HyperX Cloud Mix Prime Day Deal: Save $70 Right Now

HyperX Cloud Mix Prime Day Deal

Grab This Prime Day Deal Here

I have played with a lot of different gaming headsets over the years and nothing, right now, compares with the HyperX Cloud Mix.

With a massive $70 off the price, this HyperX Cloud Mix Prime Day deal is too good to pass up.

There are so many reasons to love this headset. As a massive fan of blasting music while I work, I want a headset that can reproduce my hi-res collection, and the Cloud Mix does that easily thanks to its dual chambers that handle the highs, mids, and lows with ease.

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For the tech-heads out there, it’s got a frequency range of 10Hz to 40kHz.

Seriously, I’ve had $300 headphones that don’t sound as good as the Cloud Mix. I didn’t expect it to be so capable when I first got it but was pleasantly surprised by how much this thing can do.

The gold standard in music translates over to video games as well. If you have Fortnite, definitely try it with the 3D sound setting on. Being able to pin-point where sound is coming from, and whether it’s above or below you, is not only really freaking cool, it also gives you a competitive edge.

Likewise, if you’ve got any horror games like Resident Evil 7, prepare to scare yourself senseless. Every creak of a door or broken piece of glass almost sounds like it’s right next to you.

Moving on, it’s worth talking about the mic. The Discord and TeamSpeak-certified mic is crystal clear. Not only will your teammates sound clearer, they’ll also hear you better.

What’s great about the mic is it’s fully detachable. A lot of gaming headsets tend to keep the mic as non-removable, which is a pain when you want to go outside and use them as headphones (and not look like a fool). No one wants to walk around outside with a mic attached to the cups.

The other thing, the HyperX Cloud Mix is really comfortable. I have piercings in both ears, so finding a headset that doesn’t break my ear lobes is normally a chore. But with the Cloud Mix, the padded muffles, which are removable, hold the cups close to the ear without pressing down too hard.

Of course, if you’re wearing it for 12-hour stretches, they may start to feel uncomfortable. But for most, they’re more than enough.

It’s also worth pointing out, there is an internal mic in one of the ear-cups. The idea here is for when you’re out without the mic, you can take calls. It’s a neat feature, and I’d rather have it than not, but the internal mic isn’t anywhere near the same level as the detachable one.

That’s only a minor gripe and not one that’ll really factor in when buying this for music or to game with, but it’s worth mentioning.

So, why buy this? Simply put, this thing is a beast, and I haven’t come across a better headset since it released. Plus the Cloud Mix is normally $199.99, which I think is worth it. Throw in the $70 discount so it’s just $129.99 and this is one of the best Prime Day 2021 deals around.

Grab This Prime Day Deal Here

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