Kate Griffith & David Benavidez on ‘Temptation Island’ Season 2

Temptation Island


A new season of Temptation Island is here, and that means four relationships will be put to the test.

For those new to the show, it goes like this: four serious couples who are struggling with trust issues make their way to Hawaii, where they are split up into two villas. The four men in relationships enter a house with 12 single ladies, and the four women do the same with 12 single men. They have one month during which they are not allowed to communicate with their significant other. At the end of the month, they decide whether they want to continue to pursue their relationship, or if they want to enter a new relationship with someone they met in the house.

Kate & Dave

Kate and Dave are former business rivals from New Jersey. They’ve been together for three years.

It was actually Dave’s decision to go on the show. In Style reports that during their interview, Kate actually cried while Dave “defended his decision to ‘push’ her to sign up for the show.”

Asked about their application for the series, Kate replied, “I feel like I’m still deciding whether I want to be here or not. We have some issues in our relationship, and a lot of it has come to the forefront from this experience already — just the interview process and chatting so much about our personal relationship with others. I need to learn to trust a little bit more and have more self-confidence, and he needs to open up more.”

Dave responded, “I brought the show to her attention after I binge-watched it with a friend. He was like, ‘You have to watch this show. This is you and Kate.’ When I watched, I saw things in all four of those couples that were similar to our relationship. Obviously we have issues, but I’m the most private person ever. I don’t have any social media; I never have. So for me to say, ‘I wanna go on national television and have everyone in our private life,’ that speaks volumes on how much I want this relationship to work.”

Kate goes on to say her biggest fear is that something will happen “in the moment”, while Dave’s biggest fear is that despite being on the show, they aren’t able to take steps forward in their relationship.

Kate Is Ready for Marriage

According to USA Network, Kate is ready to take steps forward in her relationship: namely, marriage and having children. Dave, however, is a bit more hesitant to take that step into the future.

Kate is six years older than Dave. He is 28, while she is 34. They haven’t dealt with infidelity in their relationship, according to USA Network, however, their pasts include “dark bouts of infidelity.”

Will the couple have what it takes to stay together after this trying month apart? What will be exposed during their time on Temptation Island?

Be sure to tune in to Season 2 Thursdays on USA Network at 10/9c.

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