Kristen Lindsey: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Kristen Lindsey, Kristen Lindsey no charges

Kristen Lindsey holds up a cat named Tiger that was killed by a bow and arrow. (Facebook)

A Texas veterinarian will not face animal cruelty charges for shooting a cat through the head with a bow and arrow and then bragging about her kill in a Facebook post.

Kristen Lindsey, 31, posted a photo of herself in April holding the slain cat by the arrow she shot it with and said in the caption, “My first bow kill (cat smiley face) lol. The only good feral tomcat is one with an arrow through it’s head! Vet of the year award…gladly accepted.”

The Austin County District Attorney announced Wednesday that a Grand Jury failed to indict the Brenham woman, because there was insufficient proof she committed a crime.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. A Witness Said Lindsey Was Trying to Protect Her Animals From the Cat Because It Was Rabid

Kristen Lindsey

Kristen Lindsey. (Facebook)

District Attorney Travis Koehn said in the press release that they received information from “one unsworn hearsay report that Lindsey may have acted to protect her pets from a potentially rabid stray cat in Austin County.”

Police have not said if Lindsey was interviewed by investigators.

Koehn said investigators with the Austin County Sheriff’s Office were not able to confirm where or when the incident took place. He said “the officers lacked probable cause to obtain a search warrant for any Austin County properties in this matter.”

According to Texas law, protecting pets from attack is a defense to an animal cruelty charge, Koehn said.

Koehn said investigators weren’t able to confirm the identity of the cat seen in the Facebook photo. While claims were made by Lindsey and another witness that the cat was feral and rabid, others claimed it was a cat named Tiger, who was friendly and a fixture in the neighborhood.

“He loved everybody, he loved everything. He always greeted me, he was my protector out on the farm,” Amy Hemsell, who often acted as Tiger’s caretaker, told KBTX.

Hemsell posted a video of Tiger riding a tractor on her YouTube page:

Koehn said investigators were also not able to obtain any information from Facebook, because Lindsey’s account was deleted the same day police were made aware of the post.

“Without more information, the State lacks proof that this incident even occurred in the state of Texas,” he said, pointing out that in other states, including Wyoming, it is legal to hunt cats all year without restriction.

He said in Texas, the state would have to prove that a defendant killed a stray cat in a cruel manner or without the owner’s consent for an animal cruelty conviction.

“Animal cruelty is a disgusting and reprehensible act that the Austin County District Attorney’s Office strongly condemns,” Koehn said. “Contrary to some reports, this office has prosecuted and convicted animal cruelty offenders in the past. However, the duty to this office, and the duty of the Grand Jury, is to make decisions based on the law and evidence in each individual case.”

2. She Was Fired by the Animal Clinic Where She Worked After the Photo Went Viral

Kristen Lindsey

Kristen Lindsey. (Facebook)

Lindsey was fired by the Washington Animal Clinic after the Facebook post went viral in April.

“Dear Friends, Clients, and other interested folks. We just learned of the conduct that is discussed below,” the clinic said in a statement. “We are absolutely appalled, shocked, upset, and disgusted by the conduct. We have parted ways with Ms. Lindsey. We do not allow such conduct and we condemn it in the strongest possible manner. Please know that when informed of this we responded swiftly and appropriately and please do not impute this awful conduct to the Washington Animal Clinic or any of its personnel.”

Before deleting her Facebook profile, Lindsey posted that she had been receiving death threats, and also claimed she hadn’t been fired.


“Our goal now is to go on and try to fix our black eye and hope that people are reasonable and understand that those actions don’t anyway portray what we’re for here at Washington Animal Clinic,” Dr. Bruce Buenger, a spokesman for the clinic told ABC 13 in April.

3. Texas Officials Are Seeking to Revoke Her Vet License

Kristen Lindsey

(Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners)

The Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners voted in September to revoke Lindsey’s license after determining she broke state rules, according to WSB-TV.

Lindsey has rejected the board’s ruling, sending it to the Texas Office of Administrative Hearings. A hearing on the board’s ruling is expected in February.

