WTF! 9 Unbelievable Urban Myths That are Actually True

If you don’t know, there’s an awesome website dedicated to urban myths and their truth (or falsity) called I could browse for days. So, I did. In doing so, I found 11 weird urban myths that sound exactly like the kind of thing your grandma would forward to her friends, but unlike grammy’s crazy suggestion that Pepsi is going to censor the Pledge of Allegiance, these ‘myths’ are all very real. Click the title to see the more elaborate explanation and description straight drop the sleuths themselves!

1. Potato Chips were invented by a spiteful chef after a customer complained his French fries were soggy.


2. A wild elephant fell in love with a domesticated one, was chased away by villagers (killing one), and then came back that night to free his love.


3. A Berkeley student mistook 2 unsolved math problems for his homework, and in solving them, made mathematics history.


4. A cat trapped himself in a sink’s garbage disposal costing his owner $1100, a new sink, new electrical wiring and plumbing in a 5-hour ordeal that includes tailgating the wrong cop.


5. A man against seat-belt laws died in an automobile accident because he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt.


6. Famous sexpert, Dr. Ruth, served as a sniper in Israel.


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7. A child fell on a knife in a dishwasher and died.


8. A hanging-man in a fun house turned out to be a real dead dude.


9. A man repeatedly peed into the office coffee pot for vengeance at his co-workers


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