Addie Andrews: Former Mormon Missionary Becomes Porn Star

Addie Andrews

Provided by Addie Andrews

Addie Andrews is the porn star who used to be a Mormon missionary. Andrews was Penthouse Pet of the Month in June 2019.

When Andrews, 30, was awarded the Penthouse award in June 2019, she told the magazine that she grew up in the Pacific Northwest and moved to Utah at 17. Her move was motivated by her mission to join the Mormon church.

Andrews explained her decision to join the Mormon church by saying, “I was in a rough spot and they were so kind. The church took me in. I adopted a family and a religion along with it. I needed the stability. It was a great decision at that age.” In October 2019, Andrews said in a statement provided to, “I just wanted to be a good person and the LDS Church taught me many great values. I avoided a lot of bad situations as a young person because of my involvement with the church. I still cherish some of the ethics the LDS religion emphasized, such as integrity, honesty, and kindness to others.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Andrews Spent 18 Months Doing Missionary Work

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Andrews said that she spent 18 months as a missionary. Andrews said in her statement, “I felt the most fulfilled when I was physically helping people. I really believed in the philosophies I was teaching, but just helping people clean up their backyard or put shutters upon their windows would absolutely make my day.”

Addie andrews bikini

Provided by Addie Andrews

Andrews said that before joining the Mormon church, at 17, she only had sex once, and following her admission to the church, she adhered to their strict rules regarding pre-marital sex. Andrews said that she didn’t have sex again until she was 26 years old. In Andrews’ words, she describes her experience in the church as being “very sexually repressed” and being treated like a nun. Andrews says that she believes the church’s policies on pre-marital sex “creates awkward and guilt-ridden young adults. That’s what repression does.”

2. Andrews Said That She Felt Like She Was Losing Her Identity in the Mormon Church

Addie Andrews photos

Provided by Addie Andrews

Andrews said that she felt that the more she got involved in the church, the more she lost her identity. Andrew talked of “religious culture” and its way of making people feel like they need to “fit in.”

Addie Andrews pictures

Provided by Addie Andrews

The turning point for Andrews came when her church forbade her from being her sister’s bridesmaid because the bridesmaid dress was deemed “immoral.” That was in 2014. Andrews said that in the Mormon church, women are required to wear a “garment” under their clothing at all times, except during the “Three S’s: swimming, sports and (marital) sex.” Andrews said of her sister’s wedding, “Technically if I were to be a faithful Mormon I couldn’t wear the bridesmaid dress because it was ‘immodest’. So, I had to turn it down.”

3. Andrews Says She Suffers From ‘Brutal ADD’

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Andrews says that she stopped attending church in 2017 and moved to California. In the months prior to her departure, Andres said that she had rediscovered her love dancing, singing and acting. Andrews told Penthouse that she couldn’t never decide on creative discipline, due to “brutal ADD.”

Addie Andrews mormon

Provided by Addie Andrews

Despite her Brigham Young degree in communications, Andrews said that she was unable to find work. Andrews said of this period, “I ended up flat broke. I had a bachelors and I couldn’t even find a waitressing job.”

According to the statement, that’s when she turned to sex work. Andrews began by webcamming and looking into stripping. Andrews said, “I was so innocent, I had no idea I was supposed to go to the club and apply! I put my portfolio up, and I started getting contacted by a lot of porn agents… It goes to show that you should question what you have been taught in life. Sex work has been so empowering, and I am so excited for my life to actually get started.” Andrews first signed with a porn agents AMA Modeling in Florida in January 2019.

4. Andrews Spent 2 Years as Real Estate Agent Describing Herself as an ‘Authentic Salesperson’

Addie Andrews

Provided by Addie Andrews

Prior to entering porn, Andrews worked as a real estate agent for Century 21 in Utah. Andrews told Penthouse that she worked for two years in the real estate industry and being “very successful,” she decided to leave to “pursue [her] passions.” Andrews added, “Real estate would always be there waiting for me. I did love it though.”

Provided by Addie AndrewsAndrews attending her mormon church.

Andrews describes herself as an “authentic salesperson.” Andrews also shared her sales philosophy saying, “You can’t put on a face and expect people to believe it unless you are genuine. You have to put everything in its best light, but you can’t be untruthful.”

Addie Andrews

Provided by Addie Andrews

According to Andrews’ Instagram page, she now has more than 70,000 followers. Andrews describes herself on that page as a “Human being herself.”

Addie Andrews utah

Provided by Addie Andrews

Despite her departure, Andrews said she has no ill-feeling with the Mormon church. Andrews called the church’s followers “incredible people and very sincere.” Those followers are described as being victims of a “very rigid” culture. Andrew said, “I left because I accepted that their recipe for happiness, which works for a lot of people, does not work for me.”

5. Andrews Said That Her Family Supports Her New Career Choice

Addie Andrews movies

Provided by Addie Andrews

Andrews said in the statement that her family is supportive of her new career. Andrews said, “My family has always known that I was interested in entertainment. I knew that they’d be a little shocked when I told them about my adult work, but I’m blessed with a very openminded and understanding family. My brother said, ‘I will definitely never watch your porn, but you seem happier than ever so I support your decision.’”

Andrew concluded her press release by speaking glowingly about the porno industry saying, “I have the financial ability to put myself where I want to be. I never had that before. Being an independent woman and not having to rely on anyone else; to live a good life and contribute to society, that’s what pornography has given me. And it’s given me a sex life!”

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