20 Best Maternity Gifts for Pregnant Women

maternity gifts

Shopping for a pregnant woman can be tough. If you’ve never been pregnant, it’s hard to wrap your head around all the restrictions placed on the average pregnant woman. Some gifts you would think would be great for a woman who’s expecting may actually be unsafe or impractical. Pregnant women need to avoid all kinds of everyday things, including coffee, deli meat, and even certain kinds of makeup. With so many restrictions, it can be hard to know what gifts are safe, and what maternity gifts she will like best.

Pregnancy is stressful on a woman’s body, which is why pregnant women are deserving of gifts pretty much every day of their pregnancy. Whether you’re looking for a birthday gift, a congratulatory gift, or something “just because”, our list is packed with thoughtful, unique, and surprising gifts that will delight the important pregnant woman in your life. Read on to get some great maternity gift ideas, or check out our guide to the best push presents to get gift ideas for a mom that has just given birth.

Need even more gift suggestions? Check out our thoughtfully curated guide to the best gifts for women. We also have a companion post that outlines clever ideas for the best gifts for men. And if you’re looking to set up a baby gift registry for when the little one arrives, click here to get started with an online gift registry at Amazon.

1. Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow

pregnancy body pillow


A perennial best seller on Amazon, this popular body pillow helps to support a woman’s body while sleeping on her side. It was developed and designed by a registered nurse and mother, so you can trust that it will provide all the support a pregnant woman needs to sleep comfortably through the night. The pillow helps to take stress off key pressure points on your body, making it easier to find a comfortable position to sleep in, even as your body changes from week to week. You can shop all Leachco pregnancy pillows here.

Price: $39.18 (32 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow here.

2. Love at First Sight Sonogram Frame

sonogram frame


This adorable picture frame is the perfect way to display her first sonogram image of the baby. This is an inexpensive gift that’s perfect for a baby shower, or “just because.” Not quite what you had in mind? You might consider picking up something for the baby’s nursery. How about something from our guide to the best humidifiers for babies?

Price: $14.99

Buy the Love at First Sight Sonogram Frame here.

3. Ora’s Amazing Herbal Naturally Beautiful Pregnancy Gift Box

Pregnancy Gift Box

(Ora’s Amazing Herbal)

A gift basket is always a thoughtful gift, and this all-natural collection of products is designed to support a woman’s needs during pregnancy. This gift box includes two natural face serums, an unscented body butter, mini soothing vanilla body powder, two lip balms (Minty Cocoa and Earl Grey), skin salve, and a special pre-natal tea that includes lemon balm, raspberry, alfalfa, spearmint, rosehips, and other natural ingredients. When she needs a little pampering after a hard day, she can reach for this all-natural kit and give herself a little boost.

Price: $74.77

Buy Ora’s Amazing Herbal Naturally Beautiful Pregnancy Gift Box here.

4. ‘What to Eat When You’re Pregnant: A Week-by-Week Guide to Support Your Health and Your Baby’s Development’

What to Eat When You're Pregnant book


Trust us, she’s already got five copies of What to Expect When You’re Expecting from well-meaning friends. Get her a different book. Pregnancies cravings are intense, and it can be hard to ignore the cravings for junk food in favor of eating nutritious food that will help foster the development of the fetus. This book provides a week-by-week guide to healthy, filling foods that will nurture a pregnant woman. The book also includes 50 easy-to-follow recipes, which are perfect for those days when she’s too tired to cook something elaborate for dinner.

Price: $11.51 (32 percent off MSRP)

Buy the What to Eat When You’re Pregnant: A Week-by-Week Guide to Support Your Health and Your Baby’s Development here.

5. The Force Is Strong With This One Pregnancy Shirt

maternity shirt

(Crazy Dog Tshirts)

Shopping for a pregnant gal who loves Star Wars? This shirt is a great gift idea. It’s available in six other colors, but we think “the crawl” looks best on classic black. This shirt is available in maternity sizes from small to 3XL. Consider pairing this shirt for mom with this “I am a Jedi” baby onesie.

Not shopping for a sci-fi fan? You can shop more funny maternity shirts here.

Price: $19.99 – $21.99, depending on size selected

Buy “The Force Is Strong With This One” Pregnancy Shirt here.

6. Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Baby Care System

baby bullet

(Magic Bullet)

For moms who want to make their own baby food, this “Baby Bullet” is a huge timesaver. She can make an entire week’s worth of healthy baby food in less than five minutes. It’s also easy to record the date a batch was made, so you are only serving the baby the very best food.

