Mayumi Kai, Keith Flint’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Mayumi Kai, Keith Flint's Wife

Instagram/Mayumi Kai Mayumi Kai pictured on her Instagram page.

Mayumi Kai, Keith Flint’s wife, married The Prodigy frontman and singer in December 2006. Mayum, a DJ, goes under the moniker Super Megabitch in her music career. On March 4, The Prodigy said in a statement that Flint had been found dead in his home in Great Dunmow, Essex, at the age of 49. Flint had separated from Mayumi at the time of his death.

Flint’s bandmate and found of The Prodigy, Liam Howlett, revealed in an Instagram post that the frontman’s cause of death was suicide. Howlett wrote, “The news is true, I can’t believe I’m saying this but our brother Keith took his own life over the weekend, I’m shell shocked, f***** angry, confused and heartbroken ….. r.i.p brother Liam.”

If you, or anyone you know, is having suicidal thoughts please call The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline number on 1-800-273-8255 or go to their website here.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Mayumi Vaguely Acknowledged Flint’s Death on Twitter

A single tweet from Mayumi seems to acknowledge the death of Flint. The DJ retweeted a Japanese news story on the passing his tragic death. A search of Mayumi’s Twitter posts indicates no messages regarding Keith Flint or The Prodigy.

The Prodigy in Japan (Flinty gets tattooed)Tour Dates Stream or buy all music by The Prodigy – Official Prodigy merch – Subscribe to the Prodigy’s official YouTube channel: Web – Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – Spotify –

On her Instagram bio, Mayumi refers to herself as a “DJ/Music producer/fashion love/traveler/JAPANESE.” It’s not clear when exactly Mayumi and Flint’s marriage fell apart but there are no Instagram posts featuring the DJ and singer together in the past two years. One of the most recent posts on her page shows that Mayumi was DJing at Atom Tokyo in her homeland just before Flint’s death. Mayumi was performing a residency DJ slot at the club during March. The caption on the post read, “Every Wednesday Atom Tokyo. 1F DJ so please come and visit the floor.

2. Mayumi Married Flint in a Wedding That Included Guests as Diverse as Liam Gallagher & David Gest

Keith Flint Wedding


Flint and Mayumi married in England in December 2006 when the singer was 32. Reports at the time said that the guest list included Liza Minelli’s estranged husband, David Gest and Oasis singer Liam Gallagher. In 2009, Oasis and The Prodigy toured together. Flint once said that for the first three months of their marriage, the couple could understand a word they said to each other.

3. Flint Credited Mayumi With Helping to Get Him Sober

The Rave Years – With Keith Flint & Richard RussellThe Prodigy's Keith Flint and XL's Richard Russell discuss the rave years. Part of Pay Close Attention from XL Recordings. Find more here: xlrecordings.com2014-08-11T16:06:18.000Z

During a 2009 feature in The Times on his sober living, Flint credited his wife with helping him to get off drugs and alcohol. The singer said, “We were touring and she just walked into this room we were in, and you know how it is, I just couldn’t talk, I was overwhelmed. I’d done my share of drugs and sh***ing around.” Flint added that his wife was “beautiful, f***ing cool.”

Flint said that the couple had been restoring an old mansion in the English countryside. Flint said, “It’s very boring and very un-rock ‘n’ roll to talk about it, but I do love my house.” In 2015, Flint was featured as part of a Daily Mail feature on rock stars who had adopted the English country lifestyle. Flint had told the Times, “We take one of the Range Rovers, and plan our route, and stay in hotels along the way, nothing lah-di-dah… We like to take picnics and sandwiches, driving through the green lanes. My wife loves the house, the dogs, and the animals we have around us, the deer and the fox that comes and pokes his head through the hedge.”

Keith Flint wife


In 2009, Flint told the Irish Independent, “Me, personally — I’m clean at the moment. Out of necessity rather than want. As far as actual drugs — and I can only talk about myself — I’m not down with that right now. I’m ‘aving a bit of a break to make sure I’m firing for the tour. That’s more important than the thousands of nights I’ve wasted.” When asked about the possibility of having children, Flint told the Times, “We’re not exactly planning to have children, but we’re not planning not to either.”

4. Mayumi Toured as the Opening Act for The Prodigy’s 2012 Tour

Gedo Super Mega Bitch (Mayumi Kai) deejaying in TokyoShot on summer 07 at Womb Club in Shibuya, Tokyo.2007-08-24T23:26:04.000Z

In 2012, Mayumi was announced as the opening act for The Prodigy’s 2012 tour to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the band’s album, “The Fat of the Land.” The tour was known as a “The End of the World Extravaganza.” Mayumi was announced as the opening act under the moniker, “DJ Gedo Mega Bitch.”

Gedo Mega Bitch @ BrixtonGreat night..!! xx Great warm up from Gedo..!! xx2012-12-20T00:59:32.000Z

Mayumi was regularly seen with Flint at motorbike Grand Prix events around Europe during their relationship. Flint told Matt Blake in 2016 that he and Mayumi owned a pub together in the English countryside and had nine dogs together.

5. Flint Was in a Famous Relationship With British Glamor Model Gail Porter in the Early 2000s

Gail Porter Keith Flint

GettyGail Porter pictured in 2000.

Flint famously dated British glamor model Gail Porter in 1999 before breaking up in 2000. Porter told the Guardian in 2008 that her mother was “speechless” when she first met Flint. Though Porter says, “Oh but he was lovely and gentle and oh I still am so fond of him.” Since 2005, Porter has been an advocate for those who suffer from alopecia totalis, a condition that Porter has battled since 2005.

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