11 Best Spider Gel Sets: Your Easy Buying Guide

spider gel

Spider gel hits all the right notes for a nail art trend: it’s fun, versatile, long-lasting, and easy to use. This thick gel allows you to create perfectly straight lines for your nail art without stencils or specialized brushes. You can use this gel to create a variety of looks. Keep in mind that spider gel does need to be cured under a LED or UV lamp.

What Are the Best Spider Gel Sets?

Pink jars of gel with nail art swatches Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Extremely stretchy
  • Larger eight milliliter jars
  • Includes three metallic shades
Price: $13.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Nicole diary nail art swatches Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Set comes with six colors
  • Includes metallic silver and gold
  • Double-sided nail art tool
Price: $16.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Born pretty jar of gel with rainbow swatches Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Trusted brand
  • Eight colors including metallics
  • Black light reactive
Price: $22.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Large jar of Mia Secret gel Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Great pull is easy to work with
  • Can create custom colors
  • Trusted brand
Price: $13.47 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Black jars of gel with nail swatches of bright color stripes Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Choice of sets for color and size
  • Fun pastels, glitter, and metalli options
  • Larger jars than most others
Price: $15.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
black jars of metallic nail gel with swatches Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Fun metallic jewel tones
  • Six different colors
  • Can buy colors individually
Price: $24.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Black sticky spider silk gel with swatches Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Different size sets to choose from
  • Includes nail brush or dotting tools
  • Larger eight milliliter jars
Price: $16.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Nail swatches with colorful lines Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Well-known gel brand
  • 12 colors to choose from
  • Metallic and pastel options
Price: $4.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Black jars of wire drawing gel and colorful swatches Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Several sets to choose from
  • Up to 12 colors in a set
  • Includes nail art tool
Price: $19.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Black jars of gel nail polish with swatches Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Six different colors
  • Includes two metallic colors
  • Easy to use
Price: $15.89 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Spider web with wire drawing gel swatches Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Great for drawing very fine lines
  • Comes with four six-milliliter jars
  • Includes metallic colors
Price: $15.95 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. AzureBeauty Matrix Gel Set

    • Extremely stretchy
    • You can get very fine lines with this
    • Easy to work with
    • Eight milliliters compared to the normal five
    • Six colors with three metallic
    • Need a good stir before using
    • No cheery pastels
    • No art tools included

    If you’re looking for super stretchy, this is a good choice for you.

    The AzureBeauty gel pulls perfectly to get long thin lines that can manage several passes over the nail before you have to dip back into the pot. Plus, those pots are eight milliliters compared to the average five milliliters so you’re getting more product for the money.

    The set comes with six colors: black, white, red, metallic silver, metallic gold, and metallic bronze/champagne. They work for drawing just fine but shine when wrapping with lots of thin straight lines.

  2. 2. Nicole Diary Drawing Gel

    • Six different colors in five milliliter jars
    • Comes with double-sided nail art tool
    • Includes metallic silver and gold
    • Good for painting and striping
    • Not as stretchy as some gel
    • No cute pastel colors
    • Shipping can be slow

    These gels from Nicole Diary are a good middle ground for drawing with gel and using it to create straight lines–plus it includes a nail art tool.

    It has a nice, sticky consistency that easy to work with either drawing with the dotting side of the nail art tool or using it as paint with the brush side. The Nicole Diary gel doesn’t have the longest stretch on the list but that can be a benefit for drawing designs instead of the cotton-candy style wrapping of stripes.

    You get black, white, red, dark blue, metallic silver, and metallic gold to worth with which is a nice palette for some a variety of nail art looks. The double-ended nail art tool is a nice touch and is filled with pink glitter.

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  3. 3. Born Pretty Luminous Silk Spider Drawing Gel

    • Eight colors in set
    • Includes metallic shades
    • Trusted brand
    • Bright colors
    • Can buy individually
    • Slow shipping
    • Better for drawing than striping
    • Doesn't include black and white

    This Elastic Drawing Gel is a good choice if you’re interested in creating constellation designs.