Want to get something that’s just for mom, too? Get her a small Magic Bullet blender ($39.99) for her morning smoothie. Nutrition is very important for women, and doubly so during pregnancy.

If you want to see other baby food maker recommendations, check out our guide to the best baby food makers.

Price: $59.98 (25 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Baby Care System here.

7. ‘Expecting You: A Keepsake Pregnancy Journal’

Keepsake Pregnancy Journal


This pregnancy journal gives a mommy-to-be a place to write down her dreams, hopes, and fears during pregnancy. And someday, she can share this journal with her own children. This journal is bound to become a cherished family treasure. If you want to see more gifts like this, you can browse more pregnancy journals on sale here.

Price: $13.46 (10 percent off MSRP)

Buy Expecting You: A Keepsake Pregnancy Journal here.

8. Baby Relax ‘Tinsley’ Nursery Glider Chair

nursery glider

(Baby Relax)

Every new mom needs a comfy glider to sit in while she nurses and bonds with her child. This plush, soft glider will give tired moms a place to rest, and all of the soft surfaces are ideal for a nursery room. The surface is made from an easy-to-clean microfiber, so a little spit-up or spilled milk is no cause to fret. The thick padded seat and lumbar support combine to make a chair that’s perfect for a tired mommy or daddy.

Think she might prefer some new clothes instead? You can also shop cute maternity fashions here, and pick up something flattering that will fit her new shape.

Price: $207.93 and up, depending on color selected

Buy the Baby Relax “The Tinsley” Nursery Glider Chair here.

9. Dansko Women’s Professional Tooled Clogs

dansko clogs


Pregnancy comes with all kinds of aches and pains, but sore feet are arguably the worst part of pregnancy. That’s why it’s so important for pregnant women to invest in a nice pair of supportive shoes. Dansko shoes are great because they offer great support for heels and arches. They’re a perennial favorite among waitresses and nurses, two professions where you are on your feet all day. The soles have excellent grip, and the shoes are built to last. The tooled clogs pictured above are comfy enough to wear every day, but fancy enough to work for parties or business events when you need to dress up a bit. You can shop all Dansko shoes here.

Not sure what size she wears? It’s not uncommon for pregnant women to go up a shoe size during pregnancy, or to require wider widths. Get her a gift card here, and let her pick out a new pair of shoes that will give her the comfort and support she needs.

Price: $122 – $145, depending on size and color selected

Buy the Dansko Women’s Professional Tooled Clogs here here.

10. iRobot Braava 380t Floor Mopping Robot

iRobot Braava


The last thing a pregnant lady wants to do is bend over to mop the floors. Give a mom-to-be some much needed help with the housework with this floor mopping robot. She’ll appreciate the extra cleaning power during her second and third trimester, as well as after the baby is born. Want to see other robot cleaning options? Check out our guide to the best iRobot vacuum cleaners.

Price: $249 (17 percent off MSRP)

Buy the iRobot Braava 380t Floor Mopping Robot here.

11. Baby Bump Belly Stickers

belly stickers


Pregnancy can be stressful, especially when you get to the third trimester. These funny belly stickers are a great way to get her laughing again. We also think these are a fun gift for the mommy who has been Instagramming every step of her pregnancy for her followers. And if mommy is planning a pregnancy photo shoot, these can be a great addition to her outfit. You’ll get 10 randomly selected sheets of stickers, and each element of the face is its own sticker, so you have flexibility about placement of eyes, mouth, etc.

Price: $12.99

Buy the TAFLY Baby Bump Belly Stickers here.

12. Boppy Newborn Lounger



Tons of modern moms swear by Boppy’s nursing pillows. But for playtime and bonding time, a Boppy newborn lounger pillow is a great addition to mom’s collection of Boppys. Designed for babies up to 16 pounds, this accessory is great for keeping baby safely in place while awake and experiencing the world around them. There’s a handy carrying handle, and the whole pillow is machine washable.

If the mom you’re shopping for already owns this Boppy, consider picking up a Boppy shopping cart and high chair cover instead.

Price: Around $29.98, depending on color/pattern selected

Buy the Boppy Newborn Lounger here.

13. Boba Baby Wrap

Boba Baby Wrap


Boba baby wraps are great for breastfeeding, or for wearing while you run errands with baby in tow. They’re lightly stretchy, and machine washable. There are no buckles, straps, or snaps to master, just wrap and go. This is a snug, secure way for baby to stay close to mom all day long. You can browse more baby carriers and wraps from Boba here. All of the company’s products meet or exceed U.S. and European regulatory standards for child and babywearing safety.

