Brittney Cason: A Tribute to the KOMP Radio Personality

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Brittney Cason, the former Las Vegas-based KOMP radio personality and Carolina Panthers cheerleader, died tragically just before her 38th birthday on January 23. Cason’s cause of death has not been made public. Cason’s death was announced in a statement from a friend that read in part, “It is with deep sadness that our dear friend, Brittney Cason, passed away on Wednesday, January 23, 2019. Just mere hours shy of what would have been her 38th birthday. Her family and close friends want to thank all of you who have sent messages, made phone calls, and expressed their deepest condolences over the past couple of days. They are greatly appreciated.” The press release sees her family go on to ask for privacy at this difficult time.

Cason Tweeted that She Was Back in Las Vegas Two Days Before Her Death; Reportedly for a Job Interview

Cason’s last Twitter post came on January 22. It showed her returning to Las Vegas at McCarren International Airport. On her Twitter bio, Cason writes, “Morning radio host/writer that tweets deep fried thoughts. The microphone is mightier than the sword✌️You can sit with me, unless you get offended by everything.” The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that Cason was back in Las Vegas for a job interview. The newspaper goes on to celebrate Cason as the “sharp-witted” host of “B.S. In the Morning” on KOMP-FM. Her contract with the station was not renewed in the fall of 2018. The Review-Journal adds that at that time, Cason returned to her home in Harrisonburg, Virginia, to live with her parents.

Cason Maintained a Blog About Positivity

Brittney Carson Dead

Facebook/Brittney CarsonBrittney Carson pictured on Labor Day 2018.

Cason maintained a blog, Deep Fried Thoughts. In the About section of the page, Cason describes herself as a “chick with a blog that I write because I believe the key to happiness is to not read comments on the internet. So I’m putting positive, helpful blogs on the Internet for you to read instead.”

The last blog post was published on the page on January 5 and dealt with the issue of “Traveling With a Disability.” The title of the article was in reference to Cason’s mother, who suffers from a degenerative back disease. Cason wrote that she was taking her mother to Belize over New Year’s. The topics that Cason dealt with on her page were Adulting, BeYOUtiful, Travel and Las Vegas.

Cason Graduated in the Top 10% of Her Class at Virginia Tech

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Cason wrote on her Facebook page that she graduated in the top percent of her class at Virginia Tech. Although Cason, true to her comic nature, followed that information up with, “I’d say making other people to laugh is my greatest accomplishment.” Cason also said that she once won a hush puppy eating contest that saw her featured in Maxim magazine.

Cason Was Featured on ‘Fox & Friends’ in 2016 to Discuss the Issue of Cheerleader Pay

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Screengrab via Fox News

In February 2016, Cason appeared on “Fox & Friends” to discuss the issue of how cheerleaders in the NFL were paid. Speaking to hosts Brian Kilmeade and Kimberly Guilfoyle, Cason articulately spoke about the emotional abuse she suffered while working as a cheerleader. Cason said she was regularly told she was “fat” and “not good enough.” For appearances, Cason said she was paid $12 per hour for appearances and $60 for games. Cason said that she was not compensated for hair, nails and make-up care. That’s despite the fact her appearance had to be impeccable due to her contract.

Cason wrote about her 2016 experience on Fox News on her website saying, “I just want young girls to know that when you don’t find your confidence from within, and seek it from outward things such as a cheerleading uniform or sash and crown, you will never get to admire your own beauty. Find your inner cheerleader and cheer for yourself!”

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In an August 2014 blog post, Cason said that she left her role with the Panthers after a single season in 2006. Cason wrote that she was forbidden from drinking alcohol in public and from curling her hair without permission. She said the list of rules “made prison seem lenient.” Cason says she quit one day after deciding that the struggle was not worth sacrificing her health and identity. The blog post concludes with Cason writing, ” I just didn’t fit in. So, I got into radio where I’m encouraged to stand out, and I get to eat food. Plus, I get to wear clothes.”

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