Banksy’s newest confirmed artwork “Mobile Lovers,” was left near a youth center in Bristol and is being sold as a fundraiser. Here are the best pictures.

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Could it really be an evolution of Banksy art?

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The serial artist has just added to his street collection. The NYPD is not amused.

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Each $60 piece could be worth as much as $32,000

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And you ask yourself, is seeing a Banksy with your naked eye worth more than a trip to the IMAX?

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Our world is one big art gallery. Admire some of the coolest street art from Kobra, Banksy, and more right here.

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The worldwide web got trolled again.

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Sure Banksy makes us think about poverty, pollution and other things that make puppies cry and rainbows turn grey, but damn, does art always have to be so depressing? Enter Hanksy, part graffiti artist, part Tom Hanks fanboy. Hanksy may not be setting out to change the world, but the guy (or gal) definitely is making a mark – and a funny one at that.

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Banksy is the pseudonym of a British graffiti artist, political activist and painter, whose true identity is unknown. He has made a big splash in the art world in recent years – see the best of his street art.

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