    The Born Pretty drawing gel has slightly less stretch than other spider-style gels so it’s ideal for drawing shapes since you don’t have to struggle with it as much to end your design whereas some gels could keep stretching forever. 

    That said, if you’re most interested in the straight line aspect of spider gel, this one probably isn’t for you as it doesn’t have the super-long stretch you need for that type of nail art.

    This set comes with eight colors in five-milliliter pots. It includes fuschia, light pink, minty teal, orange, yellow, metallic gold, metallic bronze, and metallic sapphire. 

    The colors themselves need a UV light to cure, like all gel, but these are also UV-reactive, meaning that after you’ve cured your polish they will light up under UV lights. So if you’re out at a club using black lighting, your nails will glow. If that much UV has you nervous, check out the FDA’s page on safe nail practices as they say it’s pretty much nothing to worry about.

  4. 4. Mia Secret Spider Gel Base

    • Can create any color you want
    • Good stretch
    • Easy to work with
    • Trusted brand
    • Only one jar
    • Pricier than others for amount you get
    • You have to mix in your own pigment

    I know this isn’t exactly a “set” but I had to include it because this is a gel base that you can tint yourself so you can have drawing gel of any color you can imagine.

    You can color this base gel by adding gel nail polish, raw pigment powders, or even acrylic paint. The possibilities are endless. (I do recommend moving small portions of the gel into a small container to tint it separately from the entire jar.)

    It’s very stretchy and provides great lines. 

  5. 5. UR Sugar Spider Web Gel

    • Can opt for a set of four or set of 12 in two sizes
    • Can get pastels, dark colors, mix, metallic, and glitter
    • Includes dotting tool
    • Five milliliter or seven milliliter
    • Needs a good stir before using
    • Extra thick and sticky
    • Not for painting

    If you want a wide range of colors and effects, go with Ur Sugar. 

    We’ve seen some range of colors but you can’t beat this brand with their selection. You can get sets of Candy Color pastels, Dark Colors, Standard SetsMetallics, and Glitter shades. The sheer number of color options sets this brand apart.

    You can get seven-milliliter jars or five-milliliter jars depending on your needs and budget. The spider web gel is quick thick and sticky. You’ll want to give it a good stir before using and so it doesn’t end up feeling gloopy. 

  6. 6. Full Beauty Metallic Gel Set

    • Metallic jewel tones
    • Can buy colors individually
    • Six different colors
    • Six milliliter jars
    • Good stretch
    • Pricier than others
    • No standard colors
    • One color is not pictured

    If you live for that metallic look, go for this all-metallic line gel set.

    It comes with six six-milliliter jars of gel in metallic gold, silver, blue, purple, red, and green. The jar of green isn’t pictured in the product images for some reason but you can see the metallic green on the first nail swatch on the left. 

    The consistency is thick but easy to work with and has a nice stretch for making straight, thin lines. There’s definitely an attention-getting quality to metallic gels like this that can bump your designs up to the next level without needing to add more to them.

    I like that the colors can be sold separately as well. 

  7. 7. Saviland Wire Drawing Gel Sets

    • Different sets to choose from
    • Larger eight milliliter jars
    • Includes metallic gold and silver
    • Comes with nail art tool
    • Dotting tools are a better choice than a brush
    • Quite thing so won't double as paint
    • Simple to use

    If you want a thick gel with nail art tools, this is a good choice.

    Saviland offers a three-color set (white, black, metallic silver,) and a six-color set (white, black, red, blue, metallic silver, metallic gold) both with and without a detailing nail brush.

    I would recommend the six-color set without the brush as it has the best value and this brand of gel is really too thick to use with a brush anyway. The smaller set comes with five two-sided dotting tools which are really what you want for the job so if you don’t need many colors but do want the tools, that’s a good way to go.

