Daniel McPhee, Katharine’s Dad: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

daniel mcphee 5 fast facts

Only a few weeks after Katharine McPhee announced her engagement to David Foster, her father Daniel McPhee died. Katharine revealed the sad fact on Instagram along with a heartfelt message in his honor and a beautiful photograph of the two of them.

Katharine wrote that Daniel died just yesterday morning and the entire family is “completely heartbroken and devastated.” As any father should be, Daniel was Katharine’s “biggest fan” and often told her to “give em hell kid!”

She also recalls that Daniel always “made sure we knew how much he loved us” and hopes that he will watch her Boardway debut “in peace and from up above.” In honor of the loving father and inspiring man, we’ve decided to create 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know about Daniel McPhee.

1. Television Producer Of Simon & Simon

simon & simon

Daniel McPhee was a TV producer known for his work on Simon & Simon, Outlaws, Legman, and The Incredible Hulk Returns. The first, Simon & Simon was a TV show that ran for 8 years, starting in 1981. It was created by Philip DeGuere Jr. and centered around two brothers running their own private detective agency. Daniel came on to produce seasons 5 and 6 of the show. It is not clear why he left, but it was likely to work on his next project, Outlaws.

2. Greatest/Worst Work: The Incredible Hulk Returns

the incredible hulk returns

Daniel’s most famous production work was probably The Incredible Hulk Returns. Though this movie certainly does not stand the test of time, it does show us just how early movie studios were trying to produce successful comic book films and shows.

As to why Daniel’s producer career ended so abruptly after The Incredible Hulk Returns, it is unclear. It may be that the movie itself simply wasn’t successful enough, or that he changed careers than the internet did not record.

3. Married Peisha Arten

daniel mcphee

Though Daniel may have left his career as a producer because The Incredible Hulk Returns, it is likely that the film allowed him to meet his wife. Peisha Arten was an extra in The Incredible Hulk Returns, playing the part of “Girl In Party.” It is unknown exactly when they wedded or if they actually met during the film’s production, but it is at least possible.

Peisha Arten is an actress known for her work in The Incredible Hulk Returns, Girlfriends, and Every Time I Breathe Out, You’re Breathing In. In 2012, she worked on American Idol as a vocal coach in the music department. Unfortunately, that is the most recent information on her.

4. Daniel McPhee Has Changed A Lot

daniel mcphee

Back in 2006, Katharine McPhee mentioned her father in an interview with Dr. Keith Ablow on his self-named TV show. For context, she discussed her eating disorder, the resulting body issues, and thus her very low self-esteem as a child. Katharine felt that growing, her father was a “mean, scary producer” and she was very fearful of him.

As she grew older, however, Katharine describes her father as “like the sweetest thing ever.” This change apparently “took years and years and years” as she overcame her own self-esteem issues and Daniel discovered a daughter in need of support.

5. Cause of Death Unknown

daniel mcphee

As of this post, we do not yet know what the exact cause of death was, nor will we ever know for sure. The McPhee’s like to keep their lives private and Katharine’s social media presence is very measured and filtered.

That said, due to Daniel McPhee’s age, we can assume that he died of natural causes or a pre-existing condition like heart troubles. There is nothing else to suggest that his death was in any way mysterious or unusual.

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