Torn (up) On the 4th of July Mixtape

July 4th may be on a Wednesday this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rock out like it’s on a Friday. We’ve got your cookout soundtrack covered with a classic rock throwback that bleeds red, white and blue.

50 ’90s Riffs

Jocelyn Pelichet sits down to shred 50 guitar riffs from the early ’90s. It’s good to hear Soul Asylum again, even if it was only for six seconds.

The Black Keys “Gold on the Ceiling”

“Wait a second didn’t The Black Keys already do a video for ‘Gold on the Ceiling’?” Yep, they sure did, but this video was directed by eccentric director Harmony Korine of Kids notoriety. And it’s just as anti-mainstream as one would expect from Harmony.

Primus “Lee Van Cleef”

Who knows what’s going on in the mind of Les Claypool, but it’s got to be a freak show 24/7. Les and his merry band of musician misfits spin a musical tale around zombified western actor Lee Van Cleef.

Zig Zags “Scavenger”

The LA based Zig Zags debut single for Mexican Summer is some kind of heavy metal bedroom heaven, a la 1974. With a clip filled with old school found footage from god knows where, “Scavenger” blasts freeloaders and jerk stores who show up to parties empty handed.

The Rapture “How Deep Is Your Love”

The Rapture’s comeback album, 2011’s In The Grace of Your Love, featured standout disco-gospel dance anthem “How Deep Is Your Love?” which finally got a video, and a very silly one at that. Frontman Luke Jenner is a miniature sized dance machine with some ladies after church.