Sportsbooks have a number of prop bets on Monday night’s presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

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During the first presidential debate tonight, are audience members allowed to cheer for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? Or must they remain silent?

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The first presidential debate airs on Monday, September 21st. How long will the debate be, and will there be commercial interruptions?

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We’ve got all the broadcast information you need about tonight’s presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

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Watch several live streams of tonight’s presidential debate right here. See streams & links from PBS, NBC, Young Turks, Facebook, Twitch & more.

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Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are virtually tied in latest 2016 presidential polls.

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The first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will take place on September 26th. What should viewers expect from the evening? What’s the format?

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Thousands attended a massive rally for Donald Trump in Roanoke, Virginia, just days before his debate with Clinton. See stories & photos from the rally.

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Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will go one-on-one in the first presidential debate this week. Who exactly comes up with the questions for these candidates?

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The very first 2016 presidential debate will take place on Monday, September 26th. It will be 90 minutes, but does that consist of any commercial interruptions?

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Hofstra University on Long Island will once again host a presidential debate next week. How many times have they done so?

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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump will hold a rally in Roanoke, Virginia this evening. Stream it live here.

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Ted Cruz has officially announced he will vote for Donald Trump in the 2016 election. Read his full statement here.

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Donald Trump has just three days left until the debate, but what does his schedule look like right now? Will he hold any rallies in the next few days?

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Hillary Clinton’s campaign has a new ad attacking Donald Trump for his comments about women, calling them fat, ugly, slobs and stupid. Watch the video here.

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Donald Trump held a rally in Chester Township, Pennsylvania tonight. See photos from the rally and stories about what happened here.

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