Teabaggers Vs. Avatar

Right-wing wingnut Anne McElhinney proves that the Tea Partiers have to ruin everything by calling out James Cameron’s Avatar as nothing but wishy-washy liberal environmental propaganda.

Full Release: DVD/Blu-Ray

Avatar hits DVD and Blu-Ray this week! If you’ve had all the blue people you can take, there are other options, and I’ll lay them all out for you in this week’s new releases.

Alice in Wonderland Beats Avatar

Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland reeled in a massive $210.3 million during its opening weekend beating Avatar for the biggest 3D release ever, ComingSoon.com reports. Avatar previously held the record for an opening release in IMAX ($9.5 million) until Al…

15 Questions For Avatar

The 82nd Annual Academy Awards are bearing down upon us like a massive, unrolling red carpet, slicing a fresh wound through the tepid green flesh of flyover country. Water coolers everywhere are bubbling with gossip and predictions — will Star Trek o…

Mike the Greek Helps You Pick Avatar

Mike the Greek helps you choose 2010′s Oscar winner for best special effects, best cinematography, art direction and more. In short, Avatar should be an easy selection in this category….