ECOVACS Prime Day Deal: Save $450 Off Deebot X1 OMNI Self-Empty Vacuum & Mop

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Looking for a great price on an auto-emptying robot vacuum? With this Prime Day deal, you can save $450 off the Deebot X1 OMNI vacuum and mop. That drops the price down to $1,099 – the lowest we’ve seen so far. Get a head start on the holiday shopping season (or spoil yourself) with this huge discount.

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Save $450 Off Deebot X1 OMNI Self-Empty Vacuum & Mop (Now $1,099)

deebot x1 omni

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There’s a dizzying array of robot vacuums, and it can be tough to find one that’s affordable and checks all the boxes. Deebot X1 is loaded with power and technology to tackle serious household messes. But it isn’t cheap. The good news is that it’s more affordable than ever for Prime members – $450 off the usual price! If you’ve been waiting for huge savings on a pet-friendly robot vac with an emptying base, we suggest adding it to your cart while supplies last.

What’s so Great about the Deebot X1 OMNI?

Do you want a robot vacuum that can suction and mop your floors? Are you looking for a powerful vacuum cleaner to pick up dander, dirt and dust from your pets? Struggling to find time to clean up after the kids at the end of a long day? If this sounds familiar, Deebot X1 OMNI is right for you. It’s also great for maintaining floors and carpets between cleanings, and can be scheduled for daily touch-ups if you prefer.

Hands down, this robot vac is in a league of its own when it comes to cleaning. It has 5,000PA suction power – more than most of its competitors. For example, the Dreametech W10 has 4,000Pa suction power and the roborock S7+ has 2,500Pa suction.

If you’re dreaming of a cleaner home, that extra suction power can be a wonderful investment. All that dirt that your pup just tracked in and spread on the carpet can be picked up on the first pass. And that baking session with the kids gone awry? From flour that’s embedded between the floors to sprinkles scattered on the floor, this Deebot will make your floors clean and shiny.

Deebot X1 OMNI Vs. Deebot X1 TURBO: What’s the Difference?

deebot x1 turbo

The biggest difference between these two Deebot robot vacuums is that only the OMNI empties its dirt bin and mop water. It has a 3-liter dust bag on one side and a mop cleaning station on the other. The TURBO empties and refills its mop tank, but you have to manually empty the dust bin.

Deebot Vs. Roomba: Which Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum Is Better?

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Both the X1 OMNI and Roomba s9+ have automatic disposal docks, which is a huge help around the house. But there’s one feature that the Deebot has going for it over the Roomba. The X1 OMNI empties its dust bin and washes and dries its mop pads. But that feature comes at a price. You’ll pay more for the X1 OMNI ($1,099) than the iRobot Roomba s9+ ($799). The biggest difference between the two is that the Deebot is a hybrid vacuum and mop, while the s9+ only vacuums.

In terms of power, both vacuums suck up everything from regular old dust and dirt to spills like cereal and flour. They both clean up after pets, but I’d give Roomba the edge (after thoroughly testing both vacuums). Otherwise, you’ll mostly find similar features on both machines. The Deebot uses TrueMapping technology for maximum cleaning coverage, while the Roomba has vSLAM navigation technology. Both systems offer precise mapping and navigation, plus advanced obstacle detection.

You can control either vacuum with your voice. Deebot responds to YIKO while the iRobot works with Google Home and Alexa devices – a more familiar setup for most users.

Deebot Vs. roborock: Which Is Best?

roborock S7 MaxV Ultra

The closest competitor to the X1 OMNI is the roborock S7 MaxV Ultra ($1,399). Both machines mop and vacuum and have automatic dust bin emptying as well as mop emptying and cleaning. With the S7, the bin holds up to 7 weeks of debris. The OMNI’s bag has a 3-liter capacity.

Both vacuums are guided by serious smarts to learn their surroundings and clean as efficiently as possible. Deebot has AIVI 3D obstacle avoidance and upgraded mapping technology. The roborock relies on ReactiveAI 2.0, which also uses an extra light in dark rooms to recognize obstacles equally well during the day or night.

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