A public records search on June 25 showed that Lindsey still had an active license at the time, and that it was not set to expire until March 2016. She has not received any disciplinary action, according to the records search. The license was originally issued in 2012.

4. Thousands of Animal Supporters Have Called for ‘Justice for Tiger’



Thousands of animal lovers have joined Facebook groups, like Justice For “Tiger” The Cat Murdered By Kristen Lindsey, and joined protests outside the Austin County courthouse.

In a post after the Grand Jury’s decision was announced, one of the group’s organizers said:

I now have a new worry,because she was not indicted/found guilty it worries me that this now can open up new cases of felines be them pet/feral of becoming targets for cat haters in Austin County and if this does happen gawd forbid then we will have a hell of a time on our hands,Tiger’s caregiver is beside herself with grief as we all are but for her more so,she interacted,cared and loved Tiger as her own and for this to happen today was a huge political slap in her face and ours so wot do we do from here people,this is wot we will do,we will NOT throw in the towel,we will NOT give up,we lost this round but by gawd this NATION will NOT be allowed to forget wot happened to Tiger,he has become the Poster Child if ye will of cruelty by a souless black hearted sub-human,we will stay on top of this,now wot I want to know is who is allowed to make an appeal to this case,would it be Amy his loving caregiver or can anyone make an appeal,any one here have legal savvy to get this done?

tiger I am not going away nor are any of ye thousands of supporters,even if we dont get justice for ye we will be here to remind the world of wot happened and maybe,just maybe down the road justice may prevail,we Love ye Tiger and we will not allow ye to be forgotten!

Some of the supporters gathered outside the courthouse Wednesday to protest the decision, KBTX reports.

“We were in disbelief you know we weren’t sure what more evidence that they needed,” said Amy Hemsell, who often took care of the cat, told KBTX.

They said Tiger’s death has helped gain attention for animal cruelty cases, despite not having the outcome they hoped for.

“The movement on animal abuse is growing and it can’t be denied and so with Tiger’s death it has brought much awareness, much needed awareness,” Gisele Flanigan, a True Blue Animal Rescue Volunteer, told the news station.

5. The Deans of the Vet School She Attended Decried Her ‘Grotesque’ Actions

Lindsey did not receive any support from her alma mater, the Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences.

“At Colorado State, we join the veterinary clinic that earlier employed the individual, the Texas Veterinary Medical Association, and countless others who strongly decry the grotesque actions and comments displayed in that post,” the dean and associate dean of the college said in an April Facebook post. “We also wish to express our support for you, as students and veterinary professionals who joined this field with integrity and concern for animal welfare.

“Each day, you uphold our shared values as people who profoundly care about the health and wellbeing of living creatures. You work with determination, knowledge and compassion to improve animal welfare. Our students and our many graduates, with support and guidance from dedicated faculty and staff, achieve great things each day; you are committed to learning and discovery because you want to embody principles that form the foundation of veterinary medicine.”

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  1. Don’t worry. This piece of garbage didn’t get off. No-one who wants a successful animal hospital will employ this piece of shit. If it opens a business itself word will quickly get around and the business won’t last long. If it reproduces it’s kids’s will see what it did and realize a demon spawned them. Wankers like this are right there with child rapists, child murderers, rapists, racists, murderer’s. There’s a special place in hell waiting for wankers……I’m not the religious type but I know what’s waiting for these creeps on the other side…. just saying!

  2. This thing that went into veterinary medicine for what reason I can’t fathom is obviously a sociopath. Anyone who does something like that & then says “pshhhh who would get rid of me, I’m awesome” is truly a very sick thing. EVERYONE wants to get rid of you, sicko. EVERYONE. Perhaps an equally sick being will find it amusing to shoot an arrow thru you thus relieving us of one more piece of crap on this earth.

    • She is much like that Florida doctor who beat up on the Uber driver. These types of women are academically smart enough to get through vet or med school, but are seriously flawed as members of society. No sane person would want this woman to care for his or her pet, just like no medical facility would want to be represented by that doctor. These women are likely the products of entitlement within the family….spoiled from the time they were born onward. They have sociopathic, narcissistic tendencies and when they say they are sorry, they mean they are sorry that they got caught. Never do they genuinely regret their actions in terms of the animals or people they have harmed. No doubt, their parents still support them mentally and financially. Being intellectual capable has nothing to do with being a good person.

