Leeza Gibbons Wins ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’

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Tonight was the live finale of Celebrity Apprentice 2015 and it was down to Leeza Gibbons against Geraldo Rivera. And the winner was … Leeza Gibbons.

While Rivera’s team struggles to pull their project together, Gibbons’ team fends off crowds who are drawn in because of pop star Kevin Jonas. Each team had to create a commercial for Orlando’s Universal resort and have a viewing party to collect money and promote vacations. Rivera’s theme was Harry Potter and Gibbons was impressed by the commercial, but felt it was a bit “Geraldo heavy.” To follow up Rivera’s commercial, Rivera had Tony Orlando speak. Orlando talked about his 40-year-long friendship with Rivera and how Rivera helped when Orlando’s mentally-retarded sister wasn’t being cared for properly. For Gibbons’ commercial, “Fun Is Your Only Agenda” was the theme, and Lorenzo Lamas said he definitely liked the commercial. Gibbons spoke emotionally about her charity, which is dedicated to her mother and her battle with Alzheimer’s Disease. To follow up for Gibbons, Olivia Newton John came up on stage to sing her song “Magic.”

When the teams entered the boardroom, Trump asked Lorenzo Lamas what he thought of Rivera’s skills as project manager and Lamas sang his praises. Trump brought up the fact that Rivera screwed up when introducing his team, mispronouncing Ian Ziering’s last name and forgetting what movie Lamas is known for. As for Gibbons’ team, Glanville can’t stop saying great things about her leadership skills. She also brags about Kevin Jonas’ directing skills on Team Leeza. Ivanka Trump says that the execs loved Rivera’s commercial, but would have liked to see more family aspects. As for Gibbons’ commercial, the execs loved how articulate and on-point the commercial was, but they wanted to see more celebrities in the ad. For the task, each team keeps their own money. Then, there’s an extra $250,000 for the winner’s charity. When Trump tells the two teams about how the winner was chosen, he says that “it wasn’t even close.” Rivera’s team raised $146,000, while Gibbons’ team won $324,000.

During the live show, the allegations that Kenya Moore stole Vivica Fox’s phone and tweeted out a message about menopause were brought up again. Moore stood strong that she did not take Fox’s phone, while neither Fox nor contestant Brandi Glanville believed her.

When Gibbons and Rivera sat down with Trump, he talked about how Rivera butted heads with a lot of people, while Gibbons was consistent and everyone liked her.

Later on in the show, Trump brought on Melissa Rivers as they paid tribute to her mother Joan Rivers as she was a prominent face on the show. It was cute, funny, and truly touching.

Now let’s get back to Rivera and Gibbons. Trump reveals that Gibbons has raised the most money, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she wins … but she did!