Alan Colmes is survived by his wife Jocelyn Crowley, a professor. Jocelyn Elise Crowley is the sister of Monica Crowley.

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Alan Colmes, the Fox News contributor and liberal pundit, is dead at the age of 66. Learn more about Colmes’ death.

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Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum has been married to Daniel J. Gregory since 1992. Here’s a look at their relationship and family.

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Brenda Buttner, a Fox News business correspondent and the host of Bulls & Bears, has died at the age of 55 after a battle with cancer.

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Chris Wallace grilled White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus on Fox News Sunday about Russia, Michael Flynn and President Donald Trump’s attacks on the media.

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President Donald Trump was interviewed by Bill O’Reilly during the Fox Super Bowl pregame show. Watch video of the full interview here.

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President Donald Trump will sit down with Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly for an interview during the pregame coverage of Super Bowl LI on Fox. Here’s how and where to watch.

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The night after his ABC interview, President Donald Trump will sit down with Fox News’ Sean Hannity. Find out when it starts.

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Leland Keyser, a former pro golfer, was married to The Five co-anchor Bob Beckel from 1992 to 2002. Here is a look at her life and career.

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Former Fox News anchor Juliet Huddy accused Bill O’Reilly of sexual assault last year and reportedly received a settlement from the network.

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Susan Andrews has been married to Fox News host Tucker Carlson for over 25 years. Here’s a look at her life and their family.

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Tucker Carlson will be Fox News’ replacement for Megyn Kelly, just two months after taking over the 7 p.m. slot. Here’s a look at his net worth.

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Shannon Bream, who might be in the running to replace Megyn Kelly, has been at Fox News since 2007. Here’s a look at her life in photos.

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See photos of Martha MacCallum, the Fox News anchor who is a rumored possible replacement for Megyn Kelly.

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Martha MacCallum is a Fox News anchorwoman who was on the short list to replace Megyn Kelly. She is now getting a new show in the 7 p.m. slot, and Tucker Carlson will take over at Kelly’s time.

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Shannon Bream was one of the top contenders to replace Megyn Kelly at Fox News. Find out more about her life and career.

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