Jessica Robertson, Jep’s Wife on ‘Duck Dynasty’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jessica Robertson seems to have the perfect life as a Duck Dynasty wife. With four adorable kids, a fun-loving husband, and a new fashion line, the Louisiana girl-next-door has married into Southern royalty.

As Season 6 of Duck Dynasty premieres on June 11, here’s what you should know about Jep’s better half.

1. She Tied the Knot With Jep After 4 Months of Dating

After seeing each other for the first time in February of 2001 — at the hairdresser of all places — they ran into each other a week later at a concert. They officially started dating in June of that year, and got married in October.

In a blog post she wrote for A&E she said: “I used to say, ‘Even if we never have money, we are rich in love.'”

Her husband also baptized her, before they even started dating. In an interview with Fox, she said:

When I first met him I was just hanging out with him and his buddies, a group of people from church would hang out and do Bible studies. We met in March 2001 and in April he baptized me in the lake and then we started dating in June.

2. She Has Four Kids

Although they have four little ones, Lily, Merritt, Priscilla and River, the couple still make time for date night.

She wrote on A&E’s website, Jep and I try to go on a date a weekend. It has really helped keep our relationship strong.

3. She’s Starting a Fashion Line This Year

The budding fashionista told People of her plan to sell both clothing and accessories in the near future:

Jep and I are currently talking to a design team, and are planning on having a fashion line out in 2014. We will have clothes and accessories. It will be at all the showrooms for boutiques to pick up. We are so excited about this business venture. It’s been a dream of mine for a long time.

Growing up, she was always interested in clothing. Now, she loves to mix and match pieces from her wardrobe to create outfits. She said:

As a teen, I loved staying up to date on the new fashions. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to create my own sense of style,” she says. “There are so many styles out there, but I don’t brand myself one certain style, because the truth is that I mix them together. I wake up each day and mesh several different brands into a perfect outfit. When girls ask me for advice on fashion, I usually tell them, ‘Wear what you feel great in! Be confident in who you are and what makes you feel good.

4. She Loves Her Husband’s Taste in TV Shows

In Episode 3 of Duck Dynasty’s Season 5, Jep references The Golden Girls when their Uncle Si spends too much time in the bathroom. Jase cannot believe his brother would relate his life to that show. “Maybe just the pine cone fell that far from the tree,” Jase said.

Jessica seemed to have the opposite reaction, tweeting her pride that her hubby was watching the sitcom all by himself:

5. She’s Philanthropic

Jess and Jep partnered with the rock fashion label Corello to get donations for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

She told People about her experience collaborating with the charity and clothing line:

Jep and I have met so many children that either are currently being treated or were treated at St. Jude. Our family is so thankful for the work they do and the opportunity to work with Corello on this fundraising campaign. We couldn’t have picked a better team of designers and their fashions work so well for us both. We all get so busy and sometimes we need a reminder to slow down and think of those in need.

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