    • I agree with you Judy. I swear if I saw something like this going down, I don’t know what I would do. I can not imagine that I would let it happen… The law sometimes protects terrible people like this “person”.

    • She thinks she’s awesome because her mom keeps telling her she’s awesome. And she’s daddy’s little girl-a real chip off the old block. He taught her well.

  3. She is a drunk. Her favorite things: Killing animals, a full glass of whiskey, hangover’s and hunting. She is delusional and a sociopath. She thinks she is irreplaceable. Her mother who took the photo is no better. She removed herself from Facebook. How brave. Was Tiger the cat allowed to remove himself/herself from the clutches of this mad-woman?

  4. She got off with no charges from her criminal trial because she was in the Texas court system and she is a physically attractive young woman.The Texas “Good Ol’ Boy” system laughs at animal abuse. Dont’ believe me? They let fat ol’ Pastor Rick Bartlett from Bastrop, Texas get off with a tap on his wrist for killing a sweet, red haired neighborhood cat named Moody (Justice For Moody) by entrapping, starving him and then throwing him off a bridge with his wife, Tina Bartlett, aiding him. Pastor Rick Bartlett was fired from a prominent Southern Baptist church and now he preaches from his home in Bastrop. (Who in their right mind would go there besides a select few?) What I do like about this pscyho vet story is that she got fired and is getting her license revoked. Let her dear mother, who took the photo of the deceased cat, support her “awesome, irreplacable daughter” for the rest of her life and pay her student loans off. Her mother can also foot the bill for this sociopath’s liquor and hunting bills. I imagine she will start drowning her sorrows in food as well as liquor. Sounds like she will be needing a few more bottles of whiskey and hangover cures in the near future because her future doesn’t look that bright. Her “awesome” life as she knew;it; is ruined. I imagine she will continue to receive death threats even though she removed herself from Facebook. There are too many animals lovers out there that are watching Kristen Lindsey with a close eye.

    • It’s just a cat ? If you agree that what this c–t did was okay and she is a human , then you are as sick as her .
      Animals are loving unconditional beings .
      They can never commit the evil that humans do .
      Does this bitch who took an oath to help animals think it okay to do what she did .
      You are insane George to think what this bitch did is acceptable .
      Get a heart and think of something other than yourself .

      • Feral cats are a scourge as are cats that are allowed to run wild. If you want 75 cats in your house more power to you but do not think that everyone should allow them to live under their porches, crap in their flower beds and yowl in the middle of the night waking people who work up, then you are sick and insane yourself. There is a balance but it starts with responsible pet ownership and the right of individuals to the enjoyment of their own properties.

        • the cat wasnt feral it was pet didnt u see the picture of it on the tractor….looked like a pet to me not that it makes it any better or worse! Furthermore if the caat was a problem there were and are plenty of other ways that are more humane to fixing the problem than shooting it thru the head with a arrow ! I think the biggest thing here is that she wasnt protecting her property nah what she was doing was killing the cat to have bragging material which is obvious from her picture she so proudly displayed on facebook! The worst part of this is that she is in a job where she is suppose to be kind to animals and help them not kill them…lucky for the rest of the world this bitch is dumb enough to do such a awful deedand then brag about it on social media!!!!THANK GOD SHES A IDIOT….she wont be seeing any of my animals….

        • Humans are the biggest stain on this planet! By what you’re saying then it’s okay for people to kill people. Oh if you want a bunch of people in your life more power to you but don’t expect everyone else to be so kind to them in their dealings. What if one of your loved ones pissed off someone you don’t know and they killed them or worse things? Don’t think you’d have the same feelings. So shut your mouth.

        • But to photograph it and BRAG about it? That’s delight in cruelty and just morbid -says a lot about this young woman, who will only get bolder through her lifetime. The Sociopath Next Door?

