11 Best Nail Dust Collectors for Safer, Cleaner Manicures

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A nail dust collector is an absolute must if you use a nail drill machine at the salon or at home. Breathing in nail dust can affect your respiratory health and a nail dust extractor removes that dust from the air and traps it for easy disposal, protecting you and your client. Beyond the health benefits for your lungs, a nail dust vacuum makes clean up effortless.

What Are the Best Nail Dust Collectors

Nail vacuum extractor Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Adjustable speed
  • Two motor design
  • Reusable filter
Price: $63.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Manicure station with fan and drill Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Dust collector, nail drill, and lamp
  • Reusable flat filter
  • Great for home nail artists
Price: $129.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
White square nail dust extractor Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Cordless and rechargeable
  • Reusable filter
  • Low and high setting options
Price: $39.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Sunflower II salon nail dust vacuum Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Salon-grade
  • Won't take up space on your table
  • Bright LED lamp
Price: $423.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Pink nail vacuum with hose Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Removable flexible vacuum hose
  • Targeted suction
  • LED lights built into hose
Price: $129.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Multi-purpose manicure station Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Vacuum, drill, nail lamp, LED lamp, rest, and charger
  • Practically an all-in-one station
  • Comes with 12 drill bits
Price: $146.90 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Floral patterned nail dust vacuum Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Gorgeous look
  • Three fans
  • Two reusable collection bags
Price: $77.59 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
White portable nail fan Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Adjustable speed
  • Two reusable filters
  • Built-in hand rest
Price: $30.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
White nail salon station with fan Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Nail vacuum, drill, and light
  • Foot pedal drill
  • Built-in hand rest
Price: $123.19 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Steel and gold vacuum head Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Salon-grade
  • Takes up less space
  • Doubles as a lamp
Price: $449.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
White nail vacuum stood on its side Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Reusable filter
  • Large surface area
  • Affordable
Price: $34.90 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Makarrt Nail Dust Vacuum

    • Reusable filter
    • 60W of power
    • Adjustable vacuum power
    • Two motor design
    • Known brand
    • Only comes with one filter
    • Filters aren't usable forever
    • Can be loud when turned up
    • Too big for some

    If your main priority is power, check out the Makarrt Nail Vacuum with 60 watts of adjustable power and two motors. 

    The dual-motor design and higher wattage mean it can pull down more dust than weaker vacuums. Plus the larger size means there’s more surface area for the dust to flow into instead of only relying on the vacuum to pull particles from all directions into one small opening. 

    More power means it can be a little louder than some when you crank this thing to high, but you’re probably not going to need to have it up this high. A good solid medium speed is plenty for most people and a totally reasonable volume. 

    It uses a flat filter like a window air conditioner that can be removed, emptied, and reinstalled. It can’t be infinitely reused, but it’s better than disposable. Just be sure not to get the filter wet. 

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  2. 2. AZ Gogo 3-in-1 Manicure Station

    • Great for home nail artists
    • Compact for three tools in one
    • Varible speed nail drill with drill bits
    • LED lamp for seeing detail
    • More tools than some may want
    • Fan is only 18W
    • Not adjustable

    The AZ Gogo 3-in-1 Manicure Station is perfect for folks who are starting out and are looking to get all their key tools in one purchase or someone would like to consolidate the tools on their manicure table to save space.

    This station combines a nail dust vacuum, nail drill machine, and a positionable desk lamp so you can get light right where you need it. The dust extractor covers the entire base of the platform for a nice wide collection area. The filter is a flat two-stage filter screen that is easy to remove and tap out between uses.

    Its nail drill is variable speed with forward and reverse functions controlled by knobs on the platform. Topping out at 25,000 RPM, it’s got enough speed to deal with acrylic and hard gel though it’s far from being the highest-end drill on the market. It comes with a six drill bit set as well as six disposable sanding bands.

    The lamp is a little small but the narrow head means it won’t get in the way of your visuals. I love that it’s very flexible so you can position it any way you need it.

