‘Game of Thrones’: Why Did Sansa Send Brienne Away?


One question from Season 7 Episode 6 of Game of Thrones is already bugging fans. Why did Sansa send Brienne away?

This post has spoilers for Season 7 Episode 6. 

The truth is, it’s a bit unclear why Sansa would send away her best protection, Brienne of Tarth. Yes, Brienne is honor bound to protect both Sansa and Arya. That means that she would always protect the life of one sister against the other if threatened.

That’s only a bad thing for Sansa if she has any intention of hurting Arya and is worried that Brienne would step in. Arya seems to be the bigger physical threat to Sansa, not the other way around, so it seems strange that Sansa would send Brienne away and leave herself defenseless.

This leaves us with a few possibilities. Sansa could be planning to hurt Arya and not want to put Brienne in the position of having to choose between them. As Lady of Winterfell, she has control of the guards and could be planning to get rid of Arya, if she feels that Arya’s a threat. Of course, Arya can protect herself really well. And Sansa doesn’t seem like the type to betray her own family, unless she was under some serious duress.

Or maybe Sansa really isn’t worried about Arya at all and felt almost insulted at the idea that she couldn’t take care of herself against her own sister. So she sent Brienne away to make a point.

Or maybe she’s worried that Arya could manipulate the situation to make it look like Sansa was trying to hurt her, and turn Brienne against her. Sansa has certainly been around enough people who could manipulate situations and hurt her in the end. Maybe she’s more worried about that happening than she is about her sister killing her.

Whatever the case, we don’t know for certain at this point. What we do know is that Brienne’s arrival at King’s Landing will create an interesting reunion between her and Jamie. Since Brienne seems to be one of the few who could shake Jamie out of Cersei’s spell, it will be interesting to see how their encounter goes.

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