Andy Mauer, Harvey Levin’s Partner: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Andy Mauer is Harvey Levin’s longtime boyfriend. (LinkedIn)

TMZ founder Harvey Levin has been in a long-term relationship with Andrew ‘Andy’ Bauer for well over two decades. As the founder of the most popular celebrity gossip site on the web, Levin is always in the news, but his power might be increasing now that he’s got a Fox News and reportedly met with President Donald Trump at the White House last week.

Mauer is a former chiropractor who now works for TMZ. Levin and Mauer do not have any children.

Here’s a look at Bauer and Levin’s relationship.

1. Mauer Owned His Own Chiropractor Office for 16 Years

Harvey Levin Talks 'The People V. OJ Simpson' Episode 8 | TMZHarvey reacts to Rob Kardashian, how the jury was portrayed and the introduction of DNA evidence. SUBSCRIBE: About TMZ: TMZ has consistently been credited for breaking the biggest stories dominating the entertainment news landscape and changed the way the public gets their news. Regularly referenced by the media, TMZ is one of the most…2016-03-23T20:30:00.000Z

In 2008, Gawker reported that Bauer and Levin were living together and that Bauer was a chiropractor. According to the site, he even appeared in physique magazines like Muscle & Fitness.

Mauer ran Mauer Chiropractic in Beverly Hills. It is now closed, according to its Yelp page. On his LinkedIn profile, Mauer notes that he closed the office in May 2011 after 16 years and six months of operations.

2. He Now Works as Director of Talent Acquisition at TMZ

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After closing his office, Mauer joined TMZ. His first job was as a tour producer, which he held until 2013. Next, he became Head of Consumer Products. In November 2016, he landed his current position as director of talent acquisition.

Bauer does have a background in communication. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies at UCLA.

3. Levin & Mauer Live in a Marina Del Rey Beach-Front Condo

Harvey Levin – ALS Ice Bucket Challenge | TMZHarvey has accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge from Candy Spelling. SUBSCRIBE: About TMZ: TMZ has consistently been credited for breaking the biggest stories dominating the entertainment news landscape and changed the way the public gets their news. Regularly referenced by the media, TMZ is one of the most cited entertainment news sources in…2014-08-20T13:39:38.000Z

Back in March 2013, Realty Today reported that Levin was selling the Sunset Strip home he shared with Bauer for $5.3 million. He bought the home back in 1998 for $950,000. Variety reported in 2013 that Levin added Mauer to the deed of the house.

Realty Today reported in 2013 that Levin and Mauer also own a beach-front condo in Marina Del Rey. They bought the 1,800-square-foot condo in 2003.

4. Levin Came Out Publicly in 2010

Harvey Levin Talks about Privacy and the Media with University of Chicago Law StudentsHarvey Levin, '75, is the Executive Producer of and TMZ TV. He also is a Host of The People's Court and was Creator and Executive Producer of Celebrity Justice. Mr. Levin has taught at the University of Miami School of Law, Whittier College School of Law, and Loyola Law School, Los Angeles. ➡ Subscribe:…2010-10-21T18:56:16.000Z

Although there were rumors for years and even reports that he was in a relationship with Mauer, Levin didn’t publicly come out until 2010 when he hosted an event for the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association.

During his speech, he told the audience that he used to be terrified by what could happen if someone learned he was gay, reports Greg In Hollywood.

“I’m thinking back a long time when I was starting out as a TV reporter at a local station in LA and I remember at the time – I was probably in my late 20s – and I remember this hell-like fear that if anybody in that newsroom found out that that I was gay, that it would be over,” Levin said. “I built it up in my head. I was so terrified that somebody would find out.”

He continued, “I compartmentalized my life. Obviously friends knew I was gay but professionally I had to shut it out. And I believe, at the time, there was good cause for thinking I’d get fired. It got to a point where I was agoraphobic. My biggest joy was just never having to leave my house.”

Out Magazine listed Levin as No. 48 on the list of 50 Most Powerful LGBT executives.

5. Levin Has Supported the Los Angeles LGBT Center

Harvey Levin's Never Before Told Story About O.J. Simpson | TMZ LiveHarvey recalls an old tip he followed up on while working at KCBS Los Angeles about O.J. Simpson years before the infamous murder and trial. SUBSCRIBE: About TMZ Live: Subscribe to the TMZLive YouTube channel for new clips Monday-Friday at 1pm, 3pm, 6pm (PST). TMZ Live blends elements of the TMZ website with TV…2016-02-03T19:13:04.000Z

Mauer’s boyfriend also supports the Los Angeles LGBT Center. Although the 66-year-old Levin never used the center’s services himself, he explained to Vanguard Now that he feels a personal connection with the center’s cause. When he was growing up, the support system for the gay community was not there and he “felt such shame” when he started to experiment. He would make sure that people didn’t see him go into gay bars.

“The Center has been a place of comfort for so many kids and adults who have been rejected or fear rejection by their families,” Levin wrote. “The Center has been the mortar in the LGBT community, often quietly providing a lifeline for people with great value, but who have no support. During the 1980s the Center provided care and comfort to our community as AIDS ravaged thousands. The people who provided these services truly are angels, and the Center deserves profound respect and support in our community.”

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