  3. 3. LuxeUp Cordless Rechargeable Nail Dust Vacuum

    • Cordless and rechargeable
    • Two fan speeds
    • Easy-view LED battery indicator
    • Built-in hand rest
    • Can run other devices from its charge
    • A little loud on the hightest power
    • Only two hours of battery
    • Charging other devices will kill battery faster

    If you’re sick of cluttering up your manicure space with cords, you’ll love the LuxeUp Cordless Nail Dust Vacuum. It has a built-in rechargeable battery with about two hours of fan life so you can do your manicure cord-free, anywhere you want.

    The extractor has two fan speeds, low and high, so you can choose what you prefer in vacuum strength and noise level. It has a fairly large collection zone and a raised hand rest that comfortably positions the hand right over the vacuum.

    It also works as a power bank and you can use the USB plug to run other devices off the rechargeable battery. This way you can take your USB nail drill or LED nail lamp with you cord-free. Or you can just change your phone off of it which, let’s be honest, is just as important. Just keep in mind that charging other devices will run down the battery but you can easily keep track of that with the LED battery indicator icon on the front of the extractor. 

    The LuxeUp Vacuum uses a two-stage flat filter that is reusable. 

  4. 4. Sunflower II Nail Dust Vacuum on Wheeled Stand

    • Salon-grade
    • Can be clamped or used on stand
    • Highly flexible gooseneck
    • Quiet
    • Doesn't have to take up space on your manicure table
    • Easy to move around
    • Bright LED lamp
    • Strong enough to suck up odors
    • Filters are affordable
    • Pricier
    • Filters are not reusable
    • May be too much for home nail artists

    For those looking for versatility and convenience in your salon, the Sunflower II has the power you need with the flexibility to make your day easier.

    It can either clamp on to the side of your manicure station or sit on its adjustable, wheeled stand. This makes it great to use for manicures and then wheel over to your pedicure station. The neck of the vacuum is highly flexible so you can bend and pose it just how you need it.

    The head of the dust collector is also a bright LED lamp to better illuminate your workspace. It also helps to camouflage this dust collector and keep it out of your clients’ minds. 

    With an air movement of 135 cubic feet per minute, this thing is strong enough to remove and trap dust as well and directing chemical odors away from your face. It’s also fairly quiet. It’s advertised as being only 45 decibels which is less than a refrigerator. It’s a bit louder than that but pretty reasonable.

    The only downside is that the filters are not reusable. The upside is that you don’t have to deal with shaking out dust or returning a not fresh filter into your fan. This vacuum comes with two filters and the replacement filters are pretty affordable. 


  5. 5. Telescopic Dust Extractor W/ Removable Hose & LED

    • Removable flexible vacuum hose
    • LEDs built into hose
    • Cute pink color
    • Powerful 60W fan
    • Compact
    • Reusable filter
    • Dual use
    • Narrow opening for dust
    • Not everyone likes the hose design
    • No light without the hose

    The unique Telescopic Professional Dust Extractor offers a removable, flexible hose so you can direct the vacuum suction where you need it most. There’s even a small LED lamp on the end of the vacuum hose to light up your working area.

    When you don’t want to use the hose, it easily snaps on and off so you can make use of the round vacuum opening in the center of the base. The opening is small but this extractor is powerful enough to counter that. 

    The 60W fan is strong enough to be used in a salon setting. It uses a flat filter that is easy to slip out and remove as needed. 

  6. 6. UrYouth 4-in-1 Expert Nail Machine

    • Multi-purpose manicure station
    • Nail dust vacuum
    • Variable speed nail drill machine
    • Two-hand 54W LED nail lamp with timer settings
    • Smaller flexible LED lamp for lighting
    • Comfortable hand rest
    • 12 drill bits
    • USB charging port
    • Reusable nail dust collection bags
    • Not everyone loves pink
    • Too big for some
    • No reverse function on drill
    • Vacuum area is a little small
    • Built for doing other people's nails
    • Right-handed

    This 4-in-1 Nail Expert Station by UrYouth is perfect for someone who loves to do other people’s nails because it’s like a mini, portable nail salon table. 

