Celestia Vega: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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A British YouTuber is hinting that he’s going to release a porno movie he made with fellow vlogger Celestia Vega. The limey in question is FIFA online supremo KSI. The saga began when KSI uploaded a video in February 2018 saying that if it got one million likes, he would release an adult movie he made with Vega. That clip gained about 750,000 views but KSI wasn’t deterred and made the same promise in April 2018. That video showed Vega and KSI mocking traditional porno movies. Though at the end, KSI said the real thing would be forthcoming if the video gets to the magic one million mark.

Vega is a 19-year-old YouTube star who has built up a solid following on the video platform and on Twitter. Her postings tend to be raunchy where she discusses sexual fantasies. Vega has said that she is bisexual but leans towards preferring women. Like KSI, Vega is a prominent gamer who frequently live streams her pursuits.

Vega is a native of New York but is now based in California.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Vega Originally Promised That Her Fans Would Get to See Her Porn Debut on Christmas Day 2017

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In November 2017, Vega told her Twitter followers that on Christmas Day she would release her first porno movie. Though the video was seemingly removed by PornHub. That resulted in Vega’s name becoming a national Twitter trend on December 25, behind “Merry Christmas” and “Happy Birthday Jesus,” according to Newsweek.

Vega told her followers, “I love u all so very much and that’s one of the reasons I even chose to do and release this video today. if u know me as a person, u know I’m not trolling/lying. I have a fucking porno and it WILL come out!! I’m waiting to hear from @Pornhub and will keep you updated.” She later added, “Still waiting for it to be fixed! if u need to sleep, sleep!! if u need to do something else, do it!! take care of urself!!! I’ll be staying up all night waiting for it to fix and will let you all know when shit is going down.”

When Vega realized her name was trending on Twitter she wrote, “Guys… I am trending… worldwide… what the f***… I love you.” Prior to the release of the video, Vega posted a safe-for-work video of the behind the scenes of her porn debut.

2. Vega Has Previously Claimed That She Masturbates 3 to 6 Times Per Day

Celestia Vega sexy photo pictures

Twitter/Celestia Vega

Vega has said in previous videos that she masturbates between three and six times per day. In the same clip, Vega mentioned that she considers herself to be bisexual. She has also worked as a cam girl, in that she has appeared online in adult movies by herself.

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In the above video, you’ll see Vega complain about the amount of “dick pics” she receives as well as discussing her proclivity for BDSM.

3. Vega’s Move to Porn Has Created Drama Among Her Gaming Team

Celestia Vega Twitter page

Twitter/Celestia Vega

Vega was previously a member of Luxe Gaming with fellow vlogger and model Zoie Burgher. In a video (below), Burgher explained that she was initially okay when Vega wanted to porn. Burgher said she didn’t know that Vega was planning to do a hardcore porn movie. At that point, Burgher cut Vega from Luxe Gaming over worries about her brand being associated with hardcore pornography.

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Burgher says that her only problem with Vega’s pornography career and was just worried about her brand. Burgher added that she mentioned her troubles with online trolls following a twerking video she uploaded.

4. Vega Says She ‘Will Never Change’ Despite Wherever Her Career Goes

Celestia Vega porn video

Twitter/Celestia Vega

Vega said in an interview with Maxim that she would “never change” despite her flaws. Vega told the magazine, “Undoubtedly, I come from a pretty non-generic background. I am not the best model, a perfect person, and I don’t act or look the way I do to please others. I will never change my flaws or who I truly am as a person regardless of anything I do, earn, or achieve. Becoming Maxim’s Finest and achieving something so grand would help validate the idea that you can come from any background, be an underdog, and still succeed with whatever you choose to do.”

When asked about how her career was going, Vega said, “One of my favorite things has definitely been the amazing people I have met. There are so many absolutely beautiful and kind-hearted girls out there who I am so thankful to be able to collaborate with and meet thanks to the industry.”

5. Vega Was Among the Most Searched for People on PornHub in 2017

VideoVideo related to celestia vega: 5 fast facts you need to know2018-04-04T21:32:54-04:00

According to PornHub statistics, Vega was among the most searched for people on the porn website in 2017. For a period in 2017, Vega wore a PornHub t-shirt in her Twitter profile picture. The number three person on PornHub’s list is Lena the Plug, a YouTube star who in January 2017 announced that she would release a full porno movie if she achieved one million follows.

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