      • What the f-k George u deserve everything she gets or is going to get if you feel like that. Animals are a product of God and for her to have done such an inhumane thing and u can be so non chalant about it people should wonder about u.

      • Funny how you remain anon dumbass, get some balls and grow a mind. Bet you if I killed one of your pets or a family member, you’d like it if I said “Oh she/he’s just a human who cares” or “its just a pet who cares” You make me laugh, hope ya burn in hell Anon

    • If you think that shooting a cat through the head with an arrow is acceptable behavior, then you are also a sociopath. I hope that this disgusting excuse for a person is never again permitted to touch another animal as a veterinarian. Even if she evades the licensure question and relocates to try a different clinic, her despicable history will follow her like an avenging spirit. Words cannot express my disgust at this pathetic excuse for a human.

    • Just a cat, please… just a pet just your child why are you defending her? Like it excuses this woman. She’s seriously a psychopath you wouldn’t want near your pets or children. Human beings have compassion empathy and feel regret, psychopaths have none of these. They are just slightly scarier than those that accept and defend them.

    • You’re just a mere ignorant human.
      If there was an incident where I could only save either you or my dog. I’d choose my dog. Ten times over.
      Humans have proven time and time again to be horrible, selfish, rude beings. I’ve yet to meet a dog that didn’t wag it’s tail with all of its heart, lick my face and show me pure love and excitement. Even if I were bitten by a dog, there’s a REASON they bite.
      Any human with any common sense knows that. Perhaps you need more experience with dogs. YOU are the idiot.

      • I had a one person dog that didn’t like Strangers… Touching his ears, or muzzle without my hand being there meant you were at risk of being bitten. He didn’t like it if someone were to touch him while he was lying down.
        He was soft and gentle with me….but hard and aggressive with other people in certain situations. He had sticker burrs embedded in his thick double coat which I had to pull out all 48-50 of them with my hands so he could lie down comfortably on his side and stretch out.

    • She is not a human. Do not put her in the same category as me. She is a piece of trash and deserves to live a life of squalor because of a very bad choice she made. A life is a life. Who are you or anyone else to make a decision which ones are important?

    • When you die at the hands of a murderer I hope people say, “It’s just a guy, what’s the big deal? There’s a lot of people out there, he was nothing special.” Don’t be such an ass, this cat shared a life and home with a family that loved him and he wasn’t “just a cat” to them. The point people are making is that cruel crimes should be met with cruel punishment and justice. If she was just a vet protecting her pets from a rabied animal then she would have done just that, not gone the extra sadistic mile in posting a picture with the dead cat as she smiles like some sociopath. She is lying about her intentions and should be held accountable and punished even more due to being a vet.

    • Dear George, Ask any psychologist what cruelty to animals predicts about future behavior and about character. I would not want to live among people like her.

    • Just a cat you say? All serial killers start their “careers” with animal abuse. The FBI has caught on to this key indicator of dangerous individuals that “move up the chain” to human victims and will begin monitoring those individuals that are charged with animal abuse. It may “just be a cat” today, but there is the possibility if animal abusers aren’t taken seriously, than the next victim is a child, sister, brother, etc. Do you frigging “get it” now?

    • so because she’s human and it’s “just a cat” she has the right to do that?!
      you are the reason this planed it destoyed by humans!

    • Many studies have confirmed that people who abuse animals will also abuse humans. The usually start by abusing animals and then go on to become serial killers. If she would do this to a cat, she would also do it to a human child.

    • George is flawed. End of story. Nothing will convince George that this human is a defective dangerous nutjob. Moral of this story? George is flawed, and most likely voted for Hillary. Don’t be like George.

  5. 5 things you need to know about her:
    1. She’s a piece of shit.
    2. She’s a murderer.
    3. She has no respect for life.
    4. She needs to have her license revoked.
    5. She should never be allowed to have or work anywhere near animals.

  6. This woman swore to uphold an oath as a Veterinarian. In which she so clearly violated, when she murdered Tiger! For that alone she should definitely be held accountable for! The court systems are a joke! And proof of that is still in the running for Presidency……..Hillary “cunt” Clinton. It’s sad to say, but the only way one could get justice, is to be…… The Judge , The Jury & The Executioner yourself !

