Who Died on ‘Game of Thrones’ Tonight? [SPOILERS for S07E04]


Tonight’s episode of Game of Thrones leaked a few days early, and now a lot of fans already know who died, but others have tried to stay spoiler free. Some fans are a little nervous about what’s going to happen and may want to find out early. Not sure you can bear the sight of one of your favorite characters dying during tonight’s episode? Here are the details on who died tonight.

This post has major spoilers for Season 7 Episode 4, “The Spoils of War.”

Here are the details.


A lot of people die tonight on Game of Thrones, but it’s unclear if any of our favorite characters are going to bite the dust.

Daenerys, her horde of Dothraki, and Drogon attacked Jamie’s army, absolutely and utterly decimating the army.

Prior to this scene, near the end of the episode, no one died.

But once Dany attacks, a lot of people die. The Lannisters’ army is utterly obliterated, thanks to the Dothraki’s merciless fighting style and Drogon’s intense fire. Although many of them are nameless, we see the battlefield absolutely littered with bodies.

Some Dothraki die too, of course, but the devastation is definitely centered on the Lannisters’ side.

If you’re wondering if Drogon is going to die, you can stop worrying.

Breathe a sigh of relief — Drogon is going to make it out OK. It’s going to look like he dies for a moment, when he’s hit by the Scorpion weapon. But despite tumbling through the sky, the weapon only hit him in the shoulder. He’s injured pretty bad, but he’s alive, strong, and angry when the episode ends.

Daenerys also survives.

The character we’re not sure about is Jamie. At the very end of the episode, someone saves him from Drogon’s fiery blast and pushes him into the water. We see Jamie sinking fast to the depths below, not moving, fully armored. It’s unclear how he can possibly get out of this alive unless someone rescues him. We’re left to believe that Jamie died, unless someone intervenes.

There are also questions about whether Bronn survives. Many think that he is the one who saved Jamie. It appears that they both escaped the fire. Since Bronn’s not wearing armor, he likely won’t be sinking fast like Jamie.

It’s also unclear if Randyll Tarly survived or not. We don’t know for certain. A man seems to be tearing off his armor after getting completely burned, and he resembles Randyll. But it’s not clear if he’s Randyll or not. It’s also unclear what happened to Dickon. Poor Dickon, this was only his second battle. :(

Many “unnamed” characters died and the Lannisters took a huge hit. It remains to be seen if Jamie is one of those casualties, although it certainly appears like he might be.

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