Kanye West debuted his latest music video for “Famous” in an event at the L.A. Forum on Friday night.

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In a new interview with NBC’s Lester Holt, Donald Trump stood by his assertion that Hillary Clinton was sleeping during the 2012 Benghazi attack.

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Virtually every poll has shown that the vast majority of Americans have an extremely unfavorable view of Donald Trump.

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In a stunning decision, the United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union, and American politicians are immediately weighing in on the news.

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Early general election polls show that Donald Trump is losing to Hillary Clinton in Arizona, a solidly red state.

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A British comedian hijacked Donald Trump’s Scotland speech this morning to hand out golf balls with swastikas on them.

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While on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Bernie Sanders announced that he will vote for Hillary Clinton in November to beat Donald Trump.

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In a press conference this morning, Donald Trump said he thought Britain made the right decision in leaving the European Union.

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In a new television advertisement, Republican senator Mark Kirk touts his opposition to his party’s nominee, Donald Trump.

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At the end of the worst month of his campaign so far, Donald Trump will be traveling to Scotland on Friday to check on his golf courses.

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Donald Trump is again being accused in a federal lawsuit of raping an underage girl. The new lawsuit was filed by attorney Thomas Meagher in Manhattan court.

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A new poll from Texas has found that Hillary Clinton is behind Donald Trump by only 7 points in Texas, an overwhelmingly red state.

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Rick Tyler, an independent candidate for Congress in Tennessee, has sparked outrage by posting a billboard saying “Make America White Again” in Benton.

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Donald Trump delivered a speech this morning attacking Hillary Clinton, which many in the press saw as his shift to the general election.

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In a speech from New York this morning, Donald Trump slammed Hillary Clinton as the most corrupt person to ever seek the office of the presidency.

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Donald Trump is scheduled to give a speech this morning exploring the past of his opponent, Hillary Clinton. Watch it here.

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