Top 10 Must-Have Tools and Utility Apps for iPhone

Whether you need help with your iPhone’s battery life, testing your network connection, or finding a lost or stolen device, these 10 tools and utilities apps will help boost your iPhone experience.

1. Find My iPhone

If you lose your iPhone, the Find My App will help you find it. Install Find My iPhone on another iOS device, and sign in with your Apple ID. Find My iPhone will locate your missing device, and will play a sound, even if your device is on silent. The app also includes Lost Mode, which locks your missing device with a passcode and can display a contact number on the lock screen. You can download Find My iPhone from the App Store here.

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2. Speed Test was created by Ookla. The iPhone app allows users to test their Internet’s current speed in three categories: ping, download and upload. At the top of the screen, users will see a progress indicator for each test. When each test is complete, the results will show at the bottom of the screen. You can download Speed Test from the App Store here.

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3. AirPort Utility

AirPort Utility is a utility app that allows users to manage AirPort base stations and WiFi networks. Users can change manage AirPort base stations, including AirPort Express, AirPort Extreme, and Airport Time Capsule. Easily change network settings, manage security modes, wireless channels, iPv6 configuration, and more. You can download AirPort Utility from the App Store here.

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4. Magic Plan

MagicPlan is an app that measures and draws interactive floor plans by taking pictures. Get your floor plans in PDF, JPG, or DXF format and publish on the web. MagicPlan is an ideal app for real estate agents, home inspectors, and interior designers. You can download MagicPlan from the App Store here.

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5. MyPermissions – Online Privacy Shield

best utility apps for iphone mypermissions

MyPermissions is a new way to control how many apps your connected to while on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Scan, review, and remove unnecessary apps. Receive alerts when new apps connect to your personal data. Get protected and download MyPermissions from the App Store here.

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6. Flashlight

best-utility apps for iphone flashlight

If you have a power outage or need a flashlight, you will want to download Flashlight for iPhone. Flashlight is simple to use and looks like a real flashlight with on and off buttons. Check out the interactive map and see who has switched on the Flashlight. You can download Flashlight from the App Store here.

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7. Battery Boost Magic

Battery Boost is an app that improves the battery life for iPhones and iPads. The Battery Boost app will let users know exactly how much time is left after activity, and gives tips on how to optimize your battery. You can download Battery Boost Magic from the App Store here.

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8. 5-0 Radio Police Scanner Lite

best utility apps for iphone 5 0 radio police scanner lite

5-0 Radio Police Scanner Lite is an app that gives users the ability to tap into live police radios. Get the latest news, find out about events, or any major crime waves happening in your town. Listen to feeds from your desktop, share feeds with your friends, and learn what all the codes mean. You can download 5-0 Radio Police Scanner from the App Store here.

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9. RedLaser Barcode Scanner

best utility apps for iphone redlaser barcode scanner

RedLaser Barcode Scanner is a QR code reader developed by eBay Inc. Scan all major retail barcodes, compare prices, and find the best deals from online and local retailers. View popular products, read reviews, and buy items on the go from your phone. You can download RedLaser Barcode Scanner from the App Store here.

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10. Alarm Clock HD

best utility apps for iphone alarm clock hd

Alarm Clock HD is a utility app developed by Alarm Clock Company. Stay connected to the news and your friends on Facebook and Google. Personalize your clock with unlimited colors, and wake up to your favorite song. Alarm Clock HD will display your local temperature, and easily turn your device into a flashlight by shaking it. Alarm Clock HD is a one of a kind app that does it all. You can download Alarm Clock HD from the App Store here.

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  1. Hey guys this one should be on your list, too:
    “RingRing – Who’s calling me from this number?” is the first iPhone App ever that finds out who’s calling you before you answer the phone (even if the screen is locked via VoiceOver).
    Every time you get a phone call and you don’t know whose number it is, RingRing will automatically look it up for you in the web. Then it will send you a notification (or tell you via VoiceOver/Siri) and thus help you to decide if you should answer the phone call or not.
    RingRing will remember your current GPS location by request and assign it to your conversation so that you can actually prove, that you have been at a certain place during a particular phone call.
    Give it a try, it’s free (5 coins so that you can try it out). Available on the App Store:
     <a href=”
    ” title=”RingRing – Who’s calling me from this number?”></a&gt;
    And here’s the promo video: <a href=”” title=”RingRing – Promo Video”></a&gt;
    I’m the developer, so you can reach me anytime… thank you!
    Cheers :)