What’s New on Shudder in November 2019

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Halloween may be a year away, but the frights keep coming on Shudder. The streaming service for horror fans is loading up the holiday season with classic titles and new entries to the genre. Coming off a successful run of the new series Creepshow and Halloween Hootenanny with Joe Bob Briggs becoming a top trending topic on social media, the service is ready for peak winter viewership.

November 1

Session 9 

A crew comes to remove asbestos from the once-powerful and very disturbing Danvers State Mental Institution. What they find as the project goes on is far more than any of them bargained for in this film from director Brad Anderson.

Trick ‘r Treat 

Few anthologies have captured horror fans’ imaginations like Trick ‘r Treat. The film’s pseudo mascot Sam can be found just about everywhere from Halloween stores to costumed kids. More than a spirit of the season, this character winds his way through tales that horrify through more than gore or jump scares.

Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight 

The beloved HBO series came to the big screen with this first attempt at a feature-length story. While it may not have been a hit at the time, the film has grown a following for its style and tone. Fans of The Cryptkeeper will also enjoy seeing him have a bigger presence in his intro and outro segments.

Wes Craven’s New Nightmare 

The famed horror director comes back to one of his famous creations as he breaks through the notorious fourth wall of film. This time, Freddy Krueger is coming to life with a quest to destroy Heather Langenkamp instead of the character she portrayed in the first film.

November 4


Aoyama has a plan to find the perfect woman when Asami enters his life. What seems like a twisted love story becomes unimaginable horror as the pieces of her past fall into place. It’s arguably one of Takashi Miike’s most celebrated works, but certainly not for those who shy away from gore.

Deep Murder  

Jerry O’Connell stars in this film that mixes comedy and horror.

November 7

Shudder Exclusive: RE:BORN

November 11

Bride of Re-Animator 

The sequel to Re-Animator builds on everything Lovecraft fans enjoy. Jeffrey Combs is back as Herbert West and this time the goal goes much farther than before. Brian Yuzna takes over director duties from Stuart Gordon in this can’t miss movie.


A man’s terrifying turn to metallic form is the basis for this Japanese story. Look for sci-fi elements that contort with the basic building blocks of horror to create a disturbing world.

November 14

Shudder Exclusive: A BLUEBIRD IN MY HEART

November 18

The Cat O’ Nine Tails  (Director: Dario Argento)

A blind man with a knack for puzzles teams up with a reporter in search of the truth in Argento’s classic. The suspects are down to nine likely candidates, but the clues reveal more questions than answers. For fans of the Italian auteur, there is plenty of his trademarks there to keep fascination high throughout.

Season of the Witch 

Don’t get your hopes up Halloween III fans. This film comes from the legendary horror director George A. Romero and it’s not exactly what Night of the Living Dead fans are expecting either. The search for reality after a few events will have more than the lead questioning what is real.

November 21

Shudder Exclusive: NEKROTRONIC

November 25

The Baby  

Of all the overlooked films of the ’70s, this is probably near the top. It is far more bizarre than the title suggests as a caseworker tries to free an adult baby. Where it leads from there would spoil an ending that first-time viewers never see coming.