    On the nail tech’s side, you have the controls for the nail lamp, right-handed access to the nail drill and its controls, and the vacuum grate. On the top of the arch, there’s a padded hand rest that positions your client’s fingers directly over the vacuum.

    On the opposite side, there’s an opening for the 54W nail curing lamp built into the body of the arch with room enough to cure two hands at once. Its timers are controlled by buttons on the opposite side and also has an auto sensor to turn the lamp on when your hands are inside.

    I like that here’s also a bendable smaller LED on the top of the station positionable lighting and a USB charging port so your clients can charge their phone while they get their nails done.

    None of these individual features is going to the highest-end example, but when you need a compact, convenient jack-of-all-trades option, this is it.

  7. 7. Meiyya Floral Nail Salon Vacuum

    • Beautiful floral pattern
    • Two reusable collection bags
    • Simple on and off switch
    • Three fans
    • Arch works as hand rest
    • Lower powered fans
    • Long shipping times
    • Fan speed isn't adjustable

    For those who want their manicure station to look stunning, consider Meiyya’s Nail Salon Vacuum. The floral pattern and softly round arch have a lovely feminine look. 

    At the top of the arch, there’s a fan grid that runs the length of the station. Underneath there are three small fan which use a collection bag instead of a flat filter which means you can go longer between having to empty the filter. You fit the bag over the fans and empty it when the bag is getting full. The vacuum comes with two bags so you can switch out in a pinch.

    It’s a simple on and off switch so you won’t find any bells and whistles here–but sometimes that’s exactly what you want. It keeps this dust extractor looking sleek and classy.

  8. 8. Jewhitney Adjustable Nail Dust Vacuum

    • Two reusable filters
    • Compact size
    • Adjustable vacuum power
    • Built-in hand rest
    • Great on a budget
    • Quiet
    • Plain looking
    • Not as powerful as other models
    • Not as long lasting as higher end

    This simple Nail Dust Vacuum by Jewhitney is a great choice for people on a budget. I love that the vacuum power is adjustable so you can customize it based on your needs and that also allows you to adjust the sound of the fan. 

    The filter on this is made up of two fine mesh collection bags that can be emptied and reused. I like that they give you two because you can swap one out in a pinch instead of having to clean your only filter before putting it back in. 

    The vacuum has a minimalist design and curved shape with a faux-leather covered hand rest. 

  9. 9. Salon Expert 3-in-1 Nail Machine

    • Dust fan with reusable filter
    • 30,000RPM nail drill
    • Drill controlled with included foot pedal
    • Flexiable lamp for better lighting
    • Built-in hand rest
    • Includes 12 bits and drill rests
    • Drill has forward and reverse functions
    • More features than you may want
    • Fan opening is rather small
    • Individual devices not super high quality

    If you’re like me, when a nail drill doesn’t have a foot pedal, I’m not going to use it–which is why I love this 3-in-1 Salon Expert Nail Machine. It includes a nail fan, flexible lamp, and high-powered nail drill with pedal controls. 

    The fan itself is a little small but has a reusable filter and is well-positioned right by the hand rest. There’s a posable LED lamp for better lighting where you need it but it’s also detachable if you need more space. 

    The drill is where this item really shines. With a maximum speed of 30,000 RPM, it’s strong enough to deal with salon-grade acrylic and hard gel. It has an easy forward and reverse button and, of course, a foot pedal. There are two holder options for the drill and it comes with six bits and six disposable sanding bits. 

