The name says it all. It’s Wu-Tang. It’s Fugazi. It’s Wugazi. It’s freaking awesome is what it is.

OFF! “Wiped Out”

One minute and fourteen seconds is not a lot of time, but ex-Black Flag frontman Keith Morris’ current band OFF! manages to pack in the punch: hot chicks in glasses, moshpits, brutal wipeouts, guns and of course, the band.

Bleeding Knees Club “Nothing To Do”

I think Australian punk-pop outfit Bleeding Knees Club are actually young enough to cite Wavves as a musical influence, and an obvious one at that. Still, it’s hard to hate on their mindless fun.

Hella “Headless”

Sacramento drummer extraordinaire Zach Hill’s project before Death Grips, Hella is a math rock / experimental rock / noise rock sandwich.

Wavves “Bug”

I really like Wavves; it’s loud and bouncy, and singing along doesn’t require much effort. The new one from the Life Sux EP which has guest spots for Best Coast and F*cked Up. Says frontman Nathan Williams, “If you hate yourself and other people, you might like our record.” Score!

Trash Talk “Awake”

The new one from Sacramento thrash punk foursome Trash Talk, and it’s basically a minute and change of shouting, skating and smashing stuff up. There’s a smattering of the profane at the beginning of the clip, so those with sensitive ears…well, you wouldn’t like it anyway.