WATCH: Drake Chugs Beer During Raptors Parade [Video]

WATCH: Drake Chugs Beer During Raptors Parade [Video]

Getty Rapper Drake with Raptors point guard Kyle Lowry

Drake is rising in the ranks of celebrities who are caught on camera impressively chugging a beer. The hip-hop star and notorious Raptors fan was caught on camera slamming a brewski in the midst of the Toronto Raptor’s parade celebrating their victory over the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals.

The video, originally captured by Sean Teakle, shows Drake catching a beer from the crowd, cracking it open, and then throwing it back as he rides through the parade.

Drake, from Toronto, displayed antics throughout the NBA playoffs and the NBA Finals including massaging coach Nick Nurse’s shoulders during the end of a game.

Drake was on the main float during the parade hanging out with players like Kyle Lowry and Kawhi Leonard.

He wasn’t the only one throwing back alcohol though, as Marc Gasol was cheered on by fans when he threw back a bottle of wine.

Although Drake may have caught the attention of social media users everywhere, Marc Gasol was clearly a fan favorite at the parade.

Not All Fun & Games in Toronto

Unfortunately, the parade took a dark turn as shots were fired in the middle of Toronto’s celebration.

Two people were injured and two others were taken into custody close to where the main celebrations were taking place in Toronto.

Toronto police said that “it’s not clear if the shooting was actually at the parade or close to it,” according to CNN.

Bruce Arthur, a sports reporter for the Toronto Star was on the scene when the shots were fired. “Gunshots fired at the parade at the back south east corner of Nathan Phillips Square. One witness said four shots. Crowd ran. There is a victim down being given medical attention, surrounded by a crowd, and police are clearing people from the area. Speeches are still going on,” Arthur said.

Authorities have not released any details about the suspects or the victims, as they are still in recovery.

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