealed a lot of detail about how this beloved comedian spent his final moments.

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5. The Results of Robin Williams’ Tox Screen Are Not Expected for Weeks

The standup routine above features Robin Williams talking about alcoholics.

It takes up to six weeks to process toxicology results, so it will be weeks before anyone knows whether Williams had been drinking or using drugs prior to his suicide. The earliest the tox screens could come back is about two weeks. Once the toxicology report is complete, officials can close the investigation into the death of Robin Williams.

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Robin Williams, who died after committing suicide on August 11, suffered from something 1 in 10 Americans also have, depression.

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  1. It takes a terribly strong person to do what this man has done and he knew exactly what he was doing he was not crazy he was tired of being contolled by something that he was unable to control.

    He is at piece with himself and is no longer tormented by drugs or alcohol.

    Robin has served us well and perhaps you got a laugh out of something that he said then he accomplished his task and his life was complete.


    • Crazy isn’t the word. But neither is strong. He was beaten by depression. Weakened. He didn’t give in to freedom, he let the demons of his own mind win.

      Don’t let yourself be controlled by depression, seek help.

  2. Sad day for the world…losing an icon is never easy…..too bad the one person Robin could make laugh was himself………condolences to his entire family…… sad for the children……

  3. God bless the family. He brought more joy to others than he will ever now know. (It may have been painful to be so brilliant.) We were fortunate to have his perspective on many topics. We can appreciate his contributions to our world, and he was a teacher in his own way.

  4. RIP, Robin. So sad…

    BTW, pictures are hung.
    People are “hanged”.

    Seriously folks???You call yourselves journalists…lolololololol

    • Therein lies its popularity. If you make a point of observing the distinction in your writing you will not thereby become a better writer, but you will spare yourself the annoyance of being corrected for having done something that is not wrong.”
      (Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of English Usage, 1994)

      • He never hanged himself up, he was hung up. but in the circumstances I would suggest that the English lesson be abandoned for a more appropriate time

    • It does not really matter. Technically, yes, you are supposed to used “hanged” when it refers to a method of killing, especially an execution. But the two past tense forms hung/hanged are commonly used interchangeably and only a petty person would bang on about it, especially in a news story about a death. Besides, as Williams was not actually hanging at all, it is most accurate to say he died of asphyxiation.

  5. … so the depressed alcoholic ends the conversation with his best Robin Williams’ impression, “thanks for calling but I think I’ll have a belt and hang around my room”

  6. Something just doesn’t fit into this puzzle. Wife goes to bed then goes to work and never checks on her husband who she saw only the night before. Something is missing here. I have depression and it is a struggle everyday to live a life that looks pretty nice from the outside. However the details of his “suicide” just does not make sense???????????????

    • I agree…did they not sleep together in the same room? Not judging if that was the case but why wouldnt you check on him before you left for work or after you woke up.

    • Their marriage wasn’t good they slept in separate areas. Some folks do this just before call in quits living separate lives in a big house. Sad but true.

  7. So very sorry to the family of Robin Williams & the International Community who loved, honored & adored him. I remember when Mork & Mindy first came out there was an interview with one of his teachers where it was stated that he was a serious student and not a class cut-up. Very intelligent and gifted was what I remember being said. Unless one has suffered from chronic depression themselves there is no way for them to understand the courage it took to live in this state for so long.

  8. So, I live in SF and everyone really feels it here. We used to see Robin everywhere. His ex-wife still lives in the Seacliff mansion that he lived in for many years. Robin also used to swim at my college’s swimming pool in SF. He used to bikeride all over so everyone saw him at least once. To see him perform was to see a genius-fast comic mind in action. The brightest stars fall from the sky and we experience their brilliance only briefly –but, how blindingly beautiful it is..

    • You were very lucky to have had the gift of being able to see him in person. I always wanted too but never got the chance. I loved what you said. Best statement so far. The world loved and lost a beautiful soul.

      • I think more of the story is missing. We may never here the truth.
        I do not believe Robin would take his own Life.

  9. Its impossible for someone to hang themselves, belts don’t even fit in between the closet door, this news is complete bullshit.

    • Robin is where he longed to be….free, without pain.. It’s not about a belt jammed in a door , a drink or getting high… It’s about not being able to live on life’s terms, nothing more. It would have been an honor to have met him, for I feel he was an amazing human being…Depression/addiction is a lonely existence… Addiction is inherited though suffering and pain in many cases… Please don’t jump all over him with ignorance. Respect him and his life….IT WAS HIS LIFE not YOURS.. Only he knows it’s shadows

    • You and I both, he had a beautiful soul and I still don’t think it was suicide I think it was an accident and she “the wife” covered it up, because she felt shame at what he was doing, I think he should have divorced her and moved on and spent more time with his kids.
      There are people out here that are so negative they make you feel suicidal they talk in monetone it makes you want to slap the shit out of them! They make you feel like you can’t get away from them and the only way you can is to kill yourself, that’s where a stronger personality makes a difference! Or another person offering some support.
      He was not sleeping with her because they were on the verge of ending their marriage, and I think he needed some release and maybe words were exchanged . But honestly only God knows the truth and one day we will find out the truth.

  10. “Five Facts You Need To Know”

    Why do we NEED to know any of this?

    These grisly, specific details on this poor man’s death should have been kept private. This is a cold, morbid, ghastly article with no respect for human privacy – and shows no empathy, or compassion, just gory sensationalism.

  11. you dumb fucking fucks you believe that bu ll shit, do you see the ll. you goddamn fucking fucks. that’s funny isn’t it you thought i was mad. no i am illuminati and we made a pact. x322

  12. he is my hero, I’m so sorry for what he went though , unfortunatey I have the same problem I guess , can’t see my way out I’m doing it too ! I have no family, I don’t understand about him he had family , money what could possibly be wrong ? he must of have friends, I have none, no sopport, I’m a good person ! just had enough love everyone