• George Soros Not Dead: No Evidence for Rumor Surrounding Death of Liberal Philanthropist

    George Soros is not dead. A rumor appeared on Twitter on July 28 saying that the Hungarian born billionaire had died at the age of 89.

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    There are false reports circulating about Dog the Bounty Hunter's death, but the reality star is still alive.

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    An online hoax claims that the famed science guy died.

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  • Aretha Franklin Is Not Dead Despite Twitter’s Confusion

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  • George H. W. Bush Death Hoax Hits the Internet

    George H.W. Bush is not dead despite a report to the contrary. A bogus news site reported that the former president has died.

  • Kim Jong-Un Is not Dead, Name Confused With Deceased K-Pop Star

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  • David Cassidy Dies, Days After It Was First Reported

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    Reports that Adam Sandler was found dead of an apparent suicide are fake news.

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    A Clint Eastwood death hoax reported by a fake news site modeled to look like CNN has hit social media.