Price: $39.95

Buy the Boba Baby Wrap here.

14. Bugaboo Cameleon3 Classic+ Stroller

Bugaboo Cameleon3


Bugaboo makes great, multitasking baby gear. This stroller’s frame transforms into a bassinet. The seat is reversible, and there are three reclining positions to choose from, so this is a stroller that really grows with her child. Easy to clean, and easy to fold up for storage, it’s no wonder Bugaboos have serious mom appeal. The sun canopy protects baby’s sensitive skin with UPF 50+ sun protection, but also protects against light rain thanks to a weather-resistant design.

Price: $1,239

Buy the Bugaboo Cameleon3 Classic+ Stroller here.

15. Conair Foot Spa With Vibration & Heat

Conair Foot Spa


As we’ve already discussed, pregnancy is murder on your feet. Help soothe her aching toes with a home foot spa. With vibration, heat, and the ability to add soothing ingredients like Epsom salts or essential oils, a foot spa is a great gift for a mom-to-be. This model is affordable, compact, and comes with a massager attachment. It’s also made in the USA.

Want to give her a chance to get out of the house? Consider a Spafinder gift card instead, and let her pick a spa near her to get pampered.

Price: $17.69

Buy the Conair Foot Spa with Vibration and Heat here.

16. Graco SimpleSwitch Highchair & Booster

Graco SimpleSwitch


This 2-in-1 piece acts as a highchair for babies, and a booster seat for toddlers. A three-position reclining seat helps to keep kids comfortable as they grow and develop. A machine-washable seat pad makes cleaning easy after messy meals. We also love the pattern (“Little Hoot”) which features adorable owls. If you want to see more options, you can browse more Graco highchairs here.

Price: $79.99

Buy the Graco SimpleSwitch Highchair and Booster here.

17. Skip Hop Duo Signature Diaper Bag

diaper bag

(Skip Hop)

It’s hard to find a cute, fashionable diaper bag. This cute bag with chevron markings is as fun as it is functional. With 10 pockets in total, plus a zip across the main compartment, this bag has ample storage for all your baby care needs. There are also nonslip stroller straps to make carrying all that fear even easier. A shoulder pad alleviates shoulder pain for days when you’re stroller-free. This is an incredibly well-reviewed bag, with a current customer rating of 4.6 out of five stars on Amazon. You can browse more styles from this company here.

Price: $64.99

Buy the Skip Hop Duo Signature Diaper Bag here.

18. ‘Sippy Cups Are Not for Chardonnay’

Sippy Cups Are Not for Chardonnay book


Looking for a funny gift for a pregnant friend? This hilarious book is great fun for first time moms who may have some parenting jitters. Author Stefanie Wilder-Taylor has lots of blunt, honest advice for moms, and her no-BS approach to parenting helps empower moms to listen to their own instincts, instead of the advice of friends and family.

Not sure this book is right for her? Browse more pregnancy books on sale here.

Price: $87.96 for paperback copy (47 percent off MSRP)

Buy Sippy Cups Are Not for Chardonnay here.

19. Summer Infant In View Digital Color Video Baby Monitor

video baby monitor

(Summer Infant)

A video baby monitor helps to give parents peace of mind while their baby sleeps. A video monitor lets them check in on the baby, without having to open the door (and risk the baby waking up). This model has a color screen that measures five inches. Night vision is available, though that shows up in black and white. Sound activated LED lights are a nice perk. You can add up to three additional cameras, making this great for growing families, or parents who just want to capture the same room from multiple angles.

Price: $99.97 (23 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Summer Infant In View Digital Color Video Baby Monitor here.

20. Philips AVENT Double Electric Comfort Breast Pump

AVENT Double Electric Comfort Breast Pump

(Philips AVENT)

If mommy is planning to breast feed instead of bottle feed, a breast pump is a great way to collect and store milk for later use. There are lots of breast pumps to choose from, but one of the most popular and trusted options is this pump from Philips AVENT. The unique design offers a more comfortable pumping position for mom, when compared to other models. A soft massaging cushion helps to stimulate the flow of breast milk, while three expression settings help mom find just the right setting for her needs on a given day. The pump comes with a cushion, and the whole setup is BPA-free.

If you want to give her the full Philips AVENT experience, you should also pick up the newborn bottle starter set, the baby food steamer/blender combo unit, a bottle sterilizer, and the bottle warmer.

Looking for more great gift ideas? Get inspired with our guide to the best gifts for parents who have everything.

Price: $199.99

Buy the Philips AVENT Double Electric Comfort Breast Pump here.

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