America’s Got Talent Season 9, Episode 2: Top 5 Spoilers

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What’s harder? Extreme motorcycling, or breaking a stick of celery with a card? Auditions for the ninth season of America’s Got Talent continued Tuesday night in Los Angeles and New York City, and the acts were even crazier than last week.

Read on about the performances you missed.

1. 12 Siblings Form a Band and the Youngest Tap Dances

The Willis clan is a group of 12 siblings who sung, danced, entertained, and definitely blew away the judges with their rendition of My Favorite Things. The kids, ranging from 3-21, stood in height order to announce their names and ages and it was absolutely adorable– especially the little 3-year-old who took center stage to tap dance in the middle of the performance. They all played a different instrument and sung along to a folky version of the song.

2. Two Magicians Make Howie Illiterate

Howie Mandel, Howie Mandel America's got Talent


David and Leman have day jobs because magic doesn’t pay the bills. Clearly. One of them teaches high school philosophy and the other is a barista, but they’re definitely good at magic. In the act, the magicians touch Howie’s head and he loses the ability to read.

They hold up the card to the judges, the card says the word ‘comedian’, but when they hold the word up to Howie he can’t read it. They repeat the same joke four times and the trick works every time.

3. 15-Year-Old Julia Blows the Judges Away

The high school sophomore sings Billy Joel’s New York State of Mind and absolutely kills it. Each of the judges gives her a standing ovation, and her father nearly cries on the sidelines. The judges commended her passion, modesty, and how wholesome and appreciative she was. Heidi incessantly cheers “you are really, really REALLY good!” This one’s definitely going far.

4. Miguel Melts Hearts with His Voice

Miguel, miguel america's got talent

Girls went crazy when this kid walked on stage. 21-year-old Miguel from Colorado quit college to support his family and does construction work on the side to make ends meet… and he has an absolutely amazing voice. People were screaming for him before he even began. He got through easy with nothing but compliments from the judges. And ladies, here’s the most important part: he’s SINGLE.

5. Two Teenage Tapping Boys Turn Heidi On

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“Whenever we have girl problems he’s there for me.” They call each others mom’s mom and have been friends since they were toddlers. And what do they do for their performance? Tap dance. Sean and Luke are 17 and 18, and aren’t too shy to wink at Heidi during their stellar tap routine. Howard thinks they’re talented, but not talented enough to continue on. Luckily, the boys get through in the end, winning a yes from the other three judges. Twitter fans called them the One Direction of tap dancing.