  10. 10. The Cosmetic Vacuum

    • Doubles as a lamp
    • Smaller footprint on manicure table
    • Salon-grade
    • Choice of color
    • Bright LED lamp
    • Adjustable neck
    • Includes five filters
    • One year warranty
    • Quiet
    • More expensive than others
    • Slow shipping
    • Filters appear to be no reusable
    • Only one speed

    If you have limited space on your manicure table and are looking for something adjustable and small, consider The Cosmetic Lamp

    Shaped like a standard gooseneck desk lamp, this one has a powerful fan behind the light that draws in nail dust and traps it in a fine mesh filter. It’s controlled by two simple toggle switches on the front, one for the fan and one for the light. It’s very user-friendly.

    The neck is highly flexible so you can position it exactly where you need it and the LED light is nice and bright to illuminate your work area. It comes with five filters that fit into the head of the lamp behind the light but they don’t appear to be reusable. 

  11. 11. Aonolovo Vacuum Dust Collector

    • Affordable
    • Reusable filter
    • Simple to operate
    • Large surface area
    • Loud
    • Not as strong as others
    • Short cord
    • Taller than some may like
    • Not attractive

    The Aonolovo Vacuum Dust Collector is a good option if you’re looking to stay on a budget.

    It’s a simple design and one you’ll see repeated across several brands. I like that there’s a nice large dust opening to make capturing dust easier and that it’s a user-friendly one-button design. 

    This one has a reusable filter like a window air conditioner that will need to be removed and emptied between clients. I don’t love that the power is not adjustable, that it’s loud, and as well as being significantly less powerful than some other brands on the list. 

    This is the collector for the person just starting and it’s what you can afford at the moment.

What's the big deal with nail dust?

Sure, nail dust getting everywhere is annoying and a hassle but there's a more important problem. 

You know how nail dust smells terrible? You know that because you're inhaling it.

Both OSHA and the CDC recommend the use of portable ventilation machines to pull dust from the air for the safety of the technician. 

Is nail dust dangerous?

Well, when the CDC and OSHA say to avoid a thing, yeah it generally means it's dangerous. Multiple studies have shown that many nail technicians who regularly sculpted artificial nails go on to develop occupational asthma. 

So breathing in the dust of both nail particulates and nail extension chemicals can be harmful to your health with repeated exposure. 

Can nail dust make you sick?

It actually can. Beyond toxic chemicals, studies have shown that bacteria, microbes, and fungus found in nails can become airborne in nail dust and infect your airways. 

A 2014 study found increased amounts of yeast, staph, and common nail fungi in the respiratory tracts of podiatrists who use nail drills than a control group. 

That's supremely disturbing. 

What makes nail dust?

Nail dust is created any time you file down nails or nail extensions. A traditional manual nail file creates dust but a nail drill machine, used for shaping extensions and removing acrylic, nail dipping powder, or nail builder gel creates enough dust that it's a problem.

If you've ever used a nail drill you know that dust is going to end everywhere. It covers your entire work area and you end up getting covered in it. 

Remember, nail dust is also made during pedicures too so don't neglect getting some sort of vacuum system when you're shopping for portable pedicure chairs.

How to remove nail dust.

According to an OSHA pamphlet, normal dust or surgical masks will not cut when it comes to nail dust. Your best bet is to keep the dust from entering the air in the first place with a vacuum and filter system. 

A fine filter is key to not simply re-releasing that dust from the back of your extractor.

Nail dust vacuum versus fume extractor.

A dust vacuum's job is to extract harmful nail dust from the air by sucking in air and passing it through a filter. 

A fume extractor is more concerned with removing chemical fumes, which is also a problem in nail salons. This often involves a much more intensive filter and removing the air from the immediate vicinity instead of just passing it through a filter to remove dust.

Can you make a DYI manicure dust fan?

Not really unless you want to duct tape a vacuum cleaner to your table. A regular fan would just redistribute the dust and a normal air filter would get choked up with the amount of dust a nail drill makes. Just stick with something built to handle nail dust and your life will be much easier. 

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