Toronto Raptors Parade Shooting Reports [VIDEO]


Getty There were shooting reports at the Toronto Raptors victory parade. This is a photo of Nathan Phillips Square.

Two people were wounded and two people were taken into custody after shooting reports at or near the Toronto Raptors victory parade, the Toronto Police Operations Centre has confirmed. The motive was not clear.

The reports broke out on June 17, 2019. Toronto police say, though, that “it’s not clear if the shooting was actually at the parade or close to it,” according to CNN.

The Centre first wrote on Twitter: “SHOOTING: Nathan Phillip’s Square – Reports of woman shot – People running from area – Police/EMS are on scene – Unknown what the injuries are.” Then, came this update: “SHOOTING: Nathan Phillip’s Square – Bay St and Albert St – Police have located 2 victims – Injuries serious but not life threatening – 2 people in custody – 2 firearms recovered – Investigating.”

Bruce Arthur, a Toronto Star sports reporter, wrote, “Gunshots fired at the parade at the back south east corner of Nathan Phillips Square. One witness said four shots. Crowd ran. There is a victim down being given medical attention, surrounded by a crowd, and police are clearing people from the area. Speeches are still going on.” Videos also showed a large law enforcement response to the scene. There are times in breaking shooting situations where early reports can be wrong or conflict. Authorities have not provided additional details at this time.

The shooting reports came as emotions ran high following the Raptors’ first NBA title.

Here’s what you need to know:

Several Videos Showed People Fleeing in a Panic

Videos showed people running from the crowded scene. Videos showed the massive nature of the crowd that turned out for the celebration. According to TMZ, the play-by-play announcer Matt Devlin urged people to stay calm and strong during an “emergency.”

Sportsnet declared that the entire city of Toronto appeared to be at the celebration.

People responded with concern and anger on social media to the reports. “Wow…this is why it was giving me anxiety the whole time we were there. Omg there is so many small children in the crowd. What is wrong with ppl!!!” wrote one woman on the Toronto authorities’ Twitter feed.

This post is being updated as more is learned about the shooting.

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