    • Wow. Youre infected with stupid huh, since if you werent youd know every cat is not infected and that if you do have an infected cat a respirator would do nothing to protect you. Maybe that dumb cunt will put an arrow through your head its empty anyway.

    • You’re ignorant and obviously don’t know sh!t about cats. Get some experience on cats before posting your idiotic opinions for the public to read.
      You’ve just made yourself look like a total moron. Lucky for your dumb@ss this is anonymous. Probably the only reason you have the grapes to even say something so stupid, publicly.

    • please read a book maybe you will realize how many stupid things you just said!
      PS: he has a pet you ision… pest control will be killing stupid people like her and you

  7. So let me get this straight, you all are condemning this woman because she took what she thought were necessary precautions to protect and ensure the safety of her own pets?
    1) It states cleary, that she believed the cat to be rabid and feral. I don’t know about you but, I think a licensed vet would be qualified to make this assumption.
    2) In what way would you rather her have taken out a rabid animal? A swift, clean shot through the head ensures that the animal did not suffer in dying.
    3) She clearly is compassionate about an animals as she was willing to risk her life confronting a rabid one to protect her pets
    4) As for posting the picture, she probably thought of herself doing the community a favor in stopping a rabid and feral animal from roaming the streets and infecting other animals.

    I’m not sure how you all managed to twist this story into one of pure evil instead of perhaps an honest mistake.

    • 1) There is video evidence showing that this cat was not feral. It is right there in the article. If the cat was rabid, then yes it needed to be put down, but the rabid defense did not appear until people started calling her out. She was bragging about how the only good feral cat was a dead one. Nothing about rabies.
      2) I personally have no issue with the method of death, at least poor Tiger didn’t suffer. I have a problem with the intent.
      3) Refer to point 1
      4) I don’t know what compassionate animal lovers you know, but every single one I know would be devastated by having to kill an animal in this way. They would not be smiling, holding the kill up like a trophy buck. You don’t go around bragging happily about mercy killings.

    • Ashley, your ignorant! And that so called vet says that fat cat is ferral and rabbid? I can tell by looking that its not ferral! And what happened to humanly taking in a rabbid ferral cat?

    • If that’s the case then why did the dean of her school, her employers and the association of vets comdemn her actions. The association was upset their guidelines of euthanasia was used in her defense

    • You didn’t get this ‘straight’.
      1. The article cites that there is hearsay evidence that she may be claiming that she was protecting other animals from a rabid cat. This is not evidence that the vet herself has made this claim. This is not a fact, but an unsubstantiated rumor, that the cat she killed was rabid. As well, the article notes that this is one of the acceptable legal defenses for killing an animal. Furthermore, as a trained and licensed veterinarian, if she believed she had killed a rabid animal, she did not use official procedures for disposing of the suspect rabid animal’s remains.
      According to Section 97.3(b) of the Texas Administrative Code, Communicable Diseases, all positive cases of rabies must be reported and handling of the body is done with protective equipment. In the picture she has her gloved hand up against the cat’s head, where the arrow has pierced the brain. Brain tissue or juice running from the wound would be highly potentially infectious. As someone with substantial education and training in biology, rabies does not seem to be a concern of hers in the way she is handling the cat’s freshly dead body in the picture. Even if the vet was claiming this herself, AFTER the public backlash to her post, it does not mean that it is true. Because of her callous pride in the killing, in her own words “My first bow kill (cat smiley face) lol. The only good feral tomcat is one with an arrow through it’s head! Vet of the year award…gladly accepted.”, she has relinquished professional and moral credibility. In effect, she is not honorable and her word is suspect.
      2. Your second statement assumes the cat was rabid, which is not at all evidenced. Second point, as the first, is confuted.
      3. Your third statement assumes the cat was rabid, which is not at all evidenced. Third point, as with the first and second, is confuted. As well, you need to crack open a dictionary and look up the word “compassion”. Compassion includes sympathy and empathy, none of which is shown in her trophy image post.
      4. Your third statement assumes the cat was rabid, which is not at all evidenced. Fourth point, as with the first second, and third, is confuted. The community is not served by a vet, who has professional fiduciary duty and a moral obligation to treat animals with respect. There is not community service in proudly displaying a trophy picture and insensitive remark/reasoning. Neighbors of hers believe the cat was a beloved pet of theirs, and the identify of the cat is indeed likely their pet. Furthermore, she makes no mention in her post about the cat being feral as an explanation of her murdering of it, only her personal disdain for it..
      Those outraged at this incident have not twisted facts or misinterpreted the vet’s intent. Both the act and the publication of the act was evil and displayed antisocial tendencies. There is no reasonable argument of an ‘honest mistake’. Fellow colleagues (her former employer, her veterinary college) have publicly condemned her actions. Professionals don’t typically do this to fellow professional peers without considered justification. The cat deserved RESPECT from her, no matter the circumstances. You’ve accused others of “twist(ing) this story”, when you are the one putting an unwarranted spin to it.

