9 Best Turquoise Nail Polish Shades of 2019

As you could probably guess from my author photo at the top right, I love all things turquoise and teal. It’s one of those colors that I can’t help but feel cheered up when I see it. Turquoise is strangely versatile. It reminds me of tropical oceans and of being in the Mojave desert as a kid, running my fingers over black veined polished stones.

Turquoise was one of the first gemstones humans wore. How could they resist? Beads made of turquoise have been found dating back as far as 5000 BCE. Turquoise was worn by the pharaohs of ancient Egypt. We wouldn’t want to break with tradition, now would we?

Turquoise works well with all skin tones and pairs best with tans, white, black, rich deep pinks, corals, and oranges.

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