‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Episode 2/9/2015

On tonight’s episode of The Bachelor Chris Soules has a solo date, group date and a two-on-one date as well. The show stars off, picking up where we left Kelsey Poe last week … on the floor. The widow seems to have been having a panic attack. After she gets some screen time, there are two eliminations at the rose ceremony – Mackenzie and Samantha. Then, the remaining nine girls head out to South Dakota and three do not return. Reportedly, contestant Megan Bell eliminates herself and Soules gets rid of Kelsey and Ashley Iaconetti in one shot. They have a 2-on-1 date with Soules and are both sent home. And so, what happens at the rose ceremony? Reality Steve reports:

Megan eliminates herself before a rose ceremony. So if there is some sort of rose ceremony, no one will get eliminated at it. I guess it would just be one of those, “Hey, only accept this rose if you really want to,” and they all do. We’ll find out tonight if the initial intel I heard of “one of the rose ceremonies was cancelled” is true.

Becca Tilley gets her first one-on-one date this episode and the two go horseback riding at the Black Hills National Forest and have a campfire dinner. For the group date, Carly, Whitney, Jade, Britt, Megan, and Kaitlyn meet country artists Big & Rich. They have to write and perform a love song in front of an audience. Britt wins because she and Soules get to go to the Big & Rich show. Check out a clip of Britt and Chris Soules dancing on stage at the show to “Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy.”

And there’s also a video of Soules giving Britt a rose, which you can view below:

Tonight’s official episode synopsis reads: Nine women join Chris in Deadwood, South Dakota; the women call Kelsey out on her behavior; the ladies’ excitement over meeting Big & Rich turns to anxiety when they learn they must write and perform their own love songs; Chris takes two women on a date.

Now check out some upcoming episode news for this week:

There will be two episodes of The Bachelor on the coming week, with one on Sunday and the other on Monday. Reality Steve reports:

So on Sunday the 15th will be the episode in Des Moines, Iowa when it goes from 6 down to 4. Meaning next Monday night will be hometown dates, and at the end of that episode we’ll be down to 3.

There will also be a “Chris Tells All” one-hour special before the Sunday episode at 8:00 p.m., with the regular show beginning at 9:00 p.m.