NASA’s EM Drive, or Electromagnetic Drive, defies Newton’s Third Law of Physics… but somehow it just keeps working in studies. It’s finally passed NASA’s peer review.

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Check out the best photos from across the globe of the November 2016 supermoon.

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When is the best time to watch the supermoon tonight? Where will you get the best view? Will it even be visible tonight? Get the details here.

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Rosetta is landing on a comet this morning, but at what time? Find out here.

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The Rosetta space craft is crash landing onto a comet early this morning. Watch the whole thing right here.

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NASA is making a big announcement about Europa today. Find out how to stream the announcement live and what time the findings will be presented.

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NASA’s making a big announcement about Europa, one of the best possible sources of life in our solar system. Find out why Europa is so special here.

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NASA’s OSIRIS-REx is launching for asteroid Bennu tonight. You can watch the launch on live stream right here.

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The International Space Station crew, Expedition 48, is returning to Earth today. Watch their return live right here.

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The Philae Lander has been found by Rosetta after concerns it was lost forever. See photos of the Philae now and when it first landed on the comet.

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Watch the Cape Canaveral launch site explosion live.

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A rocket exploded at Kennedy Space Center’s Cape Canaveral’s launch site during a test. Reports said it was to carry a Facebook satellite.

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There was an explosion at SpaceX today. Find out what happened and see photos and videos here.

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Could a strong radio signal detected by a Zelenchukskaya, Russia telescope be extra-terrestrial or alien life? SETI researchers think it’s from star hd164595. Whether it could be alien is under debate.

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Venus and Jupiter won’t get this close again until 2065. See photos from people all across the world as they witnessed Jupiter & Venus in conjunction.

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Watch the Perseid meteor shower online right here, from multiple live streams around the world.

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