The Best of Hanksy…Thus Far

Sure Banksy makes us think about poverty, pollution and other things that make puppies cry and rainbows turn grey, but damn, does art always have to be so depressing? Enter Hanksy, part graffiti artist, part Tom Hanks fanboy. Hanksy may not be setting out to change the world, but the guy (or gal) definitely is making a mark – and a funny one at that.

How To Sell A Banksy

Banksy’s gallery pieces go for millions, but he still puts up his street art for free. What would happen if you managed to get one of those pieces? Going up against the critics and the auction houses, two filmmakers gatecrash the murky and protective world of Banksy.

Exit Through The Pet Shop

In a parody of Banksy’s ‘Exit Through The Gift Shop’ we get a sneak peak into the life of underground graffiti cat artist Bento.