Elijah Daniel Death Hoax Confuses Fans

Elijah Daniels death hoax


Elijah Daniel is not dead despite the Twitter trend “#RIPElijahDaniel” popping up on Twitter on Wednesday evening. The Los Angeles based comedian, actor, and YouTube star has been tweeting his fans and retweeting their messages about his “death,” proving that he hasn’t actually died.

All of this appears to have started after Daniel posted a photo of a spider bite on his thigh. The photo showed the actual bite mark with some bruising around it.

“I got bit by a brown recluse spider, this is literally my biggest fear,” Daniel tweeted. He told his fans that he was going to the hospital, as brown recluse spiders are poisonous.

Thankfully, the bite wasn’t deadly.

A short while later, Daniel started retweeting messages from his fans, all of whom were using the aforementioned hashtag. Thousands of tweets went out in a short amount of time, causing a Twitter trend.

Fans that knew what was going on continued tweeting with that hashtag, which was “funny” to some, but very concerning to others. Some fans were really confused by the tweets that they were seeing. While seeing Daniel’s Twitter account makes it clear that he isn’t dead, many saw the trend and really thought that he had passed away. Even people who didn’t know who Elijah Daniel was became concerned and confused.

The good news is, however, that Daniel is alive and well.

About an hour ago, Daniel updated his fans on the spider bite.

“Doctor said it’ll be fine he cleaned it and I just have to take antibiotics,” he wrote. He included a note to the spider that bit him. “[Expletive] you spider-[expletive] [expletive] u gon have to try harder 2 kill me (sic),” he added.

He has been very active on social media tonight, so many assumed that he was feeling alright — and they were right.

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