Betty Price, wife of Tom Price, is a member of the Georgia State Senate, and she may be seeking her husband’s vacated seat in the House.

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Tim Rushlow & His Big Band will perform for Donald & Melania Trump’s first dance at the Inauguration, according to news reports.

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Supreme Court Justice John Roberts, who will perform Donald Trump’s swearing in this week, is married to Jane Sullivan Roberts and has two children.

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Watch video of the Gloria Allred press conference on the Summer Zervos lawsuit against Donald Trump.

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Summer Zervos, former Apprentice contestant, is suing Donald Trump for defamation. Read the lawsuit,, and learn more about her suit, announced by attorney Gloria Allred.

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Green Day is in the public eye once again for bashing Donald Trump in the lyric video for their song “Troubled Times.”

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Lolita Zinke is the wife of Ryan Zinke, Donald Trump’s nominee for Interior secretary, and she also worked on the campaign’s Hispanic and women’s outreach.

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Christopher Von Keyserling, a Connecticut Republican, was arrested for sexual assault and said he doesn’t have to be ‘politically correct’ any more.

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Kata Sarka is a Hungarian beauty queen and celebrity who claims Donald Trump grabbed her hand during the 2013 Miss Universe pageant in Moscow.

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A series of new polls has shown that Donald Trump’s approval rating is 40 points lower than Obama’s in 2009 and 20 points lower than Bush’s in 2000.

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Monica Crowley, a former Fox News analyst, is no longer taking a job in the Trump administration because of plagiarism allegations.

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Hilary Geary is the wife of Wilbur Ross, President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee for secretary of Commerce.

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Lee Greenwood will be singing at the inauguration of Donald Trump this week. Is Greenwood a Republican? And did he support Donald Trump during the election?

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During a Martin Luther King Day breakfast this morning, John Lewis told Americans to speak out against hate amid his feud with President-elect Donald Trump.

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Country music artist Toby Keith will perform at the inauguration this week. Does he support Donald Trump? What are his political views?

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Over 40 Democratic members of Congress have announced plans to protest Donald Trump’s inauguration on January 20. Here is the full list.

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