Graffiti Artist ‘Banksy’ ID NOT Revealed after Vandalism Arrests

Paul William Horner

One of Banky’s graffiti pieces.

It looks like the worldwide web has been tricked once again. And this time, the trolling pertains to a popular graffiti artist’s true identity.

Several news websites, including, posted a news story about a popular graffiti artist who goes by the name “Banksy.” UK authorities supposedly arrested the artist with four other unidentified men. They were charged with vandalism after they were found painting a new piece around 2 a.m.

“Banksy” and his crew were reportedly followed back to one of the artist’s studios, where all five men were arrested.

This statement was also reportedly provided by a spokesperson of the London Police:

Horner is currently being held without bail on charges of vandalism, conspiracy, racketeering and counterfeiting. We are also holding the other four individuals whose names we are not releasing at this time.

The real identity of the artist was said to be a 39-year-old man by the name of Paul William Horner from Bristol, England. It turns out though that this story is false. The story is said to have originated from a BBC article that detailed the arrest of a man who was believed to be “Banksy.”

PRlog originally posted the reveal, but the story and website have disappeared. A tweet about the story surfaced with the link to the now-defunct news:

“Banksy” has been in the news lately for factual stories, though.

Banksy Reveal

Banksy’s now gone graffiti piece and his artistic response to the theft.

The graffiti artist stenciled in a rat with the word “WHY?” next to where his artwork was removed. The artwork, which is called “Banksy Slave Labor,” was reportedly taken from a wall is now being sold on the Fine Art Auctions website. “Banksy” is admittedly upset that his artwork has been taken and sold without his consent.

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