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Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant season 2 has shown fans of the reality television show the drama Kayla Sessler faced with her ex-boyfriend Stephan Alexander, who is the father of her first child Izaiah, over getting Stephan to be more involved in the young boy’s life.

The official synopsis for the January 21 episode of TMY&P says that, in the episode, “Kayla is hopeful that Stephan will start showing up for Izaiah; Ashley resolves to co-parent with Bar; Rachel takes a pregnancy test; Kiaya asks Teazha to talk to Amour’s father; Brianna looks to the future.” This is the latest development on the show between Kayla, Stephan, their significant others, and the fate of Stephan’s relationship with Izaiah.

Kayla and Stephan’s break up aired on the first season of the show in March 2018, months after their son was born on September 30, 2017. Since then, it appears that Stephan has played a minimal role in Izaiah’s life, a situation that he has expressed interest in changing during his appearances on season 2 of TMY&P.

Stephan Wants More Time With Izaiah, But Kayla Doesn’t Trust His Girlfriend Around Their Son

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A clip released by MTV on Youtube ahead of Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant episode 13 shows Kayla and her boyfriend Luke sitting down to talk things through with Stephan and his girlfriend Madison. The conversation between the two couples quickly heats up after Kayla calls out Madison for a threat she made against her and her baby while she was pregnant, an accusation that Madison denied. Kayla offers the altercation as one of the reasons why she doesn’t want her son Izaiah to be around Madison, which she believes would happen if Stephan gets more time with Izaiah. In response, Madison tells Kayla that Stephan could go to court to get joint custody rights, so that he could see Izaiah without supervised visitation.

It makes sense that Kayla would have bad blood with Madison. According to MTV.com, Stephan was cheating on Kayla with someone while she was pregnant; it appears that the woman he was seeing at the time was Madison, and the two have maintained their romantic relationship since.

Kayla’s Boyfriend Luke Has Been a Father Figure in Izaiah’s Life

In the clip, Stephan admits that he hasn’t done a great job of being around in Izaiah’s life, but that he wants to make a change. He says “I don’t wanna be like my dad where Izaiah’s 18 and we don’t barely even talk.” Addressing Kayla directly he says “You know that I have the potential to be a great dad. I’m going to be a great dad.” The clip cuts out before Kayla can reply, leaving viewers to wonder if the meeting came to any productive conclusion until the whole interaction airs during season 2 episode 13.

While Stephan wasn’t actively involved in the first few years of Izaiah’s life, Izaiah appears to have a close relationship with Kayla’s boyfriend Luke, with whom she shares her second child Ariah. Even before Kayla was pregnant with their daughter Ariah, Luke was regularly featured on her Instagram in matching outfits with Kayla and Izaiah and present for important moments in the young boy’s life, including his first birthday party.

Tune in to new episodes of Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant season 2, Tuesday nights at 9/8c on MTV.

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