#BetterFictionalCandidates: Twitter’s Best Alternatives to Clinton & Trump

It's no secret that both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton don't exactly score high in favorability polls. Some on social media think they know who would be better fit for president. Unfortunately, most of them are fictional characters. That was the inspiration behind the Twitter hashtag #BetterFictionalCandidates.

Some of the picks were obvious. Who wouldn't want Parks and Recreation's Leslie Nope to become president in real life? It would be cool to see Obi-Wan Kenobi become President. After all, he's our only hope. Maybe My Little Pony characters can do the job. Twilight Sparkle already had a role in the real election.

Click through for some of the best suggestions Twitter had to offer. The above one was from a Star Trek fan. It would be nice to have some logic in the White House. (Twitter)

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