NASA announced that they have evidence that the red planet has water on it. The internet responded by putting glasses of water on Mars candy bars.

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Mars One alleges it wants to establish a permanent human settlement on Mars by funding it with a reality television show, but it may be a money-making scheme.

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Mars One, the reality television show that wants to colonize Mars, has released a promo video that introduces 3 potential candidates for the suicide mission.

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NASA’s Morpheus Lander could someday travel to Mars or the Moon. Watch this amazing new craft take flight.

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While the planet may have once been friendly for life, it sure isn’t anymore–and it’s getting worse.

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Want to help settle Mars? Read and find out how to submit yourself for the Mars One project to be a part of history.

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This breathtaking panoramic image of Mars makes you feel like you are standing on an alien world. Check it out!

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A new rock sample from the Curiosity rover shows conditions existed to support life on Mars.

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Be thankful you don’t live on Mars right now.

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Yeah, but what happened on Saturn?

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Real life is becoming more like science fiction everyday. Could humans wind up living in deep space? I hope so!

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NASA’s Curiosity rover makes big discovery of ancient stream bed on Mars

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President Obama’s life sucks. Our army is stretched thin across the world. Our economy is in shambles. Healthcare is broken and certain Republicans can’t keep their fat mouths shut during his speeches. Lame dude! And now he has to deal with on Mars!

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