    • You probably know her or have committed stupid acts yourself. There was nothing that ever declared the cat as having rabies and we all know how gun crazed Texas is and how they laugh at animal cruelty cases. Sorry but you can’t go around killing things simply bc you can. Get your head out of your ass.

    • Hey Ashley, you must be ponerized. Rabies virus spreads through the nerves to the spinal cord and brain. If you take a trophy shot of a dead animal in such a manner you can catch rabies. How long will the rabies virus remain alive in the body of a dead animal? That depends primarily on the outside temperature. The virus could die within a few hours in warm weather and could stay alive for months in freezing temperatures. It is very rare for a cat to have rabies. I hope this psychopath dies a violent painful lonely death.

    • Thank you! May the bitch be shot in the head with an arrow! Soon!
      She was not protecting anything! She was practicing her skills with a bow and arrow

  8. How can you be a vet and kill a cat in such a horrific manner. I hope you lose your vet license and never work with animals again.

  9. You people are nuts! You want to see the life and career of a young woman destroyed for waht? For a cat? Some of you animal people need to get a grip!

      • Animal abusers and defenders all need to be sterilized. You people don’t deserve to breed children to inherit your disgusting disrespect of life.

      • Dear anon “only a freakin cat” poster. Trolls like you wander around on highly emotional sites like this so you can post your uneducated drivel hoping to get a rise out of folks. Why don’t you get a job, move out of your parents’ basement and read a book or 2. You may find that morally deficient people such as you and this vet are among the despised in this world. Get a job. Contribute to society. You poor pathetic excuse for a human being.

  10. I agree it’s despicable…. And I read all the comments who think it was fine and “just a cat”…. I see it differently, but I get where you’re coming from. However… no matter what….there are two things I can’t get around.

    1) She’s a vet. So you would think or at least hope that even if she felt that it was the right thing to do to protect her own pets (if that’s even true) that she would feel compassion for the cat and not brag about it;

    2) How stupid can you be to kill a cat like when every day you are paid and make a living from people who are attached to their pets and support animal rights — and then to post it gleefully on Facebook as some kind of accomplishment that people will support you in? This is a close tie or even more IDIOTIC than the dentist who killed Cecil the lion and posted about his “accomplishment” over a grand animal…. that he ended up shooting. But I would have to say she is even more stupid because she is a vet and did this….. to have no clue that this might affect her career as a vet? Seriously? That’s pretty dumb…. a sociopath…. would be my diagnosis.

    While we all make mistakes and say things or do some things we aren’t proud of…. hopefully we aren’t posting them on Facebook…. and especially not bragging about it… But she kills puts an arrow through a cat’s skull and then brags about it…. no remorse… so sad….. Reminds me also of the idiot who shot an arrow into a duck’s bill so the the duck could no longer open his mouth to eat. Karma, karma…. my only solace about this.

    • Yeah, I just hope she doesn’t plan to have children. There’s a high correlation between animal abuse and child abuse and killing animals and humans for sport.

    • Wow! You actually have the nerve to say that? You obviously have no compassion or even care for animals if the words ‘it was just a cat’ ever come out of your mouth. Of course there are many things in this world to worry about…but this is not about those other things!

