Schwarzenegger Sex Photo Found in Penthouse Founder’s Locker

Photo Arnold Schwarzenegger nude in sex act found

The saga of Arnold Schwarzenegger is already pretty strange. One man doesn’t usually go from champion bodybuilder to top movie star to governor — it just doesn’t happen. A recently surfaced photograph may add “porn star” to the Governator’s unique list of titles, although it’s not certain that he wants it that way.

Photo Arnold Schwarzenegger sex act discovered in Bob Guccione founder Penthouse storage

The photo of the young Schwarzenegger was discovered, along with unpublished nude photos of Madonna, among other things, in a storage unit owned by the late founder of Penthouse Magazine, Bob Guccione. It’s worth noting that Guccione went from the Fortune 400 to bankruptcy–it’s possible that he blew a lot of that wealth on some of the things in this very storage unit. The locker in Englewood, NJ was purchased by Jeremy Frommer, a New York hedge fund manager, and he discovered the photo after the purchase. Some of the other items found in the locker include correspondence with characters like the Unabomber and Dick Cheney, thousands of nude amateur photo submissions for the magazine, and 63 original oil paintings by Guccione himself.

This scandal comes at an inconvenient time for Schwarzenegger, who is fighting to save his relationship with Maria Shriver after news surfaced of his love-child with a housekeeper.

It hasn’t been determined whether the picture will be released, but if Arnold’s team has anything to do with it our guess would be a resounding no.