  8. 8. Elite99 Spider Silk Gel

    • 12 colors to choose from
    • Metallic, pastel, and primary color options
    • Well-known gel polish brand
    • Good stretch for lines
    • Can build your own set
    • Must buy individually
    • Smaller five-milliliter jars
    • Shipping is a little slow

    These jars a little small for the price but have great stretch and are easy to use. This isn’t technically a set, but Elite99’s spider silk gel comes in such a wide range of colors, it’s worth creating your own set. 

    Elite99 offers spider silk gel in black, white, metallic silver, metallic gold, pastel baby pink, spring green, red, dark blue, yellow, purple, orange, and burgundy.

  9. 9. Rosalind Pulling Nail Silk

    • Up to 12 colors in a set
    • Several sets to choose from
    • Includes several metallic shades
    • Some sets come with a nail art tool
    • Can buy individually
    • Good value for money
    • A couple of the metallic shades are very similar
    • Nail brush isn't as useful as dotting tool
    • Smaller five-milliliter jars

    For those who are obsessed with metallic finishes, this is the set for you.

    Their 12 color set includes five different metallic shades that can also be bought individually: gold, silver, coffee, milky white, and light yellow. These are not great names. If it were up to me, I would call “coffee” copper, “milky white” opal, and “light yellow” champagne.

    That 12-piece set also comes with black, white, purple, blue, yellow, green, and red. If you don’t need that many colors, they also have a six color set.

    I love that each color can be bought separately and that the sets include a brush tool.

  10. 10. FidgetFidget Elastic Line Gel

    • Comes with six different shades
    • Good stretch for lines and drawing
    • Easy to use
    • Includes two metallic colors
    • No description of size of jar
    • Lesser known brand
    • Colors are fairly dark

    Choosing one of these sets sort of comes down to what colors are in your must-have list so if black, white, red, dark blue, metallic gold, and metallic silver matches your list, this one’s for you.

    The FidgetFidget Elastic Drawing Gel is a good all-around gel that is best for constellation drawing.

  11. 11. Vonrui Spider Silk Gel

    • Slightly larger six-milliliter jars
    • Set comes with four colors
    • Includes metallic gold and silver
    • Slow shipping
    • Not many colors for the money
    • Not good to double as paint

    For those who want those fine, thin as a spider web lines, check out Vonrui.

    The nice stickiness of this one allows you to really stretch a line out until it is super thin. This consistency makes it great for drawing and lines but not ideal for using as paint for nail art. 

    Fun fact: Spiders actually spin two types of web silk–one that is sticky for catching prey and one that isn’t which makes up the spokes of the web and that’s the one they use to get around.

How to use Spider Silk Gel.

There are several different ways to get the unique looks of this type of gel nail art. The consistency is thick, sticky, and it stretches.

Perfectly straight lines.

Managing lines on your nail art that aren't crooked and sloppy isn't an easy process. You can mess with stencils and striping tape or long-bristled striping brushes, but even those can easily slide off the mark.

With this gel, you can stretch a thread of it over your nail and the tension keeps the line as straight as possible.

To create a straight light dip your dotting tool into the gel to pull up a strand and then drape that over your nail. They'll be some extra gel on your skin so just be sure to remove all of that before curing.

You can keep wrapping as long as that one strand will stretch.

Even quicker: put on gloves and pick up a small bit of gel between your thumb and forefinger. When you stretch your fingers apart, you'll create several threads at once to place on your nails and this can be repeated several times rapidly before you have to go back for more gel.

Constellation effects.

You can make interesting shapes by using your dotting tool to mark off corners. You could draw a square with perfectly straight sides by making four dots on your nail to mark the corners. 

Marble effect.

For a softer, marbled effect, apply a clear top coat over your uncured spider silk stripes and let that sit. The lines will between to blur and bloom. Cure when they've hit the look you want but you may need to leave your nails in a little longer than normal to get a full cure.

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