  11. Wow! So I guess in Texas you can murder someone, hold up their dead body & take a photo & put it on Facebook and admit that you killed them, but as long as you delete the post before the cops get to it, they don’t have any probably cause to search or investigate or arrest you. Good to know.

  12. Anyone who loves animals would never brag on any social media outlet that they killed one even if she says ‘it was rabid’. The courts need to have more thorough investigations on animal killers and torturers. She seems so happy holding this poor cat in the air with a big smile on her face after she killed him. It is discusting. I am so sad for this poor cat who died at the hands of this heartless person. The fact that she is also a veterinarian is beyond disturbing. There is something mentally wrong with someone who finds satisfaction in hurting another living creature and they need to be punished. She does not deserve to live on this planet. Animals deserve more in this world!

    • I have had to kill my own dogs before. One had cancer and was in terrible pain. Another was very old an couldn’t walk etc. it was really bad. Those acts were the most difficult things I have ever done. I really don’t think it would have hurt me as much if I I had been forced to kill a person. In no case was I smiling, bragging, and holding the corpse up for a camera. Yeah, I do think she has some characteristics of a sociopath.

      • It was painless and instant for them but I cried and cried and I’m a full-grown man. I’m crying now just recalling it. This is the reason I will not have another pet. They always leave too soon :(

  13. This one doesn’t need to be concerned about keeping her license, who would take their pet to her? She thinks she deserves an award? How about A-hole of the year!

  14. To the people who feel feral cats should be destroyed: She should not have posted a disturbing picture of it and she’s a veterinarian! Killing a feral cat may be necessary. Posting a picture of it with an arrow through the head and smiling and bragging about it, IMO is more the crime.

  15. Anyone who would kill an animal – any animal – in the manner this woman did has a serious judgment problem. Regardless if this was a feral, stray or pet cat, she has an obvious emotional disconnect towards animals and for that reason has no business being entrusted with the well being of anyone’s pets. I thought people trap, neuter/spay, then release feral cats? What makes this woman even more despicable is that she had the ability to help this cat and instead brutally killed it.

  16. She should be prosecuted for this heinous act and lose her vet license permanently. She should also never be able to have any kind of animal for a pet. She is truly a disgraceful vile and disgusting person!!! Only someone with no morals or empathy could commit such a horrendous act!!!

  17. The cats ower was was negligent and should be held accountable for the damage that the cat did to the woman’s property and attacking other animals not properly caring for the animal spreading rabies cat owners need to be held responsible for the damage their animals do feral cats are the worst things for local Ecco systems.

  18. Just have to wonder if she considers how she would feel if some macho hunter were holding her companion dog up by an arrow through his head. Do psychopaths ever consider how much hurt they cause?

  19. This women is clueless, she just does not get it. If she needed to dispense of a feral or possibly rabid animal people understand it, posting a picture of a cat with an arrow through its head , THAT was where it became sick and cruel, and for her to be a VET, pretty foul!

  20. Burn in hell. How can you claim that you’re want to work at a place with any animals after this. Hope you never get a job, you’re no different from any other animal abusing asshole

  21. kristen lindsey is obviously a dangerous psychotic who belongs in jail — not practicing any form of medicine anywhere ( unless she could time-travel back to Nazi Germany and work with Dr. Mengele ). I’ll bet that a thorough investigation would uncover a lot more dirt about this warped individual.

  22. Amazing how gentle and tolerant the good people of Texas have been with this killer. If someone committed this atrocity in my neighborhood, they would have their bow & arrow shoved so far up their rectum that they’d be spitting out splinters.

  23. Too many commenters using “anonymous” for their name. It’s too confusing. Use your own name or make up something unique.

  24. Any idiot like george who would in any way support that sick redneck drunk who murdered the cat is an asshole themselves. I live in a rural area and have about 20 feral cats that hang around my property and i can tell you they are a joy to have around. I cant believe how smart and loving they are but cautious because they have seen vicious humans like that garbage who arrowed the poor cat. Any fool who says “its only a cat” makes me realize why cats and all animals are much better to be around than some asshole humans