Terry Jennings Dead: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Terry Jennings Dead

Facebook/Terry Jennings Terry Jennings pictured in February 2018.

Terry Jennings, Waylon’s eldest son, has died at the age of 62. Terry’s son, Josh, made the tragic announcement in a Facebook post on January 25. Terry’s cause of death has not been made public by his family. The 62-year-old was a long time resident of the Waco-area in Texas.

The Facebook post from Terry’s son read:

Hello everyone,

This is Terry’s son Josh and with a heavy heart, I am here to inform you all that my father passed earlier this morning.

He lived an adventurous life as many of you know and he has accomplished so much. I was always proud to be his son.
I know he touched many of your hearts and he always enjoyed sharing his life adventures and lessons with you all. I still hold many of those lessons with me every day.

This is a hard time for all of us, and I ask that you give the family and I some peace as we are dealing with this great loss.

Thank you,

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Terry’s Brother Referred to Him as ‘An Older Brother With a Killer Record Collection’

Terry was born to Waylon and his first wife, Maxine Caroll Lawrence, in January 1957, when his father was 19 years old. His parents had married a year earlier. Terry’s younger brother, Shooter, took to Instagram to pay tribute to his brother. Shooter said that in their youth, Terry had a “killer record collection and the wild streak.”

He added, “I listened to “Love it To Death” last night as I was going to sleep in Terry’s honor. Sad day.” Shooter Jennings portrayed their father in the 2005 Oscar-winning Johnny Cash biopic, “Walk the Line.”

2. Terry Was a Talent Scout for RCA Records

According to Terry’s website, he was a production manager for his father and had worked in the music business since 1972. Terry says he has been on the road with his father since he was 15 after he dropped out of Mount Juliet High School. On his page, Terry says that he worked as a talent scout for RCA Records. Terry was the operator of Korban Music Group and Waylon’s Son Publishing. Terry served as drummer Richie Albright’s stage and tech manager, according to a 2016 Tennessean feature.

3. Terry Published a Biography About His Father in 2016; Willie Nelson Called it a ‘Terrific Tribute’

In 2016, Terry published a book about his father, “Waylon: Tales of My Outlaw Dad.” Terry collaborated on the book with “Foxcatcher” writer David Thomas. Country legend Willie Nelson said of the biography, “This book is a terrific tribute, from a son to his father.”

RIP Terry Jennings (Interview with the late Terry Jennings)Sadly Waylon's oldest son Terry Jennings passed away this week. I thought some fans of Wayne and country music might like to hear our interview with Terry from a few months ago. Find the podcast and more at digginuppodcast.com2019-01-25T19:54:44.000Z

Terry told the Tennessean in 2016 that the goal of his book was “to show people no matter what you do in life, God will forgive you. led a crazy life and should have been dead two, three or four times. But after Dad died and I went through all the mess I was going through, I said, ‘Jesus, take my life and do something with it,’ and things started falling into place.” In the lead-up to the release of the book, Terry told Fox News about his father quitting drugs between 1984 and 1985 saying, “He said, ‘Betty Ford didn’t get me on it and she can’t get me off it,’ so he did it himself.”

4. Terry Wrote on Facebook That His Political Views Were ‘Jesus Christ’

Terry Jennings Facebook

Facebook/Terry Jennings

According to Terry’s Facebook page, he studied Music Business at Belmont University in Tennessee in 1994. For his favorite quote, Terry poignantly wrote, “Rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated.” For political views, Terry wrote “Jesus Christ.” Terry wrote a brief bio on his page which says that he was raised in Littlefield, Texas. He says, “t age 13 my Dad buzzed thru town. Snatched me up by the hair of my head. Thru me on his bus. Then we zigzaged like crazy all across the US at a high rate of speed nonstop for years.”

5. Terry Is Survived by His Wife Deb Jennings Whom He Married in 1987

Deb Jennings Facebook

Facebook/Deb JenningsTerry and Deb Jennings pictured on her Facebook page.

Terry has been married to Deb Jennings since August 1087. Deb was instrumental in the running of Korban Music Group. The last publicly visible post on Deb’s Facebook page comes from November 2018 and reads, “I’d like to thank my wonderful husband Terry and each and everyone one of you for making my Birthday all the more special!!!”

Whey Jennings – Missing You – Live at Capital CityWhey Jennings performs an ode to his grandfather Waylon Jennings, "Missing You" live at Capital City Bar & Grill on February 27, 2016.2016-03-26T16:45:26.000Z

Terry’s son, Whey, is known as a country singer in his own right. Whey is Deb’s stepson. On his Facebook page, Whey Jennings paid tribute to his father writing:

Today I am at a loss for words I love my father very much and I was looking forward to seeing him this weekend in Nashville and this has come as a thief in the night I don’t know how I should react to such news as losing my father because

I don’t feel like he’s gone I’m in complete shock and I ask that you keep my family in your prayers right now because we have lost a very great man a father a son a brother a husband and a man of god I’m so glad he found the lord late in life because it gives me hope that one day I can be forgiven as I know he was I love ya dad and I’m dedicating this weekends shows to your memory

I’m even trying to learn jack of diamonds in a hurry because I know you loved that song I want you to know that I wouldn’t trade the memories we made for anything in the world you gave me the knowledge I needed to face a cruel world on a path you strongly suggested I thought all the way thru and of course I didn’t but yet here I am on this path and without your guidance I’d have never even gotten this far

rest easy dad your life was one you can be proud of you fought demons and won and now your flying with angels as your reward I’m gonna miss you but I’m so glad your last words to me where I love you son because I love you too dad.”

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